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The Best Amazon Profitability Calculator

The Amazon Profitability Calculator is a new tool in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension that lets you see how profitable a product would be at a glance.

How to Easily Measure Competitor Review Velocity on Amazon

Competitor review velocity measure when a product gets new reviews, and Xray has added a column that shows the change in review count in the last 30 days.

Xray: The Ultimate Sneak-Peak Amazon Product Research Tool

Xray is Helium 10's ultimate sneak-peek Amazon product research tool that reveals data estimates in sales volume, trends, and product selling viability.

Introducing Xray: The Comprehensive Amazon Product Research Tool For Sellers

Using an Amazon product research tool to find and analyze different products is an indispensable part of selling on Amazon. Recognizing the limitations of the software currently available in the market, Helium 10 created a new Amazon product research tool that takes data mining to a whole new level. Xray.

How to Predict Product Trends

To predict product trends on Amazon takes more than observing hot fads--you must see trends before they happen as well as opportunities to create trends.