How to Identify Which Keywords Top 3 Clicked Products Are Dominating On

When analyzing keyword data for product listings, it can be challenging to determine the best course of action. Sometimes, a keyword search will reveal that only a few products dominate all of the clicks, which can be seen as a potential threat or an opportunity for sellers.  

Some may choose to stay away from the keyword, while others may see it as an opportunity to outperform the current top products. It comes down to your unique interpretation and strategy as an Amazon seller, but with that said, if you are an advanced seller, you will want to be using the following strategy. 

Perhaps you are already using Brand Analytics inside of Seller Central to discover the same information but find it tedious. Did you know you can see ABA Total Click Share and ABA Conversion Share inside Cerebro

Let’s say you have entered a Multi-ASIN search. Once you have filtered down your results to the relevant keywords inside of Cerebro, you will want to take a look at ABA Total Click Share and ABA Conversion Share columns located next to the keywords. 

For the sake of this example, we are taking a look at a few competing ASINs alongside our Manny’s Mysterious Oddities coffin shelf. If you would like to customize the information visible, please click the gear icons in the right-top-hand corner.  

Seeing which of the keywords the top three click products are dominating on is as simple as identifying keywords with a 100% underneath ABA Total Click Share. 

coffin shelf keywords

Take Coffin Shelves for instance in the above screenshot, it has one hundred percent total click share of the top three products meaning the top three ASINs share all of the clicks.  

If I were curious about the details, I could expand this by clicking the graph icon to see some details on this. 

Amazon brand analytics

Graphed to the left is our Top 3 ASINs Overview. The Top 3 Click Share, Conversion Share, and Search Frequency Rank are charted and provided with historical context.  

And using the right-hand paneling based on the time range we selected, we can see that the top product actually took 66.7% of the sales for the search term coffin shelves and the secondary captured 33.3% during July of 2022.  

Top Clicked ASINs

So to reiterate, this can be helpful. If you see two or three products just dominating when it comes to clicks, you might see it as “You know what? I’m going to stay away from this keyword because these products are crushing it!” Or take the opposite lens and interpret it as an opportunity for you to become the secondary or third product to share clicks if I create a fully optimized listing. Be sure to check out these columns inside of Cerebro for a look into your own product markets. 

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