Black Box – Amazon Product Finder & Product Research Tool

Helium 10’s Amazon product research & product finder tool, Black Box, gives sellers the power to find virtually any kind of product they may want to sell based on the criteria set. As one of our most sought-after tools, this extremely efficient software can deliver results based on a number of factors that you specify to get back exactly what you are looking for. Save time and energy researching every niche in existence on Amazon to find your next perfect product to sell—use Black Box to get results in seconds!

Amazon Product Finder & Product Research Tool





Are you looking for your next best-selling product, but don’t have all the time in the world to research products that you are interested in?
With Black Box, our new product finder and product research tool, you can set search filters to tailor your results to the best products for YOU to sell based on your desired niche and a plethora of factors.

While there are other tools out there that can help sellers find products, Black Box provides a more holistic approach to finding the right products for you to sell. We know that not every category nor every niche is right for every seller, and so we have crafted Black Box to facilitate more than just generalized “shoebox” products.

Are you looking to find out what products sell most on Amazon?

Our Amazon product research tool gives you the capability to search for private label product opportunities that fit with your established niche, budget, category preference, and more.

The Basic Filters allow you to search for new product opportunities in specific categories in additional to monthly sales estimates, pricing, sizing, and images.

The Advanced Filters allow users to search for new product ideas based on trends and other metrics that can occur over the course of the year.

Once you have chosen your search settings, hit Search to get lightning-fast results. Each product profile will reveal crucial information about the product that any seller will love to know, ranging from monthly sales to the number of competitors selling that product currently.

Additionally, once you find a product that piques your interest, you will be able to visit the listing page, which is quite powerful when coupled with the on-page capabilities of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

If you like to perform the same search time and time again without changing the filters, you can save your settings as a project and even give it a unique identifying title, so you can reference it later. To reuse the same settings, simply load your saved project to perform the search again.

Amazon Product Finder & Product Research Tool

How Black Box Can Help You Find the Best Product to Sell on Amazon:

01Discover Your Next Product in Seconds

02Find Product Opportunities Tailored to Your Specifications.

03Get Data-Driven Results Using a Multi-Factored Algorithm.

04Conduct All Your Research on One Platform.

05Access the Helium 10 Suite Easily to Build Your New Listing Right Away