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Amazon Index Checker

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Benefits of Index Checker

The easiest way to confirm keyword ranking on Amazon

  • No more manually checking for indexed products
  • Discover profitable or wasteful keywords affecting your listing
  • Spy on your Amazon FBA competitors
  • Save valuable time with instant monthly index checking
Benefits of Index Checker

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Amazon indexing is the process of Amazon storing your product listing information in their database and making it discoverable to people using the Amazon search engine. If, for instance, your product listing appeared for “footballs,” Amazon would show your listing in their search results by referencing their index of product listings.

Being indexed means that your listing will appear in Amazon search results for relevant keywords. Say your product is a kitchen drawer organizer. If someone searches Amazon for “kitchen accessories” and your product appears in the search results, that means you are indexing for that keyword. You always want to be indexed (or ranking) for your main keywords ‒ this will drive organic traffic to your listing.

In order to be indexed on Amazon for relevant search terms, you must optimize your product listing around those keywords. There are other factors that influence where your listing will appear, such as the number of 5-star reviews, having a long and successful history selling the product on Amazon, managing customer feedback, shipping in a timely manner, having products in stock, etc.

A free way to check if your Amazon ASIN is indexed is to enter your ASIN and the keyword you’d like to check into the search bar. For example, it may look something like this “B19GDG7NEJ football”. If it’s indexed, it will appear in the search results; if it’s not indexed, it won’t appear. However, this can often be time-consuming, especially if you wish to check keyword indexing for multiple products and phrases. Using an Amazon index checker makes this process painless and fast. Helium 10’s Index Checker is an excellent and easy-to-use resource for a keyword index and rank checker.

There are several reasons why you may not be indexing on Amazon, such as: the keyword is forbidden by Amazon, the keyword is trademarked, the product listing isn’t optimized appropriately, etc. To encourage Amazon to show your product listing for a specific keyword, you may need to re-optimize your listing around that keyword using Helium 10’s Listing Builder. Use Listing Builder to strategically included targeted keywords within your listing title, description, bullet points, and back end so the Amazon search algorithm knows to associate your product with your target keyword! Using an Amazon listing building with a quality Amazon index checker is an art as much as it is a science!

To see what your product listing (or your competitors) appear for, you need an Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool like Cerebro. To stay up-to-date on changes in keyword rankings, you should also consider using a tool like Keyword Tracker.

Checking your Amazon index status is critical to ensuring that your product has visibility for relevant search terms that can ultimately drive traffic and revenue for your business. A product that ranks on Amazon is a product that sells on Amazon. Using an Amazon index checker is a great way to quickly discover which keywords your listing is ranking for and which you need to implement more of.

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The Details

How to Use Helium 10’s Index Checker

To use Helium 10’s Amazon Index Checker, simply copy and paste any ASIN from Amazon into Index Checker. Next, input up to 200 key phrases (max of 1,000 characters) and click “Check Keywords.” Within seconds, Index Checker will display an affirmative checkmark or negative “X” to indicate whether the ASIN is indexing. Helium 10’s keyword rank checker shows results for traditional, field-ASIN, storefront, and cumulative indexing. Note, if you’d like to check indexing for a listing with variations, be sure to check children ASINs, not the parent ASIN.