Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – Learn From Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy
  • Discover which keywords your competitors rank for to optimize your listing and catapult your sales.
  • Enter an ASIN to uncover your keywords for both organic and sponsored results and to evaluate highly accurate keyword search volume.
  • Determine units needed per keyword to rank on page 1 of Amazon.
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Essential Data
Cerebro provides essential data such as estimated exact keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume, and many other crucial data points. It also includes several advanced filters to fine tune your competitor keyword research: (1) narrow or broaden your search, (2) include or exclude specific phrases, (3) capture long-tail phrases with word count filters and many other filters to further sharpen your focus.
Cerebro Product Rank
Cerebro includes a proprietary Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) formula that leverages its highly accurate search volume data to help get your Amazon product ranking to Page 1 for your desired keywords. Also included is “Cerebro IQ Score”data which shows potential key product opportunities where there is low competition coupled with high search volume.
Discover Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy with Cerebro
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