Top 25 Best Selling Products on Amazon in June 2024


Thinking about starting or growing your Amazon business this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Any successful Amazon seller knows that taking the time to properly research the products they’re interested in is an essential factor in winning in the e-commerce landscape. Additionally, some of the most profitable products on the Amazon marketplace solve customers’ issues while outperforming competitors’ products.

With June sunshine and summer vacation in full swing, attentive sellers will notice that some of the products on Amazon’s Best Sellers List reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean you should immediately start selling items centered around the outdoors. Instead, you’ll still need to analyze any given item to make sure it is profitable to sell.

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In the helpful guide below, we’ll examine 25 best-selling Amazon products using the Chrome Extension and determine what makes them work.

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Top-Selling Items on Amazon & Why

1. Electactic’s Ice Maker

    Ice maker listing

    Perfect for warm days spent outside with family and friends, this ice maker is rocketing to the top of Amazon’s charts thanks to a killer listing complete with compelling copy, alternate available colors, and even photographs. The only thing this listing needs to go from our score of 9.8 to 10 is to include one more photograph or video!

    Ice maker health score

    2. Koolatron’s Wine Cellar

    Wine cellar listing

      No summer party is complete without some wine, right? Instead of heading inside for a refill, bring the alcohol to you with this small wine cellar! With a current star rating of 4.5, 30-day sales of nearly $80,000, and properly optimized SEO copy, this listing easily earns a 10/10 Helium 10 health score.

      Wine cellar health score

      3. BEADSLAND’s Beads

      Beads listing

        Now that wedding season is upon us, it’s a great idea to invest in some decorations (such as these beads) to add style to your gifts! A unique item that instantly stands out on Amazon’s Best Sellers List and earns a 9.4 health score, these crystal rhinestones are a massive hit! The current 4.7-star rating shows this, as do monthly sales of $387,000 and many different colors to choose from.

        Beads health score

        4. Apple Barrel’s Acrylic Paint

        Paint listing

          Popular for many years with parents and grandparents, this acrylic paint will keep your children busy and boredom-free during summer vacation! Since it can be used for many different projects, including pictures, arts & crafts, and more, it’s no wonder that the listing health score for this product is 9.4. When selling similar products, aim to have optimized copy and photographs, as they’ll go a long way toward earning you a high star rating.

          Paint health score

          5. CRILARY’s Water Balloons

          Water balloons listing

            What better way to enjoy your summer vacation than with a fun-filled water balloon fight? With these reusable water balloons, you can ensure that the fun never ends! Speaking more technically, this product listing excels in every area, earning it a 10/10 Helium 10 health score. The 4.8-star rating, as are the optimal number of photographs, is also impressive.

            Water balloons health score

            6. Aqua LEISURE’s Pool Hammock

            Pool hammock listing

              Spend relaxing summer days floating in the pool with this ultra-comfortable pool hammock! The appealing design—available in different shades—has been a big hit on Amazon, as evidenced by the upward trajectory of the monthly sales chart. This success can be expected to rise as summer continues to advance.

              Pool hammock sales chart

              7. Pamper’s Swim Diapers

              Swim diapers listing

                Make sure your baby is fully prepared to have fun at the beach all day with these swim diapers! This product is doing incredibly well on Amazon, even though their listing could use some work, particularly concerning the images and title. That being said, this product’s massive profit over the last month is only the beginning of its e-commerce success.

                Swim diapers sales chart

                8. AMACOOL’s Stroller Fan

                Stroller fan listing

                  Ensure maximum comfort for your baby with this unique stroller fan making the rounds on Amazon! Successful due to both the design and listing optimizations, this is a million-dollar product! This insane success, as can be expected, took off around the start of summer, earning this particular seller a pretty penny. It just goes to show how selling seasonal products may be incredibly profitable if done well.

                  Stroller fan sales chart

                  9. Banana Boat’s Sunscreen

                  Sunscreen listing

                    Protect yourself from the summer sun and enjoy prolonged time outdoors with this popular sunscreen from Banana Boat! While the name attached to this product helps contribute to sales, it’s not the only piece of the pie. Rather, the fully optimized photos, copy, and multiple sizing options play a huge role in making this particular product a million-dollar item!

