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Top 25 Best Selling Products on Amazon in April 2024


Thinking about starting or growing your Amazon business this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Any successful Amazon seller knows that taking the time to properly research the products they’re interested in is an important factor to win in the e-commerce landscape. Additionally, some of the most profitable products on the Amazon marketplace solve customers’ issues while outperforming the same products sold by competitors.

With Spring finally making its long-awaited appearance, attentive sellers will notice that some of the products on Amazon’s Best Sellers List reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean that you should immediately start selling items centered around the outdoors. Rather, you’ll still need to analyze any given item to make sure it is profitable to sell.

This is where Helium 10 can assist you. The FREE Helium 10 Chrome Extension gives users the tools they need to discover successful products and become top Amazon sellers in a fraction of the time it takes to research on their own.

In the helpful guide below, we’ll take a look at 25 best-selling Amazon products with the help of the Chrome Extension and figure out what makes them work.

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Top-Selling Items on Amazon & Why

1. Etekcity’s Food Scale

Food scale listing

Prepare Springtime meals with ease with this handy food scale! Small and easily stowable in your kitchen, this Amazon item has a perfect Helium 10 listing health score of 10, a 4.6-star rating, and nearly 170,000 reviews. Combined, these three factors make this item one of the best items on Amazon!

Food scale health score

2. Simple Modern’s Water Bottles

Water bottle listing

Make sure your kids stay hydrated during the increasingly warm days of Spring with this water bottle set. With water bottles perfect for both boys and girls alike, this 4.8-starred product is rising through the ranks of Amazon’s Best Seller list. Additionally, the 10/10 listing health score tells us that this item is doing all it needs to in order to achieve continued monthly success.

Water bottle health score

3. COSRX’s Hydrating Serum

Hydrating serum listing

Give your face a refreshing boost in order to fully enjoy Spring’s new natural growth with this hydrating serum. Currently the #1 best seller in Beauty & Personal Care, this product boasts a high 4.6-star rating, nearly 80,000 customer reviews, and sharply climbing 30-day sales of over $1,000,000!

Hydrating serum sales chart

4. SOL DE JANEIRO’s Body Mist

Body mist listing

Echo Springtime’s naturally sweet smells with hair and body fragrance mist by Sol De Janeiro! This small but powerful bottle will keep you refreshed throughout the entire day. It’s clear that many customers feel the same, as reflected in the 34,000 reviews, 4.5-star rating, and high Helium 10 health score of 8.

Body mist health score

5. USANOOKS’ Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning cloth listing

While it has many uses, this cleaning cloth can be a great purchase if you leave the sunroof of your car open during one of April’s many showers. It turns out that many Amazon customers also find this product incredibly useful, judging by the impressive 4.7-star rating, growing number of 8,600 customer reviews, and steadily increasing monthly sales.

Cleaning cloth sales chart

6. HOTOR’s Car Trash Can

Car trash can listing

For those planning long car trips with the family in celebration of warmer weather, this car trash can is essential. With pockets on the side and a waterproof design to combat any spills, this Amazon product is on track to keep winning. The current #1 best seller in Automotive Garbage Cans, the 4.5-star rating and high 8.8 listing health score only serve to help this product gain more and more visibility and sales.

Car trash can health score

7. Carhartt’s Men’s Shirt

Mens shirt

One of the consequences of the rainy April season is a return to cutting the grass. And what better way to ensure you don’t ruin your nice shirts than by ordering this comfortable t-shirt? Also able to be worn around the house for lazy weekends, this 4.6-star product is doing nearly everything right, as can be seen from the impressive 9/10 listing health score.

Mens shirt health score

8. Sngeirkn’s Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse glasses listing

With the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse occurring in April, Amazon customers are hurrying to buy these eclipse glasses so they can view this celestial phenomenon safely. This gives sellers like Sngeirkn the perfect opportunity to sell their glasses (which were nowhere near as popular a month ago). Regarding specific figures, the 4.6 stars, nearly optimized listing (with a score of 9.8), and widespread event ensure even more profit can be gained from this item.

Eclipse glasses sales chart

9. OFlyDesigns’ Mirror Decal

Mirror decal listing

When the weather gets warmer, it’s common to want to drive around and enjoy the return of beautiful scenery. To further enhance this experience, Amazon customers have taken to customizing the inside of their cars—in this case, their mirrors—with decals. This seller in particular (OFlyDesigns) realized this, and their hard work paid off since this product has earned 4.7 stars and a high Helium 10 listing health score of 8.6.

Mirror decal health score

10. MASSIVE BEADS’ Bead Bracelet

Bead bracelet listing

More suited to the beach and warm weather than other bracelets, this unique black obsidian bead bracelet is perfect for both men and women. Thanks to the number of different variations and impressive health score of 9.7, this item has experienced a fantastic upward sales trend over the last 30 days, with plenty more success in store in the near future.

Bead bracelet sales chart

11. TERRO’s Ant Killer

Ant killer listing

One of the unfortunate downsides of this sunny time of year is the return of pesky ants making their way into your nice, clean home. With this liquid ant killer (which no home should really be without), you can stop these insects in their paths relatively hassle-free. This #1 best seller in Patio, Lawn & Garden was able to achieve such a high rank in part due to the 4.5 stars and optimized listing that earned it a near-perfect 9.1 health score.

Ant killer health score

12. Cozy Essential’s Storage Bags

Storage bag listing

With the onset of Spring, it’s time to put away all your winter home decor, and what better way to do this than by using vacuum storage bags? This large pack of storage bags will easily fit most, if not all, of your winter decor. Most Amazon shoppers agree that this item is great, evidenced by the nearly 60,000 customer reviews and explosive sales chart numbers.

