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What is a Private Label?


Amazon private label is where a manufacturer creates a product which is then sold to another company to market and sell under their own brand name on Amazon.

To private label a product, find a product that you want to sell and then make it, or have a manufacturer make it for you. When making the product, it should have unique features to differentiate it from other similar products. You will need to create your own brand name so you can put your brands label on the product, so buyers know they’re buying from your brand.

Private label and dropshipping are not the same. Private label is where you sell products under your own brand name. Dropshipping is selling other company’s products.

Once you have your private label brand and product made, go to Amazon Seller Central, create an account and go through the process of adding a product to Amazon’s product catalogue. Once you have added it to Amazon, if you choose to use Amazon FBA, you will need to ship your inventory to one of Amazon’s warehouses.

The minimum budget to start a private label Amazon business is approximately $3,000. This will allow you to get started with enough product to get your business going, while accounting for other expenses like an Amazon selling plan, shipping costs and advertising costs.

You do not need a trademark to sell private label on Amazon. Registering a trademark has many benefits that can protect your brand, but it is not necessary to sell private label on Amazon.

Amazon is considered the best marketplace to start selling private label products. It is easy to get started selling on Amazon, and it has a large customer base.

Yes, there is no restriction on what types of product you can private label.