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Episode 21 – Breaking Amazon News + Ways To Protect Yourself From Fraud On Amazon

In this Serious Sellers Podcast episode, hear breaking Amazon news including potential fraud on Amazon and ways to spot Amazon hijackers.

You’re Not Alone… How to Leverage The Collective Knowledge of Amazon Seller Forums

Amazon FBA sellers can learn about the various helpful online Amazon communities and find a forum that can help them grow and prosper.

Prosper Show 2019: Helium 10 Recap and Takeaways

The Helium 10 team encounters a pleasant surprise at the Prosper Show 2019 in Las Vegas: a plethora of Helium 10 fans and more!

Promote Your Product Via Livestream Video with Amazon Live Creator

Amazon sellers now have a new tool in their arsenal for reaching customers and promoting their products much more effectively: Amazon Live Creator!

How to Provide Good Amazon TOS Compliant Customer Service

With the gap to communicate with customers narrowing, how do sellers keep in contact with them while remaining compliant with Amazon Terms of Service?

6 Steps To Getting Started Selling On Amazon

It’s not uncommon for new Amazon sellers to feel incredibly lost when they first start. This is why we made this easy-to-follow guide to getting up & running.

Helium 10 Pricing & Membership Plan Options – How They Work

Helium 10 pricing has been optimized to offer our users more awesome features than ever before with five comprehensive plan types to choose from!

Stay AHEAD of the Ever-Changing Amazon Curve with Serious Sellers Podcast

Armed with trustworthy strategies & advice that actually works in today’s rapidly changing Amazon environment, the goal of our podcast is to help sellers better understand what’s happening

Valuable Amazon Product Research Tips for Better Selections

By establishing the right criteria early on in your Amazon product research process you can produce profitable products in just about any niche. Learn how!

How to Get Better Sales with Amazon Product Targeting Ads

Helium 10 can help you improve sales by finding the best keywords and ASINs to target when using category and product targeting in Amazon ads.