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The Status of Amazon Product Launches: Are They Valid?

There's much confusion & disinformation going around the Amazon seller community regarding product launches; Helium 10 aims to clear it up for new sellers.

Are You Violating the TOS to Get Amazon Reviews?

While getting Amazon reviews for your product listing is excellent, HOW you get them may get you in major trouble with Amazon.

Is Amazon SEO More Important for Sellers Than Google SEO?

With customers are using Amazon more than any other source on the Internet to search for products, should Amazon SEO take precedence over that of Google?

How to Create a Powerful Amazon Target Market Customer Avatar

Once you’ve chosen a product to sell on Amazon, your next major challenge will be identifying the right Amazon target market by creating a customer avatar.

How to Find Massive Growth Opportunities in Amazon Seller Reports

Growing on Amazon is a challenge for every seller – but there could be growth opportunities right in front of your eyes via Amazon seller reports.

Amazon Keyword Indexing: Are You Missing Out on Product Ranking?

Amazon's search results controversy has called Amazon keyword indexing into question and how it can affect the discoverability of your product to customers.

Amazon Search Terms Controversy: Should You Be Worried?

The Amazon search terms algorithm has become an “Amazon search shuffle,” providing sellers with different data across different locations and browsers.

BIG Amazon News: Black Friday 2018 Deadline & Amazing FBA Deal!

Amazon made some big announcements about Black Friday 2018, Cyber Monday 2018, and a special promotional Amazon FBA deal for new products for the holidays.

Product Differentiation and the Pitfall of Viral Products

Selling trendy viral products can sound like a great opportunity for quick sales, but the lack of product differentiation can be majorly disadvantageous.

Compare Competitor Keywords for More Accurate Results

Cerebro by Helium 10 has improved to make your keyword research efforts much easier by adding the option to compare competitor keywords to your own ASIN!