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Episode 5 – Game-Changing Amazon Listing Techniques for Keyword Research with Tomer

Learn how to do effective Amazon keyword research and find relevant keywords using your competitor’s successful keyword strategy.

New Features for Better Keyword Research & Sponsored Ads Targeting

The data provided to users as well as the interfaces of Cerebro and Black Box have been updated to provide more meaningful information front and center.

Keyword Product Launches in Q4 2018: What’s Changed?

Bradley Sutton provides the most up-to-date info based on 62 different keyword product launches that he did from October 2018 to December 2018.

Did Changes to Amazon Keywords Affect Product Launches?

From August to October 2018, things started getting strange in the realm of performing product launches based on keywords.   Up until August, you could give me any com

Keyword Search Volume & Relevance is DEAD: Should Sellers Worry?

Amazon has shut down its endpoint that has provided keyword search volume and relevance data for some time. What does this mean for Amazon sellers?

7 Considerations for Better Amazon Keyword Research

If you are launching a new product on Amazon, performing thorough Amazon keyword research is essential to attracting buyers to your product listing.

Compare Competitor Keywords for More Accurate Results

Cerebro by Helium 10 has improved to make your keyword research efforts much easier by adding the option to compare competitor keywords to your own ASIN!

How Crucial is Amazon Search Data for Acquiring Better Keywords?

Many keyword tools will not tell you where their Amazon search data is coming from, and they all pump out different search volume numbers—so who's right?

Skyrocket Your Amazon Conversion Rate with Targeted Keywords

Improving your Amazon conversion rate for products can be daunting, but an easy way to get more sales is finding and targeting the right keywords.

Spy on Competitor Amazon Ads and Discover Keywords with Cerebro

Cerebro says what keywords your competitors are targeting in their sponsored ad and Amazon PPC strategy campaigns. Spy on competitor Amazon ads today!