                    Sunscreen sales chart

                    10. Victoria’s Secret’s Body Spray

                    Body spray listing

                      Boost your sense of summer confidence with this sweet-smelling perfume from Victoria’s Secret! Like the previous listing, branding plays a large role here, and every Amazon seller should take note—particularly since it helps earn this product a nearly perfect 9.7 health score. If your customers can instantly recognize your brand—whether that be the packaging you use or your iconic logo—they’ll come to trust your brand more and become repeat buyers.

                      Body spray health score

                      11. CUSHIONAIRE’s Sandals

                      Sandals listing

                        Get ready to rock your summer shoe style with these sandals! Over the past month, this item has earned nearly $4 million! But why? The product is not flashy, nor does the listing have a perfect health score. The brand is also not popular. The success of this product, then, comes from the simple reliability it offers. Sellers take note: your product can find massive success on Amazon if it fills a need better than any other competitor.

                        Sandals sales chart

                        12. CHICGAL’s Women’s Blouse

                        Womens blouse listing

                          Show the world your summer fashion sense with this instantly eye-catching women’s blouse! This product listing rocks! It’s currently a number 1 best seller in the Women’s Swimwear Cover Ups category on Amazon, and this is because of the vast number of color options available, as well as the optimal number of photos and well-written copy. This listing—which earns a close-to-perfect 9.4 health score—should focus on reducing the title just a little in order to be an even bigger hit.

                          Womens blouse health score

                          13. Alpha Griller’s Meat Thermometer

                          Meat thermometer listing

                            Almost essential for summer days spent next to the grill, this meat thermometer is a staple of summer festivities! Clearly, others think so as well, judging by the $800,000 this product has earned over the last 30 days alone. It’s also got a perfect ten on the Helium 10 listing health score due to an all-around fantastic listing! Sellers should definitely check out this product for tips on how to succeed on Amazon.

                            Meat thermometer sales chart

                            14. WIBIMEN’s Ice Tray

                            Ice tray listing

                              Keep your drink cool under the summer heat with this unique ice tray set! I can personally attest to the popularity of this product, as all my friends seem to have bought them overnight! The unique shape of the ice in the tray plays a huge part in its success, but the overall optimizations found on this listing—which earns it a 9.8 listing health score—also do some heavy lifting. Pay particular attention to how the bullets are written to understand how to market your product effectively.

                              Ice tray health score

                              15. Chapin International’s Garden Sprayer

                              Garden sprayer listing

                                Keep your lawn looking perfect all summer long with this garden sprayer! This seemingly random product has jumped to the #1 spot in the Lawn & Garden Sprayers category because of a few different factors: what it can do, how it is marketed in the bullets, and photographs that show relevant and important information. All of these factors combined give this 4.5-star product a perfect 10/10 Helium 10 listing health score.

                                Garden sprayer health score

                                16. Havit’s Laptop Cooler

                                Laptop cooler listing

                                  Ensure that your laptop doesn’t overheat under the summer sun with this remarkable laptop cooler! The unique nature of this item paired with a well-thought-out—but not perfect—listing is why this product is doing so well. The current sales chart over the last 30 days is promising, and it is expected to continue an upward trajectory in the months to come.

                                  Laptop cooler sales chart

                                  17. Safer’s Fly Trap

                                  Fly trap listing

                                    Eliminate summer’s one downside—bugs—with this sleek and modern fly trap! With a brand name like ‘Safer,’ it’s a safe bet that this product will be effective. Additionally, this listing earns a 9.8 listing health score based on the quality and quantity of the images, the number of bullet points, and even the title. However, this last holds the listing back from perfection since it’s a little too short.

                                    Fly trap health score

                                    18. GL.iNet’s Portable Wifi Router

                                    Wifi router listing

                                      During summer vacations, never again be without wifi with this small and portable wifi router! This 4.5-star product is doing very well on Amazon currently—and even has a 10/10 health score—even though it only has around 1,500 reviews. When studying this listing for your own listing ideas, keep in mind that reviews should always be the goal, but you can still find success without them on occasion.

