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Amazon Brand Registry: Benefits & Overview for Sellers


In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Amazon stands as a colossal marketplace that attracts millions of sellers and shoppers daily. For brands and sellers alike, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of their products is paramount. This is where Amazon Brand Registry steps in, as a powerful program designed to safeguard intellectual property rights and bolster brand presence on the platform.

Amazon Brand Registry isn’t just another feature; it’s a gateway to a suite of tools and benefits that empower brand owners and sellers to take control of their product listings, protect their brand identity from counterfeiters, and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Understanding and harnessing the potential of Amazon Brand Registry is essential for any seller looking to thrive on this retail giant.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what Amazon Brand Registry is, the substantial benefits it offers, the eligibility criteria for enrollment, and the steps to apply. Additionally, we’ll delve into the unique features and tools that Brand Registry provides, such as A+ Content, Amazon Live Creator, Brand Tailored Promotions, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon seller or just starting your e-commerce journey, Amazon Brand Registry is a game-changer that can elevate your brand and protect your products.

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What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed by Amazon to help brand owners and sellers protect their intellectual property rights and enhance their brand presence on Amazon. Brand registered sellers gain access to a suite of tools and benefits that enable them to have greater control over their product listings and safeguard their brand identity from counterfeits and unauthorized use.

Once enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, sponsored brands owners access features like A+ Content (formerly known as enhanced brand content, or EBC), which allow them to create more engaging and informative product listings with enhanced images, videos, and text. This not only helps in conveying their brand story and values, but also provides customers with a richer shopping experience.

The Brand Registry program also enables brands to take utilize tools that help identify and report suspected counterfeit products, to protect sellers intellectual property. This proactive approach ensures that genuine products are prioritized and counterfeits are swiftly removed, thereby maintaining the brand’s reputation and customer trust. Overall, Amazon Brand Registry empowers brands to take control of their presence on the platform, foster customer loyalty, and drive higher sales.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry comes with a range of significant benefits for sellers. One of the key advantages is the increased control over product listings. With the ability to utilize A+ Content, brands can create engaging and informative listings that showcase their brand’s unique story and value proposition. This enhanced content not only educates customers, but also enhances the overall shopping experience, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

In 2023, Amazon opened up Premium A+ Content to sellers as well, which allows sellers who qualify to add even richer modules in their A+ Content such as videos and more. Amazon describes this fresh type of enhanced brand content as allowing you to “Increase engagement with best-in-class detail page experiences available for supplemental marketing information, using more real estate on the detail page and richer media content compared to Basic A+ content.”

With Amazon’s Brand Registry, sellers gain access to powerful tools that help them protect their brand’s intellectual property and reputation. The program offers a streamlined process for reporting and removing counterfeit or unauthorized listings, allowing brands to maintain their authenticity and trustworthiness among customers.

Additionally, being part of the Amazon’s Brand Registry program provides access to predictive automation and proactive brand protection. This enables brands to efficiently identify potential infringements, giving them the opportunity to address issues before they escalate. Ultimately, the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry extend beyond the virtual marketplace – they bolster a brand’s reputation, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster long-term success for sellers on the platform.

There are many advertising advantages as well by having a registered brand. Not only are you able to run Sponsored Brand Video Ads, but you can run Sponsored brand headline ads that could have the first placement at the top of the page in the search results. You can manage and optimize advertising campaigns like this inside of your Amazon Advertising console, or using third party tools such as Adtomic which can automate your rules.

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What Are the Eligibility Requirements of Amazon Brand Registry?

To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, sellers need to meet certain criteria before submitting a Brand Registry application. In the past, you needed to have an active registered trademark for your brand. This trademark must be registered with the relevant intellectual property office in the country of the Amazon marketplace you want to sell in. This a major requirement as it helps establish your brand’s authenticity and ownership, preventing misuse by unauthorized sellers. In the last few years, Amazon has dialed back this requirement, and now many are able to get their brand registry application approved with only a trademark pending registration. This is critical as in some countries like the USA, it takes at times more than 6 months to get fully registered trademarks, so the ability to submit a pending trademark can save lots of time and money.

Furthermore, your brand must have an active Amazon account with Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central. It’s essential to demonstrate that you are actively selling genuine products on Amazon’s platform, and are committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of your brand. Once these prerequisites are met, you can initiate the application process for Amazon Brand Registry.

