Freedom Ticket Is Your Roadmap to E-Commerce Success

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new and improved Freedom Ticket course! Our award-winning, best-in-class FBA course has been streamlined and updated, so it delivers even more value in less time—setting up Freedom Ticket students just like you for sustainable Amazon success in 2024 and beyond. 

After all, in the increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape you need every advantage you can get. As Amazon continues to levy more fees and the FBA market becomes even more saturated, it’s never been more crucial to learn proven strategies and tactics from industry-leading experts—who in many cases pioneered those very same best practices themselves—to be successful or even remain solvent. 

That’s why Freedom Ticket offers 9 comprehensive and actionable modules, taught by seasoned leaders in the e-commerce space—like billion-dollar seller Kevin King—and delivered in a convenient on-demand format. It’s the perfect foundation for building a successful e-commerce business, and we’re privileged to have a strong network of alumni who’ve achieved extraordinary things on Amazon and elsewhere with the skills they learned in Freedom Ticket. 

And best of all—the Freedom Ticket is included in most Helium 10 plans! A $997 value, you can access this market-leading, award-winning FBA course through your qualifying plan without spending a single additional cent. It’s the best bargain in the e-commerce world today, making the decision to take the course even easier. 

I paid $4,000 for a course like this without knowing Helium 10 offers it. Thank you, Kevin!

Nearelys R.,

Learn Best Practices That Drive Real-World Results

Whether you’re an independent seller or an established brand or agency, chances are you’re very busy and don’t have much free time to spare. That’s why Freedom Ticket gets straight to the point—cutting out the fluff that so many other FBA courses have—and only teaches you exactly what you need to know. 

Focusing on topics that have the greatest impact on e-commerce success, the Freedom Ticket offers 9 practical and actionable modules, including: 

  1. Introduction to Amazon Selling 
  2. Business Setup and Branding 
  3. Product Research and Sourcing 
  4. Financial Fundamentals 
  5. Listing Optimization and SEO 
  6. Advertising and Launch Strategies 
  7. Supply Chain and Logistics 
  8. Compliance and Risk Management 
  9. Continuous Learning and Adaptation 

From beginning your Amazon selling journey—understanding how the Amazon marketplace works, learning how to set up your FBA business and select the right products to sell through it, etc.—to scaling, optimizing, and even ultimately selling your Amazon business, Freedom Ticket covers the entire lifecycle of building and running a successful business on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.  

Full of practical tips, illuminating case studies, and engaging interviews, Freedom Ticket distills the hard-won experience of more than 20 globally recognized e-commerce experts— including Kevin King, a billion-dollar seller and one of the original co-creators of Freedom Ticket! 

This is your opportunity to learn e-commerce strategies that drive real-world results—from spiking sales and slashing costs to moving the growth needle on your Amazon business year after year—directly from the world’s most accomplished e-commerce sellers and experts themselves.

Through learning, I went from selling $30,000 per month to $110,000 per month now. Thank you.

Robin X.,

Secure Long-Term Success with Bonus Modules & Our Seller Connect Forum

In addition to the standard 9 high-impact modules, Freedom Ticket also offers 10+ bonus modules that offer advanced training. The e-commerce industry, after all, is incredibly dynamic—new platforms, search algorithm updates, policy changes, and more emerge all the time—so it’s critical to stay abreast of these developments.  

That’s why Freedom Ticket’s bonus modules cover a broad range of e-commerce tactics, trends, and tips, including how to leverage promotions and deals on Amazon, design attractive package inserts, successfully work with agencies, write effective SOPs, analyze PPC and brand reports, and launch newsletters that actually convert your audience.  

One of the most popular Freedom Ticket bonus modules teaches students how to sell on TikTop Shop, covering the opportunities available to individual sellers, large organizations, brands, and agencies, as well as prescribing proven best practices for succeeding on this exciting new e-commerce platform. 

Don’t forget to sign up for Helium 10’s Seller Connect Forum as well, where you can connect to, learn from, and partner with top-tier sellers, brands, and agencies across the world. It’s a powerful and profitable network right at your fingertips—the kind that usually takes years of hard work and false starts to build on your own.  

It’s also a key ingredient in sustaining long-term e-commerce success, because you’ll inevitably encounter Amazon policy updates you don’t understand, industry shifts you struggle to adjust to, or other challenges you simply can’t overcome on your own. You’ll need to tap into that network to get to the summit of Amazon success—and to hold your spot there. Our Seller Connect Forum introduces you to the right people who can help you achieve that dream.

Most in-depth info out there. No fluff, just information. Perfect!

Elaine O.,

Get an Unfair Competitive Advantage

While selling on Amazon isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it is an incredibly promising opportunity for individual sellers and big brands alike to turn a strong and steady profit. You just need the right roadmap to show the way—and Freedom Ticket is that roadmap. It’s the solid foundation on which you build your Amazon business. It’s the cornerstone of your e-commerce success. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Trusted by 200,000 sellers and counting, discover why Freedom Ticket is the premier FBA course on the market today by trying it out yourself. You’ll soon learn why it’s the best investment you can make in your e-commerce business—and the first step on your journey toward lasting Amazon success.

It’s worth watching every second of every video. Great job!

Mohamed A.,


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