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Free Amazon PPC Audit Tool

What will it take to reach your target ACoS?

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Amazon PPC Audit by Helium 10

What will it take to reach your target ACoS?

Tap into the power of Adtomic to get a fast, free evaluation of your PPC campaigns

Benefits of our Amazon PPC Audit Tool

Get a fast, free evaluation of your PPC campaigns

  • See how your current ACoS score ranks compared to your target ACoS goal
  • Receive an instant breakdown of your Amazon PPC campaign performance results
  • Analyze profit and loss, keywords, duplicate keywords, the highest/lowest ACoS search terms, and much more
  • Gain immediate insights into how you can improve your product ranking, making your product listing stand out

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Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a system created by Amazon so that your product shows up at the top of Amazon’s search results for a given search term the user types into Amazon. You can select the specific queries you’d like to show your listing on, and from there you’ll pay Amazon everytime a user clicks on your paid ad of your listing. You can set campaign budgets so that the amount spent each month does not exceed a certain dollar amount.

While Amazon PPC isn’t necessary to be successful on Amazon, it can certainly help boost sales (especially in the early stages of a product launch), which will in turn increase the number of reviews for the product and set you up for success on the organic side of things.

An Amazon PPC audit is a SWOT analysis tool used to interpret the performance of an Amazon PPC campaign. It can enable you to identify areas for improvement, as well as identify high performing campaigns that you should continue to allocate money towards.

Our Amazon PPC Audit includes an instant full audit report of the seller’s PPC campaigns including ACoS scores, Campaign Analysis, Search Term Analysis, Keyword Analysis and Duplication Analysis.

Using our free Amazon PPC audit tool, running an audit will take mere seconds, and the analysis of the output can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how much time you spend digging into the details.

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The Details

Why You Need an Amazon PPC Audit Tool

A healthy PPC campaign is essential for a successful Amazon business. A healthy Amazon PPC campaign weighs a major part in increasing product ranking, making a product listing stand out, and bringing in conversions that will become profit and capture buyers, not just viewers. Helium 10’s PPC Audit tool will instantly review seller’s data and provide actionable insights based on their specific campaigns. This includes uncovering duplicate keywords, and wasteful spending. It also helps sellers to see more clearly the metrics in their campaign that are working including in-depth data reports on ACoS scores, campaign analysis, search term analysis, keyword analysis and duplication analysis. This instant audit tool will help sellers increase their PPC game and stay in front of competition given the constant changes in the ecommerce market.