The eligibility requirements emphasize Amazon’s dedication to protecting brands and customers alike. By ensuring that only legitimate brand owners gain access to the benefits of Brand Registry, Amazon maintains a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for both shoppers and sellers. Services such as Seller Trademarks are able to submit a pending trademark application for you to a number of trademark offices around the world.

How Can Brand Registry “Manage Your Experiments” Help?

Manage Your Experiments is a service that Amazon provides only to those who have gone through brand registration, and allows you to do split testing or A/B experiments live on your listing. You can test things such as two different main images, or two different titles and more. During the experiment, Amazon will randomly rotate your two versions, and then give you detailed analytics on which one performed better so that you can choose which version gives you the best conversion rate.

However, it’s important to note that, by waiting until your listing is live, that it means, by definition, half of the time during your experiment, you do not have the most optimized version there. Its still good to do, when you want to update your listing, but its recommended that before you even launch your listing, to use split testing tools like Helium 10 Audience, which will poll Amazon Prime shoppers on which versions are best, even before your own private label products listings are live.

What Is the Difference Between Brand Registry and Trademarks?

The main distinction between Amazon Brand Registry and a trademark lies in their purpose and scope. Anyone can file for a trademark, and you do not need to be selling on Amazon to file a trademark. On the other hand, Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed by Amazon to help brand owners protect and manage their intellectual property within the Amazon marketplace.

A trademark is a legal protection, registered with government agencies, that establishes exclusive rights to a brand’s logo, name, or other identifiers, to prevent others from using similar identifiers that may cause confusion among consumers. It safeguards your brand’s identity in various contexts, both online and offline. Amazon Brand Registry, however, is specific to the Amazon ecosystem. It offers tools and features that empower brand owners to exert greater control over their product listings, monitor and report instances of infringement, and enhance the overall customer experience by ensuring the accuracy of their brand representation.

In essence, a trademark is a legal concept that applies globally, while Amazon Brand Registry is a program tailored to protect and elevate your brand’s presence within the Amazon marketplace. Combining both can offer comprehensive protection and control over your brand’s identity and reputation, both on and off Amazon. Brand registry is not synonyms with intellectual property which refers to any invention or creation that can be protected by national and international law.

How Much Does It Cost for Brand Registry on Amazon?

There is no cost directly associated with applying and joining Amazon Brand Registry. It is important to note that obtaining a trademark does come with certain costs though. Expenses related to obtaining a trademark can vary depending on various factors such as the type of trademark you are looking to acquire, the jurisdiction you are filing in, and the number of trademarks, just to name a few factors. For example, if you are filing for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) you can expect to pay at least $250-750 to file a single trademark.

Once you have got a filed trademark, you can then apply for the Amazon Brand Registry program. Once your application to Brand Registry has been accepted, you will have access to certain tools and services which may come with extra costs.

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How Do I Apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

Applying for Amazon Brand Registry involves a series of steps to ensure that your brand and products receive the protection and benefits the program offers. To begin the process, you need to have an active registered trademark or have a pending trademark application filed for your brand. This trademark serves as the foundation for your eligibility to join the Brand Registry program.

Once you have a registered trademark, follow these steps to apply:

  • Log into Your Amazon Seller Central Account: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central. If you don’t have an account, you need to create one.
  • Access the Brand Registry Section: Navigate to, then you’ll find the option to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Provide Brand Information: Input your brand’s name and other relevant details as they appear on your registered trademark documentation. Make sure the information is accurate and matches your trademark exactly.
  • List Your Products: After brand information submission, you’ll need to list the products associated with your brand. This step helps Amazon verify the connection between your brand and the products you sell.
  • Submit Your Application: Review the information you’ve provided and submit your application to Amazon for review.
  • Verification and Approval: Amazon’s team will review your application and verify the accuracy of the information. If everything is in order, your brand will be approved for Amazon Brand Registry.

It’s important to note that the application process and approval timeline can vary. Once approved, brand owners can access the program’s benefits, including better control over your product listings, protection against counterfeiters, and tools for optimizing your brand presence on Amazon. Always ensure that you have the necessary trademark documentation and information readily available before applying for Amazon Brand Registry.

