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Amazon Product Research Tools

Amazon Product Research Tools

Find your next winning product to sell with our powerful, data-rich tools.

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Free Chrome Extension for Amazon FBA Sellers

Analyze Product Viability

Every research tool you need in one convenient place. Leverage powerful research capabilities directly from your browser to analyze product viability and maximize your selling opportunities.
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Free Chrome Extension

Amazon FBA Product Finder Tool

Identify Products to Sell

Find highly profitable product opportunities in seconds from a database of over 450 million Amazon products. Use smart filters to uncover opportunities based on your exact needs and preferences.
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Amazon FBA Product Finder Tool

Free Amazon Product Analysis Tool

All-in-One Research Tool

Explore Amazon sales data in a new light. Access comprehensive analytics to support your keyword research. Perform actionable product analyses on your direct competitors to stay ahead of the game.
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Free Amazon Product Analysis Tool

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The Details

How to Do Product Research for Amazon

Amazon product research is the bread and butter to getting started on Amazon. It’s the process of finding where the opportunity is on Amazon. You can’t just pick a random product idea (or stumble upon it) and assume you’ll be able to sell it successfully. Amazon is oozing with products. Many products are completely saturated with dozens of sellers trying to sell the same thing, the same way. While other products might not have enough demand to justify an investment. It’s a jungle out there – so how do you find the “sweet spot?” Here is the short answer: you need to find a profitable product that isn’t saturated, has enough demand, and has competition deficiencies. And that’s it. There’s your recipe for product research success. Check off all these aspects of the Amazon product FBA research process, and you’re good to go. While this may sound straightforward, Helium 10 can prove immensely valuable in saving you time and energy. It’s basically your shortcut to product research. We work to help you find your next product to sell on Amazon—whether it’s your first or your hundredth product. With over two billion Amazon products in our database, you’ll be able to quickly search through the largest Amazon product database outside of Amazon itself!

The Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Black Box

Black Box is a search engine made specifically for finding products on Amazon and everything about the market niche they are being sold within. In other words, it’s the ultimate Amazon product finder tool. Browse a database of over 450 million Amazon products by category, estimated monthly sales revenue, rating, product weight, and much more. This tool will help you find products that are high revenue generators with low competition and easily poachable Buy Boxes (due to a low number of reviews, unoptimized listings, etc.). For example, this tool could help you find products that are:

  • Under $30
  • Generating at least $10,000 a month
  • Less than 3 sellers
  • Under 1lb
  • Less than 30 reviews (with a star rating of 3.5 or below)

And there you go. You instantly have 200+ viable products to sell.

Chrome Extension

Our free Chrome extension for Amazon sellers is by far the easiest way to browse the best-selling products on Amazon, find out what the competition is doing right (or wrong), and leverage this data to inform your own product decisions. This Chrome extension is jam-packed with tools to validate your next product, such as:

  • Xray – Conducting keyword research and identifying critical sales data
  • Demand Analyzer – Identifying which products have the biggest selling potential based on current market demand
  • Supplier Finder – Browsing directly through to find products to sell through Amazon FBA
  • Sales Estimator – Gathering current monthly sales estimates based on product Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  • Profitability Calculator – Running calculations of FBA fees, product dimensions, and shipping costs to gain a high-level overview of your potential profit margins
  • Review Insights – Learning the strengths and weaknesses of the product
  • Inventory Levels – Keeping an eye on how much stock your competition currently has


Xray is a free Amazon product analysis tool that’s a part of Helium 10 Chrome Extension. With access to a library of over 450 million products, Xray visually illustrates estimated monthly sales, listing creation dates, size tiers, Best Sellers Rank (BSR), and more. The ability to sort by the selling metrics that matter most on Amazon is invaluable to FBA sellers in the product research phase of their business.