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Top Trending Products on Amazon

Want to know what Amazon buyers are looking for? Here's how to use Helium 10's tools to find the best product opportunities!
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Welcome to the first in a new monthly series where we will highlight our top 5 products of the month.  

Product research is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable parts of an Amazon seller’s journey. There’s just something about discovering product opportunities in niches that perhaps you didn’t even know existed! With hundreds of millions of products on Amazon, many sellers have no idea where to begin when searching for a new product.

This series of articles is not meant to suggest exactly what you should sell. We have not fully vetted these products, received samples, checked for existing patents, or taken a deep into their sales history. Instead, we hope to inspire you with the potential of these products that you can find using the right approach (and tools).  

Each month we will choose a different method of finding opportunities on Amazon, many of which were covered in our recent product research workshop

How We Pick Our Top 5

To make this top 5 trending products on Amazon list, the products need to meet the following criteria: 

  1. We want to identify products that have increasing sales and/or search volume
  2. The products show signs of a lack of (or poor), competition
  3. These are products that, in most cases, we hadn’t heard of before we found them with Helium 10’s tools

We will mainly be using Black Box to find the product, as well as our Chrome extension tool, Xray to validate it. Other tools we will use will be Magnet and Cerebro to check search volume history, as well as the Alibaba Supplier Finder to find a potential factory.  

This month, here is the criteria I used:

  • Helium 10’s Black Box (for keywords), allows me to enter characteristics of search results for a keyword on Amazon in order to find what I am looking for. 
view of search results for keywords

When searching for keywords, demand is indicated by search volume. Helium 10’s tools illustrate that metric by showing the estimated number of times an Amazon customer has used a phrase for a search. 

  • I selected a range of 7000-10000 searches per month.
  • By implementing a max variation of one (on average) for the results, I could filter out products that had either color, or size variations.   

Many people want to see a number of sellers on page one with good revenue. In this case, I did not. 

  • It was important to find something where out of the top 10 search results, fewer than three products were generating revenue of at least $5,000.  
  • I didn’t want to see a keyword where the top ten results all had thousands of reviews, so as you can see above, I also specified that at least six out of the top 10 products had less than 150 reviews.

Without further ado, let’s look at 5 top trending products on Amazon for April 2021!  

Graduation Cake Topper 2021

Graduation Cake Topper keyword search

It’s obviously a little too late to get into this since we are in April already, however this is something that will be a possibility to sell at this time of year. For this keyword, you can see the trajectory of the search volume using the search volume history in Black Box:

view search volume history

If you use the Magnet tool, you can see that “graduation cake topper 2020” had an almost identical uptick around spring of 2020. 

search volume history

Even though the price point is very low on this product, as early as the end of April, we can see some products on this page are selling 10-20 (or even more) daily. These numbers will likely double (or more) in May.

product details in may

Can you still make money when you have a product that retails for only 10 dollars? 

Let’s find out. 

Using the X-Ray tool, I will click on the “Find Suppliers on Alibaba” tool to see how much we can source these products for from China. 

find suppliers on alibaba

This supplier advertises one dollar for a set of 12. So two dollars for 24, which matches one of the top sellers now on Amazon.   

Next step is to check Profitability Calculator (part of the Chrome extension) with this information to see an estimate of how much money I could make. 

Profitability Calculator

Even with allowing for an estimated 10% for my Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACoS), the estimated profit margins are about 30% on this! 

Not bad!   

I would recommend everyone to use the Helium 10 keyword research tools to start looking at keywords that have graduation and 2021 in them over the next month to see what is trending. 

Take note of which products get hot, and the characteristics of those that are successful. Come January of next year, you can perhaps prepare something for graduation season 2022!

Date Night Box

date night box

I had no idea what this was at first. After looking at the search volume history, I can see that it’s something that seems to be a popular Christmas gift, as well as a Valentine’s Day product. 

I’d expect a continued increase in search volume as people might be going on more dates while the word returns to normal. 

search volume history: date night box

In looking at the search results on Amazon, it seems to be a mixture of games and idea boxes for dates. 

games and idea boxes for dates

This is for those of you who have creative minds and can come up with something unique like this. Don’t think that’s impossible. A while back we wrote about an Amazon seller who created the game, “That’s What She Said” which has generated millions of dollars of sales!

Punch Bowl

Punch bowl search volume and price

I know what you are thinking. It’s probably what I thought when I first saw this.

“PUNCH BOWL?” How in the world could this show signs of opportunity? I personally don’t think that I’d sell this. I’m not sure I could make enough money due to its size, but let me walk you through a research process here that maybe you can use in other searches. 

The first line of the search results seemed pretty straightforward. Three punch bowl results plus a sponsored ad for one. 

sponsored ads for punch bowls

However, as soon as you get to the second and third lines of results, the 4th through 11th ranked ones on page one, take a look at these surprising results.

ranked results for punch bowl

Only three out of the next eight products on page one are actually punch bowls!  

I see punch bowl ladles, fancy fountains, and even a cake stand! I LOVE seeing search results like this because it means that there must not be enough relevant products selling for this keyword. That’s why you see these random results.  

When this happens, sometimes you will only see a small handful of products dominating the sales for this keyword. In Amazon Brand Analytics, you can see the top three products that were clicked after a search was entered, and also the share of sales of those three products.  