How Long Does Amazon Brand Registry Take?

The timeline for getting approved for Amazon Brand Registry can vary based on factors such as Amazon’s current processing times, and the accuracy of the information you provide during the application process. In general, Amazon’s Brand Registry application process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Amazon’s team needs to review your application, verify the trademark information, and ensure that your brand and products align with the eligibility criteria. During this review process, they may also conduct additional checks to confirm the authenticity of your brand and its associated products. One of the most common roadblocks to sellers applying for brand registry isn’t the registered trademarks issue, but rather the images that Amazon asks you to send in of your product.

The images that you send in need to show the brand on a real picture of a product, not a mock-up, and many sellers usally have to submit this multiple times before Amazon approves the photo.

To expedite the approval process, it’s crucial to provide accurate and complete information in your application. Double-check that your trademark registration details match precisely with what you provide to Amazon. In case there are any discrepancies or missing information, it could delay the approval process.

How Do I Check My Brand Approval Status on Amazon?

To check the approval status of your brand on Amazon, you can follow these steps:

  • Log into Your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Go to “Brands” Section: You can do this by navigating directly to
  • Select “Brand Applications”: Hover your mouse over the menu “Manage” and then select “Brand Applications.”
  • Check Your Brand Status: Within the Brand Registry dashboard, you should be able to see the status of your brand application. It will indicate whether your brand is approved, pending, or if there are any issues with your application.

If your brand is already approved, you’ll have access to various tools and benefits offered by the Brand Registry program. If it’s still pending, you may need to wait until Amazon completes the review process. If there are any issues with your application, the dashboard might provide guidance on what needs to be addressed.

Remember that processing times can vary, so if you’ve recently applied for Brand Registry, it’s a good idea to check the dashboard periodically for updates. If you encounter any challenges or have questions, Amazon’s Seller Support can provide further assistance.

By regularly checking your brand approval status, you can stay informed about the progress of your application and make the most of the benefits offered by Amazon Brand Registry once you’re approved.

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Managing Your Brand Content

To setup Brand Content, a feature of Amazon Brand Registry, you will need to log into your Seller Central account. Next go to the dropdown menu in the top right, and select ‘Advertising’ and then ‘Campaign Manager’.

Once you are in Campaign Manager, on the left side you will see a shield icon with a heart inside, which is for ‘Brand content’. Select that and you will have the option to view your ‘Brand profiles’, ‘Posts’ or ‘Stores’.

If you select ‘Brand profiles’, you will be able to look through the profiles you have created. Brand profiles allow you to show your brand content such as logos, name, brand colors, and content to Amazon shoppers. Showcasing unique brand content helps shoppers recognize your brand, and is a great way to market your “brands story”.

By selecting ‘Posts’, you will be able to view and make changes to any posts you have made for your Brand profiles. Setting up Brand Ads and Posts, you can enhance your brand visibility, attract potential customers, and drive traffic to your products. Think of Amazon posts as Amazon’s own social media feed.

Amazon Posts can appear in various places such as product pages, and also opens up the opportunity to start to build your brand followers, which is another exclusive feature for brand registered sellers, and the only way that Amazon allows sellers to market to their customers. One of the biggest benefit of posts is that at this time, if someone purchases your product from viewing it on a post, you are not charged any PPC fees.

One way that you can make sure that you have a lot of material for future Amazon posts is by making sure your photography studio you hire gives you multiple unique photos for every shot that they take during your product’s photoshoot.

If you select ‘Stores’, you will come to the main page where you can create your own Amazon storefront. Here you can manage and create stores for your brands. Sellers can select from templates that are simple to customize and are a great way to showcase your brands products.

How to Set up Amazon Live Creator

Amazon Live Creator is a dynamic platform that allows sellers to engage with their audience through live streaming. This feature enables sellers to showcase their products in a more personalized and interactive manner by demonstrating their use, answering questions in real-time, and building a stronger connection with potential customers.

To get setup, you will need to download the Amazon Live Creator app as that is where you will create, capture and manage any livestreams you host. There are some Amazon Live Influencers who have helped sellers get tens of thousands of dollars of sales in just one live show, so that is another option for sellers, if you do not want to run your own live broadcasts.