                                      Wifi router health score

                                      19. Occer’s Binoculars

                                      Binoculars listing

                                        With birds flocking back northwards for summer, now’s a perfect time to birdwatch using these specially-made binoculars! Scoring a perfect ten on the listing health score, these small binoculars are making a big impact on Amazon. Reasons for this include well-written bullet points, informative—if incomplete—photographs, and even a stand-out coupon option.

                                        Binoculars health score

                                        20. Kimire’s Camcorder

                                        Camcorder listing

                                          Record every big summer moment in high definition with this camcorder! Not only does this product score a perfect ten on the Helium 10 health score, but it also is not a seasonal product. This means that you are not tied to success only during a certain time of the year. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even optimize your bullet points and photographs throughout the year in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

                                          Camcorder health score

                                          21. Amazon Basics’s Weights

                                          Weights listing

                                            Work on building your summer bod with these easily portable weights! This product listing is a great one to study since it comes directly from Amazon Basics. Pay attention to how the photographs are structured, as well as what specific information is included in the bullet points and in what way. However, it may be best to ignore the title, as it’s the only thing holding this 9.3 health score listing back from being a perfect 10.

                                            Weights health score

                                            22. Aegend’s Swim Goggles

                                            Swim goggles listing

                                              Always be ready for a crystal clear swim with these super sleek swim goggles! This product is well on its way to becoming a million-dollar listing, as we can see from the sales chart. Currently, the 30-day revenue is nearly $400,000, which is still nothing to sneeze at. However, if this seller continues to provide many different color options—as they most definitely will—then this item will shatter the glass ceiling sooner rather than later.

                                              Swim goggles sales chart

                                              23. BolaButty’s Bluetooth Shower Speaker

                                              Bluetooth shower speaker listing

                                                Get in a sunny mode that befits summer, even while in the shower, with this Bluetooth shower speaker! Becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, shower speakers like this one are gaining traction—and profit—on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. On Amazon, in particular, this product has earned close to $700,000 over the last month alone. Truly compelling product images and POP are a huge reason why this is so.

                                                Bluetooth shower speaker sales chart

                                                24. Pipishell’s TV Wall Mount

                                                TV wall mount listing

                                                  If you’ve got a pool and an empty bit of wall, why not bring your TV to you with this durable wall mount? Useful not just outside but inside as well, this wall mount earns the Amazon’s Choice badge, which massively contributes to this product’s current 30-day sales numbers of $430,000! Try to get this badge whenever possible through the number of reviews and star rating for similar success and profit (for reference, this product has 121,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating). 

                                                  TV wall mount sales chart

                                                  25. Apple’s Air Pods

                                                  Air pods listing

                                                    All the rage in the electronics world, these air pods are still a winning Amazon product! Yes, the Apple brand plays a large role in this product’s success, that’s true. However, the expertly crafted listing, complete with informative images, compelling copy, a not-too-long title, and Amazon’s Choice badge, plays a significant role in this product’s lasting success and perfect ten health score.

                                                    Air pods health score


                                                    Even though carefully studying Amazon’s Best Seller List with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension can provide valuable product insights, it’s crucial to perform your own research, as it will help you much more.

                                                    If you feel like you received a solid beginner’s understanding of what to look for in a product or are interested in learning even more so you can start selling, be sure to check out the Product Research Masterclass podcast. This podcast, hosted by top Amazon seller Bradley, provides proven methods of success on various Amazon subjects, including how to start a private label business, locate profitable niches, select the best Amazon products, and more.

                                                    Successfully launching a brand new Amazon business from square one can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, preventing you from spending time with your family or experiencing all life has to offer. That’s why we recommend using Helium 10’s marketing tools to help lighten the load on many different aspects of the Amazon selling process.

                                                    Remember, the journey to the top often begins with a single product, so get out there and start researching today.

                                                    Happy Selling!


                                                    A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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