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How To Get Reviews on Amazon?


Here are a few different methods you can use when learning how to get more reviews on Amazon: Amazon Vine, using the Request a Review button on Seller Central, product packaging and product inserts, and send follow-up emails after a purchase. There are other ways that Amazon does not allow such as offering discounts or giveaways in return for reviews, having friends/family leave positive reviews, or buying fake reviews.

Amazon reviews are important because customers typically first look at price and # of reviews when browsing through similar products. Price is always important to customers, but customers also want to see that other people have been pleased with the product after purchasing it.

No, you can not buy Amazon reviews. It is against Amazon’s Terms and Conditions to buy fake reviews, or pay reviews to leave positive reviews.

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program that selects top-rated reviewers on Amazon. These reviewers are called Vine Voices, and they are given the opportunity to order products on Amazon for free, in exchange for an honest product review.

Once logged in to Seller Central. click on ‘Orders’ in the dropdown menu, then ‘Manage Orders’. Next select a date range, and then click on the Order Number. You will then see a ‘Request a Review’ button you can click on. Keep in mind that you can only request a review from a customer one time.

It typically takes up to 72 hours for a customer review to show up on Amazon.