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Black Box

Helium 10’s Amazon product research tool, Black Box, gives sellers the power to find virtually any kind of product they may want to sell based on the criteria set. As one of our most sought-after tools, this extremely efficient software can deliver results based on a number of factors that you specify to get back exactly what you are looking for. Save time and energy researching every niche in existence on Amazon to find your next perfect product to sell—use Black Box to get results in seconds!






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Magnet is one of the most powerful keyword aggregators in the marketplace, and many of the big Amazon sellers use it to find the optimal keywords for their product listings. You need not waste time going between different tools, hoping to get the best keywords available. Enter a seed keyword and in an instant, Magnet will pull in the best keywords.





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Cerebro is a tremendous help in discovering your competition’s keyword strategy and is one of our most popular tools. Enter in a product ASIN, and within seconds, you’ll receive hundreds, maybe thousands of keyword suggestions. You’ll also gain access to useful information that includes estimated search volume, the number of competing products, competitors who are advertising for particular terms, and our proprietary Cerebro IQ Score (paid membership only).




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Frankenstein is the most powerful Amazon keyword processor on the planet, allowing you to take thousands of keywords, and in mere seconds, process them into cash-generating keyword lists. By running de-duplication filters, removing unwanted characters and words, and sorting the keywords by popularity, you can easily process huge lists of keywords that are perfect for your product page or back-end keywords, helping you pull in massive traffic and sales.





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Scribbles lets sellers add the best keywords to their Amazon Seller Central frontend and backend to make sure their listings are totally optimized. Using optimal keywords will attract more traffic to product listings and inspire more sales. If selling across multiple categories, Scribbles allows sellers to modify text field lengths so they can utilize the tool regardless of the character limitations on a specific category. Never miss out on using any valuable keywords when writing fully optimized titles, bullet points, descriptions, and backend search term keywords for better sales results.




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Keyword Tracker

When selling on Amazon, knowing which keywords work and which do not is critical to success. Keyword Tracker allows sellers to keep track of the changes in their marketing and optimization efforts so they can visualize how each change affects how product listings rank for given keywords.





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index checker for amazon keywords

Index Checker

Index Checker allows sellers to figure out which of their backend and frontend keyword search terms are being indexed by Amazon and which ones are not. Some bad keywords might also cause good keywords to NOT rank at all. A few hours of work in a matter of seconds! To be more effective, enter in competitor ASINs and check what keywords they do and do not rank for. Here’s what Helium 10 founder Manny Coats had this to say: “Index Checker is a HUGE time saver! What can take you 4 hours to do manually can be done in 30 seconds with Index Checker.”


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It’s a rough market out there. We know how important it is for Amazon sellers to safeguard their brand, buy box status, and reputation from listing “hi-jackers”. Alerts prevents fraud by monitoring your chosen ASINs to ensure that no one else is selling your products or altering your listings by delivering alerts when it detects unauthorized changes and fraud.



09 HELIUM 10

Inventory Protector

Do you dread releasing coupons or other discounts for your products in fear of having one person clean your inventory out for far less money? Have you ever been the victim of a clever coupon stacker who took all of your stock for virtually nothing? Inventory Protector allows you to set limits on how many items can be purchased at a time by individuals so that you don’t lose out on sales and have your inventory sniped away from you.



10 HELIUM 10

Refund Genie

Refund Genie locates your lost or damaged inventory that must be reimbursed by Amazon. Detailed reports are quickly generated so you can promptly collect what you are owed and recoup your losses.





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Trendster allows you to quickly and easily analyze products you’re considering sourcing to determine their seasonality. You’ll be able to determine in a matter of seconds if the product will have steady sales year-around or if there are major demand fluctuations that could tie up your cash in slow-moving inventory.




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profits by helium 10


Are you’re not quite sure what your bottom line is at the end of the day? It’s exciting to see sales go up, but how much money are you really taking home? Profits is a financial tool that provides accurate analytics and accounts for ALL of your transactions within Amazon to measure your true profitability as a seller.






13 HELIUM 10


Xray – Amazon Product Research, inside the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, helps give Amazon sellers a birds-eye-view of a market as they browse through Amazon. Open up Xray on an Amazon search results page or product page, to validate potential product opportunities that you’re considering sourcing. Xray reveals crucial market data to help you make more informed decisions, save time and make more money.



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What The Users Say


One of the biggest mistakes new sellers make is when choosing a keyword research tool. Poor keyword research can absolutely destroy your chances at success on Amazon. Helium10 is best-in-class, so I recommend it to all of my students.

Ryan Rigney
Amazon FBA Marketing Secrets Community

"Make more money and are more profitable"

A good portion of our entire accounting client base have been long-time customers of Helium 10 and use it as a vital tool in their business' tech stack... and the numbers show for it. A quick glance at their books and you'll see that folks who not only buy, but really use the entire suite of tools, make more money AND are more profitable.

Jeremiah Kovacs
Amazon Accounting Specialist

In building a business, saving time and gathering accurate info are two of the most important keys to success. Helium10 continues to be a powerful asset in achieving both of those objectives for us.

Tim Jordan
Hickory Flats

Gotta love Helium10's Suite of products. My team & I constantly require accurate information so that we can fine tune our decision making on new products, research, monitoring and profitability. Before Helium10, I felt like I was duck hunting with a rack.

Norman Farrar

"My #1 Favorite Tool for Product & Keyword Research"

Helium 10 has the largest dataset of products and keywords making it my #1 favorite tool for Product & Keyword Research. Wait It gets better! They update and add new tools all the time! Have a problem? Suggest it and they will add it in or fix it if possible. I highly suggest you check out these awesome tools. Helium 10 has paid for itself over 10x. I have gotten over $16,000 back with Refund Genie.

Brock Johnson
Brock Johnson YouTube Channel

"It's my go to tool-set"

I've tried literally dozens of Amazon tools over the years, but I can count on one hand those that actually work, that I use each and every day, and that I'd be lost without.  Helium10 is one of those tools and has become an integral part of each of my Amazon businesses. Whether its tracking our keyword rankings to see how our products are doing, firing up Cerebro to gain crucial competitive intelligence on our competition, or using 5K Checker to make sure our listings are as optimized as possible, it's my go to tool-set for giving my businesses the competitive edge we need.

Mike McClary
Amazing Selling Machine