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Helium 10 Tools Overview
Helium 10’s all-in-one Amazon seller tool suite is a conversation between us, e-commerce enthusiasts, and you—the entrepreneurial Amazon seller. Our daily grind revolves around solving your problems. Gain serious advantages for every step of the selling process.

Improve Your Product Research With:
Amazon seller tools blackbox

Black Box

Haven’t decided what product to sell on Amazon yet? With over 450 Million ASINs, Black Box is our extensive product research tool that yields advanced product results in just seconds. Black Box could help you find a top-selling product you never would have thought of.

Amazon seller tools x-ray


Use Xray after narrowing down your product niche to reveal crucial and highly-accurate market data such as estimated monthly revenue. Let Xray help you validate your product selection, make informed decisions, save time, and make more money.

Amazon seller tools review-downloader

Review Downloader

Review Downloader allows you to uncover valuable customer insights to help you create products that are better than your competition’s. Filter hundreds of reviews in seconds, saving hours of manual work.

Amazon seller tools inventory-levels

Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels allows sellers to see how much inventory other sellers have in stock and to capitalize on competitor’s low inventory levels.

Amazon seller tools trendster


Trendster allows you to quickly analyze products to determine sales strategies based on seasonality and to better plan for revenue fluctuations and cash flow decisions.

Amazon seller tools profitability-calculator

Profitability Calculator

Profitability Calculator allows sellers to make essential pricing decisions by uncovering vital net profit or loss results based on cost factors in your Amazon business.

Take Your Keyword Research To The Next Level With:
Amazon seller tools magnet


Magnet boasts the largest database of actionable Amazon-related keywords on the market, and unlike most keyword tools, includes search data you can trust. It is a keyword aggregator that will help you find optimal keywords that rank well for your product listings.

Amazon seller tools cerebro


Cerebro is our powerful reverse ASIN lookup tool that uncovers your competitors’ keyword strategy for both organic and paid searches. Use it to see the estimated search volume for these keywords.

Listing Optimization Made Easy With:
Amazon seller tools scribbles


Streamline and simplify your product listing creation process with Scribbles. This tool helps you optimize your listings’ content so that your products are primed to attract more customers – and sales.

Amazon seller tools frankenstein


Frankenstein is a powerful keyword processor that allows you to take thousands of keywords and process them into cash-generating keyword lists in a matter of seconds.

Amazon seller tools index-checker

Index Checker

Index Checker allows you to quickly verify that the best keywords to your listings’ frontend and backend are indexed (seen by Amazon), ensuring your listings’ complete optimization.

Amazon seller tools keyword-tracker

Keyword Tracker

Knowing which keywords are ranking well and driving traffic to your listing is critical to success. Keyword Tracker allows you to optimize keywords and visualize how changes affect your product listing ranking for your chosen keywords.

Simplify Your Ongoing Maintenance With:
Amazon seller tools profits


Easily reference your sales trends day to day, week to week and year over year with Profits’ user-friendly dashboard so you always know where your business stands. Profits’ dashboard is customizable to fit your business’ needs.

Amazon seller tools alerts


Alerts prevents fraud and other unintended listing changes by monitoring your chosen ASINs 24/7. If a change is detected, an email or text message is sent to alert you of the change so you can act right away.

Amazon seller tools inventory-protector

Inventory Protector

The easy-to-use Inventory Protector tool enables you to limit the number of units of an item that buyers can purchase at one time, protecting you against lost sales from clever coupon stackers who may clean out your inventory.

Amazon seller tools refund-genie

Refund Genie

Refund Genie locates your non-reimbursed lost or damaged inventory that must be reimbursed by Amazon. Detailed reports are quickly generated so you can easily submit them to Amazon to promptly collect what you are owed and recoup your losses.

Amazon seller tools follow-up


Follow-Up is a customizable email autoresponder that automates your customer service process. Communicate with your customers based on delivery triggers to ask for valuable feedback, reviews, and more.

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