Storage bad sales chart

13. Flexzilla’s Garden Hose

Garden hose listing

Also featured in our recent article concerning selling private label, this garden hose by seller Flexzilla stands out from the competition for many reasons, one of which is its instantly recognizable color when compared to the usual black. Garnering both the attention of Amazon’s algorithm as well as real customers, this hose boasts 80,000 reviews, 4.5 stars, and a consistently rising sales chart over the last month.

Garden hose sales chart

14. TERRO’s Fruit Fly Killer

Fruit fly killer listing

Fruit flies, like ants, are one of the few negative aspects of Springtime, but you can avoid having to deal with these small insects with this small and handy fruit fly killer. Due to an optimized listing that earned it a 9.7 health score, this Amazon product has currently earned 80,000 customer ratings and over 250,000 in monthly sales. Talk about a winning product!

Fruit fly killer health score

15. PAPERAGE’s Journal Notebook

Journal notebook listing

The new green growth outside your window means a new chance to organize and optimize your week the right way with this handy journal notebook. Available in a variety of colors to match your personality, this item earns a nearly perfect Helium 10 listing health score of 9.7 and a rising number of 50,000 ratings, ensuring that Amazon’s algorithm puts this product first on many searches.

Journal notebook health score

16. Nutricost’s Creatine Powder

Creatine powder listing

Start working on your beach bod in preparation for sunny days spent on the beach with this creatine powder. Good for 100 separate servings, this long-lasting product has customers in a frenzy to buy as evidenced by the $2.3 million in monthly revenue, 4.6 stars, and an almost perfect listing health score of 9.6. And the best part? This item isn’t seasonal, meaning that it will keep on earning for months to come!

Creatine powder health score

17. HIBBO’s Computer Charger

Charger listing

Perfect for professionals working in multiple locations and enjoying the nice Spring breeze, this laptop charger is a crucial tool when you’re out and about! Since this Amazon product is able to work with many different laptops, its popularity on the e-commerce site—thanks in part to the 9.3 listing health score and 4.6-star rating—ensures that it’ll never go out of style.

Charger health score

18. Selore&S-Global’s Docking Station

Docking station listing

Another handy computer product for both professionals and gamers (it’s honestly almost a necessity), this docking station allows you to use your mouse, keyword, and extra monitors with your PC. The many useful ports of this docking station, paired with a stunning 10/10 listing health score, make this item one of the top selling products on Amazon!

Docking station health score

19. NEENKA’s Knee Brace

Knee brace listing

Excellent for a morning jog outside before the weather gets too hot, this knee brace displays helpful information on its included images, comes in multiple sizes and colors, and contains a sustainability feature. All these factors, plus the respectable 4.3-star rating, help the already impressive sales chart keep rising through the year.

Knee brace sales chart

20. Linkind’s Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs listing

Help ensure that your home is as bright as it is outside with this pack of LED lightbulbs. With many different styles to choose from and a fully optimized listing to boot, it’s no wonder that this product easily earns a Helium 10 listing health score of 10.

Lightbulbs health score

21. Under Armour’s Men’s Shorts

Mens shorts

Never stop working out with these comfortable men’s graphic shorts from widely-known seller Under Armour. While their name helps bring customers in, their listing optimization efforts and growing list of 11,000+ ratings help this product earn a staggering $1.4 million in monthly sales (and this number will only keep on growing).

Mens shorts sales charts

22. Creative Roots’ Stepping Stone

Stepping stone listing

Encourage your kids to decorate the once again green yard with this unique ceramic stepping stone kit. Featuring cute packaging and branding, along with helpful images, this product has easily reached nearly $170,000 in monthly sales in only a short time.

Stepping stone sales chart

23. SniffElixir’s Inhaler Stick

Inhaler stick listing

Banish the final remnants of winter stress with this nasal inhaler stick that offers both stress and anxiety relief. With a title that instantly grabs your attention, informative and colorful product images, and a variety of scents to choose from, it is no surprise that this 4-star product has a complete listing health score of 10.

Inhaler stick health score

24. Crest’s 3D Whitestrips

3D whitestrips listing

Make sure to greet Springtime with a bright smile by using these effective 3D Whitestrips. With a sustainability feature, an instantly recognizable brand name, and effective SEO-rich copy, this product quickly earns a 9.3 Helium 10 score in addition to nearly 85,000 individual ratings.

3D whitestrips health score

25. TOSY’s Flying Ring

Frisbee listing

Kick-off Spring like never before with this glowing flying ring. This product is perfect for those who are sick of staying inside and are ready to excitedly greet the return of warm weather. Additionally, the stunning growth of monthly sales and 4.3-star rating is due, in part, to the product imagery that instantly stands out from among the other best-selling items in the Sports & Outdoors category.

Frisbee sales chart


Even though carefully studying Amazon’s Best Seller List with the help of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension can provide valuable product insights, it’s crucial to perform your own research as it will help you much more.

If you feel like you received a solid beginner’s understanding of what to look for in a product or are interested in learning even more so you can start selling, be sure to check out the Product Research Masterclass podcast. This podcast, hosted by top Amazon seller Bradley, provides proven methods of success on a variety of Amazon subjects including how to start a private label business, locating profitable niches, selecting the best Amazon products, and more.

Successfully launching a brand new Amazon business from square one can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, preventing you from spending time with your family or experiencing all life has to offer. That’s why we recommend using Helium 10’s marketing tools to help lighten the load on many different aspects of the Amazon selling process.

Remember, the journey to the top begins, more often than not, with a single product, so get out there and start researching today.

Happy Selling!


A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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