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Top 25 Best Selling Products on Amazon in March 2024


Thinking about starting or growing your Amazon business early this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Any successful Amazon seller knows that taking the time to properly research the products they’re interested in is an important factor to win in the e-commerce landscape. Additionally, some of the most profitable products on the Amazon marketplace solve customers’ issues while outperforming the same products sold by competitors.

With Spring and its associated holidays getting nearer and nearer, attentive sellers will notice that some of the products on Amazon’s Best Sellers List reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean that you should immediately start selling shamrock or Easter egg-shaped products. Rather, you’ll still need to analyze any given item to make sure it is profitable to sell.

This is where Helium 10 can assist you. The FREE Helium 10 Chrome Extension gives users the tools they need to discover successful products and become a top Amazon seller in a fraction of the time it takes those research on their own.

In the helpful guide below, we’ll take a look at 25 best-selling Amazon products with the help of the Chrome Extension and figure out what makes them work.

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Top-Selling Items on Amazon & Why

1. Redtwo Bracelet Making Kit

Beads listing

These beads are a hit with kids and teens, but can also be used by adults for various arts and crafts projects. You can also use this kit to make a green St. Patrick’s Day-inspired necklace perfect for the upcoming holiday. The Helium 10 health score for this listing is also winning with a perfect score of 10!

Beads health score

2. Crayola Modeling Clay

Clay listing

Sit down with your kids and make holiday-themed clay creations such as St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks or Easter eggs with this clay kit. This product from the notable brand Crayola has a near-perfect health score of 9.9 and 4.6 stars, making this item one to keep your eye on.

Clay health score

3. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Nipples

Baby bottle tops listing

While it may not be a product you normally think of, the demand for baby bottle nipples or tops is high. This product is ideal for families expecting a new member of the family just in time for Easter and is both incredibly popular and doing very well on Amazon, evidenced by the 86,000 reviews and 9.8 listing health score.

Baby bottle tops health score

4. Infantino Bites Carrot Teether

Carrot listing

Also great for babies is this carrot-shaped baby teether. Since Easter is fast approaching, the number of sales for this item (which can be considered Easter themed) is once again rising after dipping in the last couple of months. Sales aren’t the only thing good about this item; the 4.8-star rating and 43,000 reviews are also great indications this product will continue to do well.

Carrot sales chart

5. CeraVe Facial Cleanser

Face cleanser listing

With this face cleanser, you can help ensure that your face, as well as your home, is clean and ready for the rapid approach of Spring. The upward trend in the sales chart, 110,000 reviews, and 4.7-star rating can be attributed to CeraVe brand recognition in part, although the simple listing optimization plays a significant role in the success of this product, too.

Face cleanser sales chart

6. Burts Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Chapstick listing

Fix the dry and cracked lips of winter for the warmer climate of Springtime with Burt’s Bees lip balm. Rated very highly on Amazon’s best sellers list, this product boasts a 4.8-star rating, nearly 26,000 ratings, and a perfect Helium 10 listing health score. This powerful combination ensures that this product will continue to find a place on the best sellers list, leading to increased sales.

Chapstick health score

7. How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

Book listing

With a title like this, it’s no wonder that this book’s popularity has skyrocketed the closer we get to St. Patrick’s Day. The 4.8-star rating and rapidly expanding number of reviews (currently over 10,000) tell us that this product is quality and not simply capitalizing on the holiday with an appropriately themed title.

Book sales chart

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Hungry Caterpillar listing

Unlike the previous St. Patrick’s Day-themed book, this children’s story is not themed for any holiday. However, it can be said that the journey of the caterpillar in this book as it eats and eats and finally turns into a beautiful butterfly can serve as a sign of Spring. Clearly, others think so, too, given the upward sales trajectory paired with 74,000 reviews and a 4.9-star rating.

Hungry Caterpillar sales chart

9. GIGAPENGUIN’s High-Powered Binoculars

Binoculars listing

Springtime is coming up very soon, and that means that all the birds that flew south for the winter are coming back home. This gives curious children and adults who have these powerful binoculars the chance to observe many birds begin to build their new nests. But why are people buying these particular binoculars rather than another pair? It’s because the optimized listing—which boasts a perfect listing score of 10—and the 4.7-star rating show both Amazon and its customers that this item is good quality and has been vetted by other buyers.

Binoculars health score

10. HEXEUM’s Telescope for Adults and Beginner Astronomers

Telescope listing

The clouds of winter are starting to part and reveal a new blanket of stars in the sky, and this makes the HEXEUM telescope perfect for mapping out the constellations found within. The 9.8 health score and 4.5-star rating help ensure that this product stays on Amazon’s best-seller list and is visible to customers looking for any excuse to do outside activities after a cold winter.

Telescope health score

11. HonestBaby Organic Toddler T-Shirts

Baby shirts listing

Easily prepare your baby or toddler for Spring with these colorful and organic baby shirts. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, the available variety of shirts, in addition to the high listing health score of 9.7, make this multipack a winning Amazon product.

Baby shirts health score

12. Veken Organizer Suitcases

Suitcase listing

Get ready to take a Spring vacation with this incredible set of packing cubes you can put into your suitcase. This unique item has been on a steady rise over the past couple of months with sales slowly increasing. The 10,000 product reviews, too, indicate that the only place this item is going is with you on vacation!

Suitcase sales chart

13. The Classic Crocs

Crocs listing

Everybody’s favorite shoe is back and ready for warmer weather! The incredible number of variations of these Crocs is just one reason why this product is doing well. The dedicated listing optimization of these Crocs (at a 9.0 listing health score) ensures that this popularity remains that way for a long time to come.

