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  • Introduction to Amazon Selling 

    Dive into the world of Amazon FBA and explore a general overview of what it takes to succeed in the world of e-commerce. 
  • Business Setup and Branding 

    Embark on your journey with expert guidance on building an effective brand and carving out your own niche in the marketplace. 
  • Product Research and Sourcing 

    Navigate the landscape of product selection and sourcing, mastering the skills to identify and secure winning Amazon products. 
  • Financial Fundamentals 

    Learn the intricacies of Amazon’s financial ecosystem, fee structures, and cash flow management to safeguard your profitability. 
  • Listing Optimization and SEO 

    Elevate your product listings with SEO and optimization strategies, ensuring your listings shine in Amazon’s competitive online arena. 
  • Advertising and Launch Strategies 

    Unlock the secrets of effective advertising and strategic product launches, setting the stage for sustained sales growth. 
  • Supply Chain and Logistics 

    Refine your supply chain logistics, ensuring seamless operations from sourcing to customer delivery within the Amazon ecosystem. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management 

    Fortify your Amazon operation by understanding and adhering to compliance requirements, mitigating risks to maintain a stellar seller reputation. 
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation 

    Embrace a mindset of continual adaptation, using customer feedback and market trends to thrive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. 

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Meet your Host
Amazon Expert & Billion-Dollar Seller Kevin King 
Over a billion dollars in e-commerce sales
Host of the AM/PM Podcast 
With 25 years of Amazon selling experience, Kevin is widely regarded as one of the best minds in the industry

Learn From Some of the Top Names in E-Commerce 

Get to know your Freedom Ticket expert co-hosts 
    Ashlin Hadden
    Owner, Ashlin Hadden Insurance Agency
    Business Setup & Branding
    Ashlin runs a leading insurance brokerage for Amazon sellers, covering start-ups to enterprises.
    Rich Goldstein
    Principal Patent Attorney, Goldstein Patent Law
    Business Setup & Branding
    Securing 2k+ patents over 27 years, Rich helps e-commerce businesses protect their intellectual property.
    Janelle Page
    CEO, Unifish
    Business Setup & Branding
    Janelle is a leading executive & strategist, who’s helped 30+ brands drive $800M+ in Amazon sales.
    Steve Simonson
    Lifetime Entrepreneur
    Product Research & Sourcing
    A 3-decade veteran of building, scaling & selling companies, Steve is a top authority on entrepreneurship. 
    Bradley Sutton
    Director of Training & Chief Evangelist, Helium 10
    Product Research & Sourcing
    Bradley is the Director of Training, Chief Evangelist, and host of the Serious Sellers Podcast with over 20 years of experience.
    Arnold Shields
    Director, Dolman Bateman & Co Pty Ltd
    Financial Fundamentals
    Arnold is a chartered accountant who gives e-commerce businesses strategic tax, growth & profitability advice.
    Scott Deetz
    CEO, Northbound Group
    Financial Fundamentals
    Scott unlocks growth & profitability bottlenecks in e-commerce businesses so they can reach higher valuations.
    Saddam Hasan
    Founder & COO, AMZ One Step
    Listing Optimization & SEO
    Co-founder & COO of the top Amazon service provider in Canada, Saddam is a leading authority on FBA selling.
    Tayyaba Majeed
    Creative Director, AMZ One Step
    Listing Optimization & SEO
    Tayyaba is an Amazon selling expert, who leads creative direction at leading FBA agency AMZ One Step.
    Leo Sgovio
    CEO and Founder, Convomat
    Listing Optimization & SEO
    Helping Amazon brands grow through affiliate & influencer marketing strategies | Amazon Seller & Semantic SEO Expert.
    Destaney Wishon
    CEO, Co-Founder at BTR Media (Formerly BetterAMS)
    Advertising & Launch Strategies
    As CEO & co-founder of BetterAMS, Destaney successfully manages ad campaigns for big e-commerce brands.
    Gracey Ryback
    Content Creator & Influencer Marketing Consultant
    Advertising & Launch Strategies
    Helping e-commerce brands utilize the power of influencer marketing to help skyrocket their brand awareness & sales.
    Kian Golzari
    CEO and Founder, Sourcing with Kian
    Supply Chain & Logistics
    A leading product sourcing & development expert, Kian has sourced 2,500+ products for the world’s biggest brands.
    Burak Yolga
    Co-Founder & CEO @ Forceget &
    Supply Chain & Logistics
    Global logistics specialist with expertise in parcel, air and ocean freight. Focused on Amazon FBA Sellers.
    Afolabi Oyerokun
    Co-Founder, Honu Worldwide
    Compliance & Risk Management
    Afolabi coaches big Amazon brands on how to drive profitability by sourcing intelligently from China.
    Chris McCabe
    CEO & Founder,
    Compliance & Risk Management
    An ex-Amazonian himself, Chris helps sellers protect their accounts by better understanding Amazon’s policies.
    Tomer Rabinovich
    Amazon FBA Private Label Expert
    Continuous Learning & Adaptation
    A globally recognized Amazon expert & speaker, Tomer specializes in simplifying complex tasks for his audience.
    Josh Hadley
    CEO, Hadley Designs
    Continuous Learning & Adaptation
    A proven leader and strategist, Josh helps scale 7-figure e-commerce businesses to 8 figures & beyond.

