Market Tracker 360: Amazon Market Intelligence and Competitor Insights

Leverage accurate market data and insights from competitive intelligence to stay ahead

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Benefits of Market Tracker 360 

Amazon Market Research Tools for Brands & Agencies

Outsmart Competitors: Drive Profitability with Data-Driven Decisions

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Gain a competitive edge by
tracking competing products through automation 

Increase your profitability with
data-driven breakdowns of your markets 

Optimize your inventory with
insights on your best-selling product variations 

Stay ahead of your competitors
with real-time data syncs  

Case Studies: Gravity Group

Tracking competitor activities was key to maintaining brand dominance.

Learn how Gravity Group slashed their ACOS by 18% and increased their US market share by 8% with Market Tracker 360.

Explore Gravity Group’s Winning Strategy

Case Studies: Brainlabs

Without access to this level of data, we are driving in the dark.

Learn how one digital marketing agency used Market Tracker 360 to analyze market trends, save money & boost their ROI.

Explore Brainlab’s Winning Strategy

Case Studies: 10XCREW

Market Tracker 360 has helped me determine how big a market is and identify opportunities for expansion.

Learn how one agency boosted growth for 10 clients in 6 months with Market Tracker 360.

Explore 10XCREW’s Winning Strategy

Together, we're scaling the world's most exciting brands. Meet our customers.

Take a Strategic Approach to Market Intelligence & Competitive Analysis with Market Tracker 360 

Together, we’re scaling the world’s most exciting brands. Meet our customers.

  • “This is gold that you share the Category and Subcategory BSR. Also, you get a GOLD STAR for Keyword and Top Keyword feature.”

    Greg Alexandrian

    President & CEO
  • “Market Tracker 360 has helped me do research. Before it would have taken me a couple of days, now in a few hours, I can look at it and say, ‘Here’s a good item.”

    Carmon Grissom

    IT Director
  • “The data is the most accurate…so I’ve built trust with using this tool. I can see all relevant market information at once, no combining data, no spreadsheets.”

    Laura Hegeman

    Data Analyst

Ready to Boost Your Business Strategy?

Leverage crucial insights, outmaneuver competitors and drive profitability with data-backed decisions

Keep a close eye on competitor sales, inventory, and pricing strategies and experience the definitive competitive edge of Market Tracker 360

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