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4 Steps to Find the Best Amazon Supplier for Your Private Label Business

You’ve selected a private label product niche, and now it’s time to find the best Amazon supplier that suits your business’ needs. Here is our simple 4-step process to match manufacturers to the requirements of your products.

Download Amazon Reviews in a Flash with Review Downloader!

Review Downloader by Helium 10 allows sellers to download Amazon reviews quickly from competitor listings and spend more time creating a better product.

Private Label Repricing: A Need or a Not for Your Amazon Business?

When competition is stiff between you and other private label sellers within the same niche on Amazon, keeping your prices in the Goldilocks zone for optimal sales can be difficult, unless you have a repricing solution in place to ensure that your listing is always the most appealing among many.

Top 4 Types of Private Label Products to Sell on Amazon

Finding the best private label products to sell on Amazon isn't always the easiest task. To help you decide the best kind of item to sell for your situation, here are the top four types of things you can begin selling depending on how much capital you have to invest in inventory.

Find Private Label Product Ideas with THESE Market Research Methods

To find better private label product ideas, employing Pinterest, Etsy, Kickstarter, subscription boxes, and life hack blogs as resources can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to cross-reference product listings or check the demand for items.

Black Box: New Product Research Tool by Helium 10 is Now Available!

The Black Box tool from Helium 10 is an incredibly fast and efficient means of finding product ideas based on a high number of factors determined by you. The multi-tiered factors reveal only the best products that match YOUR selling goals and product preferences.

How to Use Life Hack Blogs to Find Private Label Product Ideas

To wrap up our Goldmine series on social platforms from which to find private label product ideas, life hack blogs can provide a plethora of unique and useful product ideas that can take an unconventional use of products and transform them into solution-based products with clear intention.

How to Use Subscription Boxes to Find Private Label Product Ideas

To continue our Goldmine private label idea discovery series, we discuss the hidden potential of searching subscription boxes and similar services to find inspiration for private label products to add to your Amazon business.

How to Use Kickstarter to Find Private Label Product Ideas

Many people may be familiar with Kickstarter, but many sellers may not realize how much of a goldmine it is for discovering inspiration for new private label product ideas. Where can you find the same image-centered, categorized platform that is as broad as Pinterest and can offer sub-niches like Etsy?

How to Use Etsy to Find Private Label Product Ideas

As we continue our Goldmine series on where to find new private label product ideas, another lucrative place to mine for private label products is Etsy. This platform is a place where artists, craftspeople, hobby-sellers, stay-at-home moms, and other microbusiness people sell their unique products.