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Amazon & Walmart Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

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Benefits of Cerebro

How can this powerful reverse ASIN/Product ID lookup tool help you?

  • Successfully launch new products and bring more awareness to your brand
  • Leverage your competitors’ keyword ranking strategies to improve your own listings
  • Gauge the most effective keywords for your products on Amazon and Walmart
Benefits of Cerebro

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An Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique identifier assigned to products sold on that allows buyers, sellers, and Amazon itself to easily reference a specific product (or product variant).

To create an ASIN, you must go through the process outlined in Amazon’s Add a Product Tool where you’ll fill out a form with your product’s details (name, brand, color, size and material make-up). After that, you’ll include a unique EAN or UPC number (from the product’s barcode, label or from the manufacturer). After you submit the product, Amazon will automatically generate an ASIN code and add it to the product details page.

To find the child ASIN, you must add the product variant to your cart, go to your cart, and click on the product from that page. From there, you can find it in the URL string (directly after /product/ in the URL).

To find the Parent ASIN, scroll down to the “Product details” section of the product listing.

To search for an ASIN on Amazon, scroll down to the “Product information” section of a listing or look for it in a particular product’s URL string (directly after /product/ in the URL). Alternatively, you can use a tool like Helium 10’s Chrome Extension Xray to identify the ASIN of a given product for you.

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) are sometimes the same (usually occurring with books), yet in other cases they can be different.

In order to add an ASIN to Brand Registry, a registered agent for the brand in question will have to perform a full update on the ASIN using a feed file that includes essential information like brand name, UPC, and Item Type category.

A reverse ASIN keyword tool is a SaaS platform that allows you to identify all of the keywords your product (or your competitors’ products) currently rank for in Amazon’s search engine.

The way a reverse ASIN lookup works is a SaaS platform like Helium 10 must first scrape all of the search results for a large set of search terms and warehouse that data along with estimated search volumes and other pertinent information. Once you input the ASIN into a tool like Cerebro, it then references that data warehouse and shows you all of the keywords it’s found that product ranking for.

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The Details

How to Find Keywords with a Reverse ASIN/Product ID Lookup Tool on Amazon/Walmart

To find keywords with a reverse ASIN/Product ID lookup tool on Amazon/Walmart, you will want to
use a powerful reverse ASIN/Product ID keyword tool like Cerebro from Helium 10. With Cerebro,
you can easily identify all of the keywords a product currently ranks for on Amazon with as
little effort as copy, paste, and click.

To get started, copy the ASIN/Product ID of a product you are interested in researching. Then
log in to your Helium 10 account and open up the Cerebro tool page. Once there, simply paste
your ASIN/Product ID into the search bar and hit “Get Keywords.” Cerebro will then populate a
list of all the keywords that particular product ranks for on Amazon/Walmart, providing you with
a major edge when it comes to crafting a highly profitable listing that sets you up for success
as an Amazon/Walmart seller.