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Most Amazon sales estimators are simplistic in nature. They work by taking your Best Sellers Rank (BSR), the country for your Amazon Marketplace, and the product category you’re operating in, which will then be used to calculate your estimated number of sales per month.

Most Amazon sales estimators are very rudimentary in their functionality, and are therefore not entirely reliable. You must reference a tool like Helium 10’s Xray to gain a more accurate picture.

Within Helium 10’s free Chrome Extension, you can click on the “Xray” tab to view the number of estimated units sold, the sales trend graph, revenue, FBA fees, number of active sellers, and more so that you may calculate whether or not you should consider selling it.

People need an Amazon sales estimator to get a rough estimate of what the potential sales volume is for a given product.

Helium 10’s free amazon sales estimator within our Chrome Extension is a quick and easy way to check what the projected number of units and net revenue for a given product is each month.

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The Details

How to Use the Amazon Sales Estimator

The user will input the BSR, the marketplace (whether it’s the US Amazon site or a different country), and the product category type which will then be used to calculate the estimated number of sales per month, along with estimated revenue per month. The user will receive 5 free attempts per day, or more if they sign up for an account.