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How to Find Listings with Under Optimized Images – Amazon Image Search | Black Box

An advantage of using Black Box over other product research tools is searching for opportunities with more data points, including an Amazon image search.

Spy on Competitor Amazon Ads and Discover Keywords with Cerebro

Cerebro says what keywords your competitors are targeting in their sponsored ad and Amazon PPC strategy campaigns. Spy on competitor Amazon ads today!

How to Create a 2 Step Super URL FAST with Helium 10

Learn how to quickly create a 2 Step URL (or Super URL) using Helium 10 as part of the CPR method to establish direct links to your products!

Download Amazon Reviews in a Flash with Review Downloader!

Review Downloader by Helium 10 allows sellers to download Amazon reviews quickly from competitor listings and spend more time creating a better product.

Use the Powerful Amazon Keyword Tool Combo Cerebro and Frankenstein for Creating Effective Lists

Sellers can create a more precise list of search terms using the Amazon keyword tool combo of Cerebro and Frankenstein from Helium 10. Export juicy keywords from Cerebro to Frankenstein to create powerfully targeted keyword lists that will calibrate your search terms for relevant matches.

Find High-Volume Keywords With Magnet 2’s Exact Phrase Search Volume Filter

The Amazon keyword search volume for a listing can be significantly tightened by the “exact phrase search volume” filter in Magnet 2.0.Using the “exact phrase search volume” reduces the keyword pile to a more reasonable list that contains only the terms that are unique to each seller.

Amazon Keyword Metrics: Sort Keywords Efficiently in Magnet

Using column headers in Magnet 2.0 can help sellers sort through Amazon keyword metrics more effectively. While each feature within the Magnet 2.0 software is unique in how it helps in product research, the column headers sift through the information to present it in a way that's more tangible.

Amazon Advanced Search: Exclude Irrelevant Phrases in Magnet

An Amazon advanced search for keywords in Magnet 2.0 using the “EXCLUDE PHRASES THAT CONTAIN” filter lets you remove unwanted phrases from your results for more desirable keywords.

Related Keywords Search made MORE Efficient with Magnet 2.0 “Show Phrases That Contain” Filter

Finding related keywords for Amazon’s products is made that much easier using the “show phrases that contain” filter in Magnet 2.0.

Dominate Amazon Keywords with Magnet’s Word Count Filter

With Magnet’s word count filter, your product research becomes much more manageable and efficient. So, you get the best Amazon keywords results for your product listings to succeed in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.