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Brand Tailored Promotions

Brand tailored promotions is the newest benefit to brand registered sellers. With these, you can set up special campaigns exclusive to you that you can target special audiences such as your top buyers, repeat purchasers, and even the thousands of tens of thousands of cusotmers who have added your products to their cart, but never purchased.

How to Add A+ Content to Your Listings

Amazon A+ content is another powerful feature available to sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Sellers are able to make their product listings stand out with visually appealing multimedia content including high-quality images, engaging videos, in depth product descriptions, and comparison charts. Combining all these features creates a more immersive shopping experience for prospective buyers.

To start with A+ Content, navigate as shown above to your Advertising menu, and select Campaign Manager. Then, select Create Campaign, and then from there select Sponsored Brands.

From here, you can set up the parameters of your sponsored brand ads, and select which type of ad you want to run, either a product collection ad, a store spotlight ad, or a sponsored video ad.

Unlike sponsored product ads, Amazon needs to first approve your sponsored brand ads to make sure it is within Amazon’s advertising terms of service.

How to Leverage Brand Analytics

Amazon’s Brand Analytics were game changing when they first launched. Amazon for the first time was releasing first party data on metrics such as which keywords were the most searched, and which products were clicked on the most on for the top million keywords that were searched on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Thanks to Amazon datapoints such as Brand Analytics, Amazon sellers can validate the metrics that tools like Helium 10 gives for Search Volume and more. Since Brand Analytics has launched, other unique datapoint such as Search Query Performance has been launched which is even more powerful, as it dives deep in the shopper funnel from search to click to add to cart to purchase!

The following are all of the components currently in Brand Analytics.

  • Top Search Terms – This report shows the top keywords searched for a day, week, or month, and then gives stats on the top 3 products that were clicked after that search
  • Search Query Performance – This report gives brand specific data on how your customers have found and interacted with your listings from discovery all he way to purchase.
  • Search Catalog Performance – This dashboard shows how customers interact with your Brand’s products throughout the search shopping journey. It includes search engagement metrics such as impressions, clicks, cart adds, and purchases to better understand your sales funnel.
  • Demographics – Connect with your target audience more effectively or identify customization opportunities with customer demographics insights.
  • Market Basket Analysis– Provides insights on the products that are most frequently purchased together, uncovering insights on effective bundling and cross-sell opportunities based on customers’ buying patterns.
  • Repeat Purchase Behavior report – Analyze customer retention and repeat purchase patterns by Brand, or by ASIN

Having access to all this powerful data and analytics allows the brand owner to make decisions to positively impact their business performance. If you are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, it is essential that you integrate Brand Analytics into your daily schedule. It is absolutely free for the brand owner to use, and it will help optimize product listings, marketing strategies, and boost your brand’s visibility and sales.

In tools like Cerebro, you can take these datapoints a step farther by comparing them to unique metrics such as Keyword Rank so that you can see which position (organic vs. sponsored) is driving your sales.


Brand registry has a plethora of tools, features, protections and more for your products. If you are a private label seller, you will want access right away to your brand dashboard where you can get access to all of these benefits. Make sure that you follow the steps outlined in this article to enroll in brand registry and then utilize all of these tools that will now be at your fingertips!


Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry to sell on Amazon. To sell on Amazon, simply go to, and choose a selling plan that works best for you. Amazon Brand Registry is a useful program for experienced sellers who currently have a registered trademark on products they sell, or plan to sell on Amazon.

If you currently sell on Amazon and want to check if you are enrolled in the Brand Registry program, try logging into the Brand Registry portal at If you are unable to login with your account details, then you likely are not registered in the program.
If you are looking to check the status of your application to join the Brand Registry program, log into your Amazon Brand Registry account and visit your ‘Case Log’. From there you can view the status of your application.

Yes, it is possible to transfer brand ownership on Amazon. If the brand registry rights owner needs to be changed you can request to have the brand ownership transferred by contacting Amazon’s brand registry support team. You will need to provide the email address associated with the Brand Registry account, the email address associated with the current Brand Registry rights owner, and the name of the brand enrolled in Brand Registry.

You can check if you have Brand Registry on Amazon by going to If you are able to login with you Amazon seller account details then you have Brand Registry. You can also contact Amazon’s support team to check, and they will be able to let you know.

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