Crocs health score

14. AMSKY’s Sports Bands for Watches

Sport watches listing

Ready to work out outside now that the freezing winter weather is finally ending? If so, don’t forget to equip your smartwatch with one of these sports bands. Everybody loves customizing their smartwatch, so it just makes sense that the market would cater to those wanting to wear their expensive watch while working out. The perfect combination of a 4.7-star rating, 35,000 reviews, and a perfect listing health score of 10 makes this product seem like a great buy!

sport watches health score

15. EYZUTAK Flower Phone Case

Phone case listing

Give your phone a makeover that reflects the new Springtime growth with this flower phone case. Many different variations and sizes are available and this, paired with an incredible 10/10 listing health score and a respectable 4.3-star rating, means that this up-and-coming product may even last through Spring and into Summer.

Phone case health score

16. Bissell Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner listing

Easily finish your Spring cleaning with this handy multi-purpose carpet cleaner. With a compact design, 75,000 reviews, and an 8.7 listing health score, it’s no wonder that this product is beating out the competition this year.

Carpet cleaner health score

17. Utopia Bedding Pillows

Pillows listing

Now that it’s Spring, many Amazon customers are looking to replace old and stained items in their homes, including pillows. This can be seen via the sales chart figures, specifically showing a solid rise in sales over the past month. Additionally, the 4.5-star rating gives customers on the verge of buying the last push they need to hit the Buy Now button on this listing.

Pillows sales chart

18. Simple Modern Kids Water Bottles

Water bottles listing

It’s a fact that kids, who’ve been cooped up in the home for the last several months due to the weather, want to go outside again. Since this is the case, make sure they go out prepared with one of these unique water bottles. This Amazon product has been on a mostly steady rise starting last Christmas, only seeing a quick dip around the middle of February. However, sales still seem good and can be expected to rise as Summer rolls around.

Water bottles sales chart

19. Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs

Pickleballs listing

An increasingly popular sport, Pickleball can still only be played if you have the ball itself, so make sure you’re prepared to show your friends who’s boss with this set of outdoor pickleballs. The upward trajectory of sales does have its ups and downs centered around the middle of every month, but this item is still profitable thanks to the sheer number of sales at the end of those same months.

Pickleballs sales chart

20. Loocio Tangle Free Jump Rope

jumprope listing

Get ready to get fit with this steel jump rope perfect for those serious about maintaining their previous New Year’s Resolutions this Spring. This item, which seems like an ordinary jump rope, hits the next level thanks to proper listing optimization, earning it a perfect Helium 10 listing health score.

jumprope health score

21. Findway Ski Goggles

Snow goggles listing

For those who are not yet ready to say goodbye to Winter, these Snow Goggles are just the thing you need for a day out on the quickly melting slopes. While taking a look at the upwards sales chart for this item may leave you wondering why this item is still popular, remember that there are still a couple of months left for serious snowboarders to rush down the slopes before they’ll have to hang up their board.

Snow goggles sales chart

22. Grandpa’s Weeder Weed Puller Tool

Weed puller listing

While new Spring growth can be refreshing after months of Winter, not all of that growth is welcome. That’s why it’s important to invest in this weed puller that won’t require you to uncomfortably bend down and pull weeds on your knees in the half-frozen, half-thawed dirt. This item, already incredibly useful for anyone with a home, gets even better thanks to its stunning 10/10 health score and growing number of 47,000 reviews.

Weed puller health score

23. Traeger Grills Signature Wood Pellets

Grill pellets listing

Grill season is upon us once again, but this year it’s time to try something new to make our food even better: wood pellets. These pellets are imbued with incredible scents that give your grilled food the finishing touch you didn’t know it needed. Perhaps a niche item at first, these pellets are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their 9.8 health score, 4.7-star rating, and nearly 20,000 number of reviews.

Grill pellets health score

24. Brita Water Filters

Water filters listing

I can’t be the only one who keeps putting off getting a new water filter for my pitcher, so this two-for-one deal gives me, and no doubt many others, the final push to order a replacement. This particular water filter set benefits from being sold by Brita, but the near-perfect listing optimization—which gets a score of 9.8—and the 44,000 reviews may actually help it reach a wider audience.

Water filters health score

25. Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator

Egg kit listing

The final item on our list should be no surprise since Easter is almost here: the Easter egg decorating kit. While some egg kits in the past just have the materials to decorate your Easter eggs, this kit has even more of an Easter-y feel since it looks like a bunny! Taking a look at the sales chart will definitely leave you stunned at how fast a product that was getting no sales has shot up into the stars, so to speak. While items like this are definitely seasonal, it goes to show how lucrative these products can still be.

Egg kit sales chart


Even though carefully studying Amazon’s Best Seller List with the help of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension can provide valuable product insights, it’s crucial to perform your own research as it will help you much more.

If you feel like you received a solid beginner’s understanding of what to look for in a product or are interested in learning even more so you can start selling, be sure to check out the Product Research Masterclass podcast. This podcast, hosted by top Amazon seller Bradley, provides proven methods of success on a variety of Amazon subjects including how to start a private label business, locating profitable niches, selecting the best Amazon products, and more.

Successfully launching a brand new Amazon business from square one can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, preventing you from spending time with your family or experiencing all life has to offer. That’s why we recommend using Helium 10’s marketing tools to help lighten the load on many different aspects of the Amazon selling process.

Remember, the journey to the top begins, more often than not, with a single product, so get out there and start researching today.

Happy Selling!


A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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