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The List: Comprehensive List of Podcasts for Amazon Sellers

Our Top Picks

The List

This is the ultimate, complete, comprehensive list of podcasts for Amazon sellers, in no particular order. Pace yourself – there are many (23 and counting)!

The Amazing Seller Podcast

Host: Scott Voelker

About: Possibly the most well known voice in the space, Scott covers all topics FBA.

Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast

Host: Kate Valentine

About: Fascinating interviews with current and former Amazon employees are full of insights into exactly how Amazon operates. A Prestozon favorite.

EOFire (Entrepreneur on Fire)

Host: John Lee Dumas

About: Prolific podcast covering everything about entrepreneurship. EOF lays everything out on the table so you can learn exactly how they run their successful business

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

Silent Jim Podcast

Host: Jim Cockrum

About: One part of the Silent Sales Machine community where you can learn everything about online sales.

AM/PM Podcast

Host: Manny Coates

About: Discussions on tips and tricks of the trade with the founder of Helium 10

The Ask Jordan Podcast

Host: Jordan Malik

About: Stay clean with Jordan’s guidance on honest online selling

The Private Label Podcast

Host: Kevin Rizer

About: A gold mine of advice to bring you private label business to the next level

My Wife Quit Her Job

Host: Steve Chou

About: Focuses on successful entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their businesses started their own ventures.

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

eCommerce Momentum with Stephen Peterson

Host: Stephen Peterson

About: Personal interviews with successful eCommerce sellers

FBA All-Stars

Host: Matt Ward

About: Bite sized rants from Matt to help you learn from his journey

The Private Labeler Show

Host: Nick Landowski

About: Get inspired by the freedom Nick has gained from selling on Amazon. Also has a long list of helpful tools for FBA sellers.

Smart Passive Income

Host: Pat Flynn

About: Want to work less and earn more? Be smart about it and listen to this podcast

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

Freedom Fast Lane

Host: Ryan Moran

About: Watch Ryan’s engaging videos to learn how to earn your freedom and give back to the world

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

eCommerce Fuel

Host: Andrew Youderian

About: eCommerce Fuel’s logo is a rocket ship shopping cart. That should tell you all you need to know.

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Host: Robyn Johnson

About: Robyn walks you through how to make a living selling on Amazon and Ebay

The Archives

These podcasts haven’t been updated in a while but have some gold nuggets if you’re willing to dig

The Smart Online Seller Podcast

Host: Justin Balk

Daily Spark Entrepreneur

Host: Muoyo Okome

About: An archive of interviews with successful entreprenurs

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

Growth Everywhere

About: [out of date] High powered interviews with online growth experts

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

Online Sales Mentor Podcast

*Not 100% Exclusive to FBA

FBA Podcast

Host: Ryan Parsons

The End

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments or email us at [email protected]

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