Sure enough, take a look at the results for punch bowl:

punch bowl search results

That first search result is dominating with almost 50% of all purchases for that keyword!   

Identifying the Influence of Big Brands

Sometimes, when a product dominates like that, it could be because it’s a brand name, and getting a lot of purchases that come from branded searches. For example, a lot of Nike shoes come from people searching “Nike Air Force 1” as opposed to generic searches like “best basketball shoes.”

I wanted to see which keywords this product was ranking for on the top of page one that also had a lot of searches. I used the reverse ASIN tool Cerebro, and entered a query to see all of the keywords in which this product was in the top ten search results, and have at least 500 monthly searches. 

If there are a lot of branded searches for this product that are generating sales, it would have come up here.  

Take a look at the results.

search results for related products

Not one branded search! Everything was generic. This keyword is one of those that sometimes comes as a surprise. A seemingly common product that you’d think would have a lot of competition. For whatever reason, it seems like there could be room for new players. 

Unity Candle Set For Weddings

unity candle set for weddings keyword research

I have been married twice, and can safely say that “unity candle” was something that was never considered either time, so I had literally zero idea what the heck this was. 

Wikipedia told me that the “lighting of a unity candle is a relatively new custom in wedding ceremonies.” It “generally symbolizes the joining of two individuals into the marriage bond.”  

Ok, I’m considering myself educated now. 

But why did it make the list? What were the signs of opportunity that got me interested?

The first thing has to do with what is dominating the sponsored results at the top of the page. 

sponsored brand advertisement

At the top you see what is a sponsored brand advertisement, formerly known as a headline ad.  What do you notice about it? Well, it’s NOT a unity candle. Could it be that no one with unity candles is even running sponsored brand ads?

Amazon Non-Compliance Can Tell a Story 

Next, what do you notice about the top four sponsored product ads that are showing up at the top of the page? ALL FOUR of them have a main image that is not Amazon Terms of Service compliant!

Three of them are not on white backgrounds, and the other one shows product packaging which is another no-no for main images. These listings could get suppressed by Amazon at any time, and are usually indicative of rookie sellers who don’t quite know what they are doing yet. 

These are the kind of sellers I LOVE to compete with. 

The Maldives Honeymoon Launch Strategy

I like knowing how hard it might be to get to page one for a keyword. One way of doing that that I talk about in the Maldives Honeymoon launch strategy is the fewer the number of products on page one that have the search term in exact phrase match, the easier it is to rank on page one.

Search results like collagen peptides sometimes have 25 or more listings on page one, all with that same phrase in the title. It’s a little more difficult to get on page one in that case. 

How about this one? Using Xray, I filtered for the keyword “unity candle set for weddings.”

search volume results in xray

Incredible! Only 1!  

I don’t know if I have ever seen a keyword with over 7000 searches that had only a single result on page one with the word in the phrase. Usually, when there’s something like that, it’s because it might be a keyword phrase that is not grammatically correct. That’s not the case here. 

I also liked the price point of over 20 dollars for these products. If the manufacturing cost is low, it could be a decent opportunity. 

Rattan Shelf

rattan shelf search results

Once again, here is something that I didn’t really know what it was. Instead of going to Wikipedia, I wanted to visually identify what this could be so I searched on Pinterest and Etsy.  

This is what I found:

rattan search results on pinterest
rattan search results on etsy

I still was not entirely sure what this is, but at least I have an idea. When I searched it on Amazon though, I got really excited about what I saw. Notice the first few lines of results. 

rattan search results on amazon
rattan search results on amazon
rattan search results on amazon

I see only ONE thing there that could possibly be a “rattan shelf.”  

The rest of the items are completely irrelevant. Look what happens when I see how many listings on page one have “rattan shelf” in it.

products details

Are you serious? 

I said in the previous one I had never seen a listing that only had one result with the keyword. Well, that record lasted all of five minutes, as now I have one with ZERO results in the title!

There are over 7,000 people who search for “rattan shelf” so it’s obviously a common phrase in the rattan world, but not even the product that seems to be one has it in the title!

When there is such a lack of performance on Amazon due to something being super new, how can you mitigate risk? One way is by doing a PPC test listing. You can learn how to use PPC test listings to validate products in this Serious Sellers podcast episode

Product research is a blast. I had so much fun writing this article, I ended up spending hours more going down rabbit trails that started with some of these products. These were just five out of the 170 keywords that came up in ONE Black Box by Helium 10 search. 

(Thousands of people will read this blog so please do not copy these exact filters! It’s simply meant to just be an example of what you can do)

How many more interesting product opportunities might be waiting for you to uncover them?

Make sure to sign up for your Helium 10 account now so that you can get started on product research today!  And make sure to tune into this series next month to see what our top 5 products are in May!

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Bradley Sutton Bradley is the Director of Training and Chief Evangelist at Helium 10. He is also the host of the most listened to podcast in the world for Amazon Sellers, the Serious Sellers Podcast. He has been involved in e-commerce for over 20 years, and before joining Helium 10, launched over 400 products as a consultant for Amazon Sellers. In order to keep his knowledge fresh and relevant, he launched his own brands on Amazon, and in the last 2 years has launched over 30 products that gross over one million dollars a year. He believes in the motto of "your net worth is your network" and so you will see him at many Amazon seller events worldwide. Make sure to say hello!


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