Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Lookup

Cerebro is a tremendous help in discovering your competition’s keyword strategy, and is one of our most popular tools. Enter in a product ASIN, and within seconds, you’ll receive hundreds, maybe thousands of keyword suggestions. You’ll also gain access to useful information that includes broad and exact match search volume, the number of competing products, competitors who are advertising for particular terms, and our proprietary Cerebro IQ Score (paid membership only).

Reverse ASIN Lookup




Would You Like to Know Which Search Phrases Amazon Shoppers are Using to Find a Product
With Cerebro, Our Reverse ASIN Amazon Keyword Research Tool, You’ll Discover All the Keywords Amazon Customers are Using to Find Your Product or Your Competitor’s Products.

Easily one of our most popular tools, Cerebro is essential for the keyword research process. Simply enter a product ASIN and in seconds you’ll be provided with hundreds or potentially thousands of keyword suggestions. Along with the suggestions, you’ll find an incredible amount of useful data that includes broad and exact match search volume, the number of competing products, competitors who are advertising for that term, and our proprietary Cerebro IQ Score.

All the keyword suggestion data is derived from actual search queries done by real Amazon shoppers. Furthermore, Helium 10 boasts the most accurate search metrics on the market that is derived from billions of data points. Your Amazon keyword research process will be quick and easy with the help of this incredibly useful tool. Place the newly found keywords into your product listings and maximize product visibility.

Take Advantage of the Must Have Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool Used by Successful Amazon FBA Sellers.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

How Cerebro Can Help You Surpass Your Competition:

01Simplify the keyword research process and gain access to valuable customer search metrics.

02Get the most accurate search results on the market to help you decide which keywords are best for you.

03Discover Amazon keyword research data compiled from billions of data points and actual customer search queries.

04Enter an ASIN and receive thousands of relevant keyword phrases.

05Sort keywords by exact phrase search volume and broad phrase search volume.

06Determine how many competing products there are for a particular search phrase.

07Track sponsored ASINs to know how many products are advertising for that phrase.

08The Cerebro IQ Score identifies strong keywords that are searched for often and have low competition.

Cerebro Helps You Get Found by More Customers to Sell More on Amazon.

Enter a Single ASIN and Instantly Get Thousands of Keyword Suggestions

Simply enter a product ASIN and Cerebro will populate with a ton of relevant keyword phrases. The tool uses complex algorithms to determine what real Amazon shoppers are using to search for products. All the data provided comes from actual behavior taking place in the Amazon marketplace. Take your research a step further and use the Cerebro IQ Score to find keywords that have a good ratio of search volume to competing products.

The Most Accurate Amazon Search Data Available on the Market

Outside of Amazon itself, Helium 10 has what we believe to be the most accurate search data available. The search volume data provided has been broken down into both exact phrase match and broad phrase match. Furthermore, you can discover which ASINs are advertising for an exact keyword. There’s an incredible amount of valuable data to help you select the best Amazon keywords to fully optimize your listings.

Optimize Your Amazon Listings, Generate More Traffic, and Sell More Products

Optimizing your Amazon listing can be as simple as performing the keyword research and then adding those keywords to your product page. You can be sure that you’ll have the best keywords to include in your Amazon product listing. After your listings are fully optimized, your products will show up much more often in search results and your profits will get an exponential boost.

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