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Amazon Marketing Tools

Amazon Marketing Tools

Game-changing strategies to crush Pay-Per-Click Advertising, promote brand awareness, and boost customer engagement.

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Amazon PPC Tool

Run Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

AI-powered PPC software designed to maximize your Amazon Advertising ROI. Leverage advanced optimization & automation capabilities to level up your advertising game. Create, manage, & optimize PPC campaigns with ease.
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Helium 10 Adtomic

Amazon Landing Page Builder

Build Promotional Pages

Drive external traffic from virtually anywhere in your customer funnel directly to your product page with easy-to-build, conversion-optimized, product landing pages designed for Amazon sellers.
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Helium 10 Portals

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tool

Affiliates for your Amazon Store

Grow your Amazon Store with high-converting affiliate traffic. Track conversions, manage promotions, and easily partner directly with top-performing affiliates and publishers.
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Amazon Affiliate Marketing


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The Details

How to Market a Product on Amazon

You have found the perfect product to sell on Amazon. You have found a killer deal with a trustworthy manufacturer overseas. You have leveraged Amazon keyword research tools to create a robust product keyword list. With Amazon listing optimization tools, you have crafted an immaculate Amazon listing, with eye-grabbing imagery and a second-to-none product description. Your product has launched… but you aren’t going anywhere.

The Amazon ecosystem is the most competitive space for e-commerce sellers on the internet. You can stare at Seller Central all day counting sales metrics but ultimately, the most treasured currency on Amazon is a bit more… biological than many would think: eyeballs. If you are not getting your product in front of eyeballs, you cannot truly grow your brand. Likewise, if you are not growing, you won’t be reaching those eyeballs anytime soon.

So, where should you start? At Helium 10, we’re in the business of making things easy. (Fortunately for you, business is good!) With that in mind, let’s focus on the two primary sources for virtually all Amazon marketing strategies: #1: outside (off-Amazon) Traffic and #2: Amazon sponsored ads (also known as PPC or “pay per click”). You do not magically appear on page one of Amazon search results, however, a fundamental understanding of these two strategies will give you the closest thing to “magic” that Amazon has to offer: a shot at your own, continually profitable brand.

The Best Amazon Marketing Tools

Creating the perfect product and listing is one thing; getting it in front of as many eyeballs as possible is a completely different ball game. We couldn’t possibly call ourselves an “all-in-one” FBA tool suite without including Amazon marketing tools to help sellers with PPC and external marketing.


Having your Amazon PPC campaigns operate like a well-oiled machine is a necessity these days if you’re going to conquer page one of search results. Adtomic is an Amazon PPC tool that completely reshapes the way sellers tackle their pay-per-click campaigns.

  • Track all your advertising decisions with a high-level, simplified view of campaigns, suggestions and metrics, including total advertising cost of sale (TACoS).
  • Automate your bid strategies to help organize your marketing efforts and save you valuable time.
  • Streamline hours of manual search term placements into minutes of easy sorting and filtering. Adtomic allows sellers to sort and view potential keywords or negative targets with the click of a button.

Adtomic was built to be a chameleon for both types of Amazon sellers:

  1. Those who are new to PPC and need a tool to guide them through a simplified, user-friendly advertising dashboard.
  2. Those who are experienced with PPC and simply need a way to organize and automate their own advertising decisions.


Your Amazon customers don’t always start on Amazon, so your marketing efforts shouldn’t be confined there either. Using Helium 10’s promotional Amazon landing page builder (Portals), FBA sellers now have the ability to drive traffic from virtually anywhere in your customer funnel directly to your product listing. We provide you with page templates built with Conversion-Rate Optimization (CRO) in mind so that you increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

These landing pages live outside of your Amazon store but exist to funnel outside traffic from email lists, social media campaigns, or other paid ads directly to any of your product pages without having to build your own website for it.

Not a graphic designer? No problem; Portals was built for sellers, not Web Developers. We have fully functional page templates, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads tracking, QR code integrations, and a customizable product insert suite all at your fingertips.