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Helium 10 Scribbles

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Amazon Product Ranking Tool (Scribbles)

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Benefits of Scribbles

Live keyword usage tracking for your product listing

  • Character counts, word counts, and byte limits for every content area
  • Organize, sort, and track relevant and high-demand keywords in your listing
  • The ability to edit back-end search terms
  • Retrieve previous listing drafts and import listings from your Amazon account
Benefits of Scribbles

Helium 10’s Full Suite Pricing

A plan for every seller’s experience level

Thought Leadership, Tips, and Tricks

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Amazon uses a wide range of factors to determine the order of product listings in their search results, such as: how optimized a listing is around a given search term, how complete the listing is filled out, the number and star ratings of reviews, seller engagement, historical sales information of selling a product, competitive pricing, etc.)

A9 is a set of algorithms that Amazon uses to analyze product listings based on a variety of factors, and shows them in Amazon’s search results for various search terms based on relevance, popularity, and historical information such as sales. Different Amazon ranking tools like Scribbles help sellers adjust their product listings to better cater to the A9 search algorithm to increase traffic.

In terms of keyword rankings, the ideal ranking for a product is in the top 10, but anywhere on the first page and near the top of the page will have more visibility than page 2 and beyond.

To climb the rankings on Amazon, you must optimize your listing around a set of highly relevant keywords (using a tool like Scribbles), and a number of other items like gathering reviews (Follow-Up), competitive pricing (Black Box & Profitability Calculator in our Chrome Extension), & more. Our full suite of tools will help you improve your rankings and maximize profitability.

It can take up to 12 hours to appear in Amazon’s search results. Amazon is constantly A/B testing ranking positions and updating their search results, and your product also has to perform well on a number of metrics to rank on page 1. If you’d like to check whether or not your listing has been indexed by Amazon, you can use Index Checker to do so.

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The Details

What to Look For in an Amazon Product Ranking Tool

Sellers should look for an Amazon product ranking tool that helps them take a long list of keywords and sort them into appropriate sections of their listing. Keywords will ideally be organized in a way that allows sellers to identify which phrases they have used in their listing and which ones may need to be inserted. Amazon ranking tools like Scribbles help sellers craft keyword-rich sales copy that is still specifically relevant to their product. Helium 10’s Scribbles, for example, color codes sellers’ keyword list based on estimated search volume and usage within their listing draft.