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Amazon Seller Competitor Analysis Tool (MT 360)

Integrated with Helium 10 to enable sellers to optimize product listings to drive more sales

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Benefits of Market Tracker 360

Access the most accurate insights and take action with the Helium 10 suite to grow your business and outperform your competitors.

  • Understand your current market share and how to increase it
  • Improve product performance by understanding your market’s trends and top competitors
  • Gather insights about niche markets to identify new business opportunities

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Market Tracker 360 is a digital shelf analytics tool. Market Tracker 360 helps sellers understand their market, share of market compared to competitors and new trending products.

  • Accuracy: Market Tracker 360 is actively leveraging the world’s largest Amazon database, allowing Helium 10 to produce unparalleled accuracy, depth and precision in performance tracking and analysis.
  • Market Creation Preferences: Market Tracker 360 offers a customized, buildable approach to market tracking by leveraging keywords, ASINs or a combination of the two to define a market. This approach is unique to Helium 10 and allows sellers to understand their competition regardless of a product’s browse tree classification.
  • Dynamic Tracking: The ability to dynamically update markets empowers sellers to never get caught off guard by a trendy product entering their competitive landscape. Dynamic market tracking automatically adds new, relevant products to markets.
  • Helium 10 Integration: Market Tracker 360 is integrated with Helium 10’s best-in-class search capabilities to enable the optimization of product listings and advertising to help sellers drive more sales.

Market Tracker 360 is a valuable resource for ecommerce sellers that can leverage market share and competitor insights to drive change in their business.

An Amazon sales estimator works by leveraging various data points (e.g. keyword rankings, estimated sales data) to estimate how much market share your product listing has for a set of keywords, and shows you where you stack up against the competition. Our analytics give sellers the data they need to make the best decisions for their business moving forward.

To use an Amazon sales estimator, you simply link your store to the platform and create a “Market.” Select your regional market place. You can add up to 15 ASINs to define your market. From there a reverse search is performed to generate the most popular keywords giving you a better picture of how your ASINs stack up against the competition.

Amazon sellers need to look at trends because it allows you to forecast against your competition, identify areas for improvement, and identify whether or not a product is worth continuing to sell. Market Tracker 360 offers sellers exclusive access to the largest, most accurate and up-to-date data pool consisting of small to medium sized brands and large vendors, giving you the most comprehensive view of selling trends.

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The Details

Understanding the Need for an Amazon Sales Estimator Tool

Having access to a sales estimator tool like Market Tracker 360 allows sellers to stay up to date on the landscape of their market giving them the data and insights they need to make the best decisions for their business.

It’s akin to being a surfer and knowing when the next great wave may be on its way.

Performing an Amazon price trend analysis with Helium 10’s Trendster gives you critical
product opportunity information including:

  • Selling trends to see how other sellers and keywords are performing within a specific
  • Profitable insights to help you forecast brand growth, consumer demand and how
    seasonality has impacted the space.
  • Competitor analytics to help you track competing brands, giving you an opportunity to
    improve your own selling strategies.

Beat the competitive Amazon landscape and boost your digital shelf with the world’s leading
ecommerce analytics solution.