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Introducing Sponsored Display

Today Amazon launched Sponsored Display, a new self-service ad product that allows advertisers to target audiences on and off Amazon. 

This is especially interesting as sellers and vendors will be able to retarget customers off-Amazon without using Amazon DSP. Compared to DSP, Sponsored Display is far simpler, fully self service, and has no budget minimum while sharing the same ad inventory which makes it a fantastic addition to any comprehensive advertising strategy, regardless of the size of the account.

We’re happy to announce that we’re beginning to roll out Sponsored Display support on Prestozon.

Availability of SD metrics in Analytics will be the first feature to roll out, with functionality throughout Prestozon following. We suggest starting some SD campaigns today to begin understanding how they perform for your account.

We’re excited about the future of this new product and will stay at the cutting edge of strategy and feature support for it.

Learn more about Sponsored Display here.

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