Find Better Amazon Keywords With Magnet IQ Score

The Magnet IQ Score filter helps sellers find strong Amazon keywords that have high search volumes with low competition for better ranking results.

The new Magnet 2.0 has gotten a facelift in its ability to help sellers find the best Amazon keywords to target. Magnet now includes more intuitive filters to help users be more exact in their keyword research such as the Magnet IQ Score filter.

Check out how to use the Magnet IQ Score filter below:

Magnet IQ Score provides a rating for relevant keywords that show up as results in Magnet.

amazon keyword research

The Magnet IQ Score rating is determined by calculating the Exact Phrase Search Volume of Amazon keywords displayed and the number of Competing Products that are also targeting each keyword.

Helium 10 Magnet

NOTE: The higher the Magnet IQ Score number, the stronger the keyword to target. Keywords with higher numbers have high search volume relative to low competition from similar products.

magnet IQ score

However, sellers should not solely rely on Magnet IQ Score numbers alone when choosing Amazon keywords to target. Many of the keywords or phrases with high IQ scores can also have brand names embedded within them and are not useful to anyone but that company.

If you notice many of your Amazon keywords are coming back with brand names attached to them, adjust your filters to show the higher Exact Phrase Search Volume keyword results first to weed out branded keywords.

amazon keyword research

Additionally, if you are selling in other marketplaces that are not in English, you may be able to discover low-hanging fruit keywords in other languages. In the example below, a keyword phrase in Spanish has a high search volume, presenting a new opportunity for sellers in Spanish-speaking marketplaces.

magnet IQ score

How are you using the new Magnet 2.0 by Helium 10 to find your ideal Amazon keywords? Let us know in the comments below!

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