Black Box: New Product Research Tool by Helium 10 is Now Available!

Black Box – Product Research helps users to find their next ideal private label product to sell on Amazon.

Our very own Manny Coats announces the debut of Helium 10’s newest and coolest tool yet: Black Box!

In case you haven’t yet heard the news, Helium 10 is releasing its next heavy-hitting software tool that can help you find your next ideal product to sell on Amazon.

Check out this video demonstration of Black Box from Manny Coats:

One of the most frequently asked questions on Amazon sellers’ minds is “What are the best products to sell on Amazon?” Luckily for users of Helium 10, finding your next best-selling product doesn’t have to be a massive chore that takes you hours or longer to research.

The Black Box tool is an incredibly fast and efficient means of finding product ideas based on a high number of factors determined by you. These multi-tiered factors reveal only the best products that match YOUR selling goals and product preferences. Such efficiency cuts down on research time considerably.

What Factors Does Black Box Consider When Finding Products?

Helium 10 is committed to offering tools that help sellers reach their goals with efficiency using accurate data metrics. Black Box provides a collection of base filters to aid sellers in their product searches as well as some advanced filters to narrow the results even further.

Base Filters

  • Categories – Choose what types of products you want to see based on their classification in Amazon
  • Monthly Sales (Units) – Set a minimum and/or maximum number of units sold per month
  • Price – Set a minimum and/or maximum number of current prices set
  • Review Rating – Set a minimum and/or maximum star review amount
  • Shipping Size Tier – Choose the size of the product you are looking to sell (shoebox, oversized, etc.)
  • Fulfillment – Choose the logistical option from which the products you are looking for are delivered, such as FBA
  • Monthly Revenue – Set a minimum and/or maximum profit range
  • Review Count – Set a minimum and/or maximum number of total product reviews
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR) – Set a minimum and/or maximum ranking range
  • Number of Sellers – Set a minimum and/or maximum number of competitors offering the same product
  • Number of Images – Set a minimum and/or maximum number of images used in the product listing
  • Title Keyword Search – Designate specific keywords in the product titles

Advanced Filters

  • Sales Year Over Year (%) – Set a minimum and/or maximum in sales trends from year to year
  • Price Change (%) – Set a minimum and/or maximum of change in price
  • Sales Change (%) – Set a minimum and/or maximum of change in sales
  • Best Sales Period – Choose a time of year for best sales for the product
  • Sales to Reviews – Set a minimum and/or maximum of the ratio of sales for every review

Black Box also allows users to save their searches and revisit them later. Beyond clearing your filters, the tool provides three other buttons:

Save Project records the current filters assigned, and Load Project allows users access previously saved configurations.

Restore the Last Search resets the filters to the last configuration you used for a product search.

Helium 10 will be offering Black Box as a stand-alone purchase to new users. Additionally, paid Helium 10 members (Platinum, Diamond) will have access to Black Box at no additional cost.


If you have any questions about Black Box, please contact us.

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Are you excited for a fast, easy method for finding new private label product to sell on Amazon? Let us know in the comments!


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