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Episode 21 – Breaking Amazon News + Ways To Protect Yourself From Fraud On Amazon

In this Serious Sellers Podcast episode, hear breaking Amazon news including potential fraud on Amazon and ways to spot Amazon hijackers.

Promote Your Product Via Livestream Video with Amazon Live Creator

Amazon sellers now have a new tool in their arsenal for reaching customers and promoting their products much more effectively: Amazon Live Creator!

Keyword Search Volume & Relevance is DEAD: Should Sellers Worry?

Amazon has shut down its endpoint that has provided keyword search volume and relevance data for some time. What does this mean for Amazon sellers?

Amazon Search Terms Controversy: Should You Be Worried?

The Amazon search terms algorithm has become an “Amazon search shuffle,” providing sellers with different data across different locations and browsers.

BIG Amazon News: Black Friday 2018 Deadline & Amazing FBA Deal!

Amazon made some big announcements about Black Friday 2018, Cyber Monday 2018, and a special promotional Amazon FBA deal for new products for the holidays.

Amazon Add-On Revisited: Advantage or Roadblock for Your Business?

The Amazon Add-On program hasn’t always been received favorably. However, sellers that learn to embrace the ability to pair or bundle their products cohesively can find success in earning the Add-On badge from Amazon.

Amazon Violation Email Scare: Don’t Worry, It Was a Mistake

If you are one of the unfortunate recipients of the scary Amazon violation email that went out this past weekend on February 23, 2018, it has been confirmed by Amazon that this was indeed a mistake on the part of the company.

FBA Onsite: Fulfillment by Amazon Without Storage Fees 

FBA Onsite is the latest incentive Amazon just rolled out for its current and future third-party sellers. The new Amazon software program looks to streamline shipping and delivery services for vendors while also benefitting Amazon in both the long and short run.

Amazon Launches New Seller Central Alexa Skill for Sellers

Amazon’s new Seller Central Alexa skill aims to make monitoring business easier and more efficient for sellers. Released originally to beta users in December 2017, the new Alexa skill is now available to all vendors within the U.S. marketplace.

Amazon Private Labels Expected to Grow Dramatically in 2018

Amazon private labels have been growing steadily over the past few years, and look to begin taking over considerable market share in many categories. Can your private label business compete with Amazon's brands? Here are a few ways to ensure you can compete and still achieve top page ranking.