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Top 6 Platforms for Multi-Channel E-commerce Growth

Increase your brand’s exposure to a wider audience by selling your Amazon products on these platforms as part of your multi-channel e-commerce strategy.

How to Protect Your Amazon Inventory from Coupon Scammers

Scammers may attempt to “coupon stack” during your product launch phase, but Helium 10's Inventory Protector can keep your Amazon inventory is safe.

How Crucial is Amazon Search Data for Acquiring Better Keywords?

Many keyword tools will not tell you where their Amazon search data is coming from, and they all pump out different search volume numbers—so who's right?

4 Steps to Find the Best Amazon Supplier for Your Private Label Business

You’ve selected a private label product niche, and now it’s time to find the best Amazon supplier that suits your business’ needs. Here is our simple 4-step process to match manufacturers to the requirements of your products.

Make More Money & Get Top Ranking with Chatbot Facebook Marketing

Using the CPR Method, Amazon seller Marc Staller has created an effective strategy for distributing coupon codes with the flexibility of Facebook marketing.

How to Track an Amazon Coupon Code After a Product Launch

Marketing expert John Hoff demonstrates how to track a Amazon coupon code you created for your listing for an idea of how effective your product launch was.

Skyrocket Your Amazon Conversion Rate with Targeted Keywords

Improving your Amazon conversion rate for products can be daunting, but an easy way to get more sales is finding and targeting the right keywords.

How To Create Amazon Facebook Ads for Killer Product Launches

You can create powerful Amazon Facebook ads for your products and increase your coversion rate significantly by coupling them with the Helium 10 CPR Method.

US Supreme Court Ruling on Sales Tax: Could Your Amazon Prices Increase?

It’s unclear how Amazon will approach this new legal issue. However, as an Amazon seller, your sales tax liability might be complicated as the dust settles.

How to Increase Amazon Sales with Helium 10 + New Dashboard!

We've made our dashboard more user-friendly and intuitive! Also, find out how Helium 10 tools work together to increase Amazon sales & launch products!