This course is great! Loaded with key information to help you get a better understanding of how it all works

Charles S.

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    “I paid $4,000 for a course like this without knowing Helium 10 offers it. Thank you, Kevin!”

    Colin P.

  • Build Your Brand 

    “I started an Amazon store with my boyfriend as a small side hustle… I’m only on week 2 of Freedom Ticket and I’ve already learned and mapped out my new approach to creating a brand… Thank you, Kevin and Team!”

    Gail G.

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    “Through learning, I went from selling $30,000 per month to $110,000 per month now. Thank you.”

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  • Everything You Need to Succeed

    “It’s worth watching every second of every video. Great job!”

    Mohamed A.

  • Grateful for This Course

    “Super grateful for this course, the instructors, and everything I have learned! I’m pumped to go and do great things!”

    Joe T.

  • Launch Your First Product

    “Launching my first product this Sunday. Couldn’t have done this without the valuable information.”

    Toby P.

  • Enter Amazon with Confidence 

    “Thank you, Kevin and Helium 10, for the great information and guidance. I feel a lot more confident going forward with my decision to enter the unknown world of Amazon.”

    Peter W.

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Amazon FBA is a fantastic way to make money online! In 2022 alone, Amazon reported a total revenue of $502 billion. The most amazing part? Over half of that amount was generated by third-party sellers. With Amazon FBA, e-commerce sellers on Amazon can both store and ship their products directly from an Amazon warehouse. This ensures that you do not have to have your products piled in your home, where they will invariably take up living space. Plus, you gain direct access to sell your products to Amazon’s massive customer base of 310 million users worldwide.  

Amazon FBA is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But it is an amazing opportunity to start your own business, build your own brand, and make some serious money in the process. Like starting any new business, there is a learning curve to getting started. But with a little hard work, patience, and access to the right resources (like Helium 10’s Amazon course Freedom Ticket), mastering Amazon FBA can be an enriching experience that empowers you to take control of your financial future. 

You should invest in an Amazon FBA course like Freedom Ticket because it is the smart choice if you’re looking to succeed in online selling. It gives you the essential knowledge and insider tips you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The course acts like a mentor, guiding you through the complexities of Amazon selling with easy-to-understand strategies. And it’s not just about learning the basics; it’s also about staying ahead of your competition with the latest trends and techniques that can help grow your business. With the online retail world constantly changing, this course ensures you’re always equipped to make the best moves for your business. 

Normally $997 as a standalone course, access to Freedom Ticket is included at no extra charge to all Helium 10 Platinum and above members. So by signing up for a Helium 10 Platinum+ plan, not only do you get Freedom Ticket for free, but you’ll also gain access to the best Amazon software solutions on the planet.  

In Freedom Ticket, you’ll dive into a comprehensive learning experience, structured into 9 engaging video modules. This course covers the A to Z of Amazon FBA training, starting from the basic building blocks to sophisticated tactics for product sourcing, brand building, and managing your finances effectively. What’s more, you’ll get access to over 10 additional modules, each hosted by leading experts in the e-commerce world. This wealth of knowledge ensures you’re well-equipped to navigate the complexities of how to sell on Amazon with confidence and expertise. 

Taking the Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course can significantly boost your FBA journey by offering a solid foundation and advanced strategies tailored for Amazon selling. It’s like having a roadmap that guides you through the twists and turns of online retail, helping you avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities. The course is designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge, from selecting the right products to optimizing your listings for maximum visibility. While individual results can vary based on effort and market conditions, our Freedom Ticket Amazon course provides the tools and insights to enhance your chances of success and make informed decisions that can lead to growth and profitability in your Amazon business. 


Happy Students & Counting

Build a profitable brand on Amazon  

Proft big on Amazon by joining Platinum and get Freedom Ticket at no extra charge! 

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The Details

Win On Amazon with the Freedom Ticket FBA Training Course

Helium 10’s new and improved Freedom Ticket FBA training course has arrived! Embark on your seller journey with confidence by leveraging proven tactics from the world’s most revered e-commerce experts. Hosted by billion-dollar seller Kevin King and featuring over 20 of the top names in e-commerce, this comprehensive training program will equip you with all the tips, tricks, and tactics you need to win on Amazon and beyond.   

Broken up into 9 video modules, the new Freedom Ticket offers an extensive curriculum, covering everything from foundational Amazon selling principles to advanced strategies for sourcing, branding, and financial management. Plus, enjoy 10+ bonus modules guest-hosted by some of the top names in e-commerce.   

Whether you are starting fresh or looking to scale, Freedom Ticket is your blueprint for turning e-commerce aspirations into lasting financial freedom! 

Build your E-commerce Brand with Freedom Ticket 

  • Build your own winning brand on Amazon with 9 video modules designed to teach you the essentials you need to unlock lasting success.
  • Launch profitable new products with confidence by leveraging the product research, sourcing, and launching strategies Amazon experts swear by.
  • Simplify your Amazon Marketplace experience by learning how to set up your business, manage your insurance, streamline your accounting, and navigate Seller Central.
  • Discover the advanced branding strategies, PPC tactics, and market analysis insights you need to excel with 10+ bonus modules featuring renowned subject experts.
  • Normally $997, access to Freedom Ticket is included at no extra charge to all Helium 10 Platinum and above members!