Frankenstein – Amazon Keyword Processor

Frankenstein is the most powerful Amazon keyword processor on the planet, allowing you to take thousands of keywords, and in mere seconds, process them into cash-generating keyword lists. By running de-duplication filters, removing unwanted characters and words, and sorting the keywords by popularity, you can easily process huge lists of keywords that are perfect for your product page or backend keywords, helping you pull in massive traffic and sales.

Amazon keyword processor




Unsure Which Keywords to Target to Get the Most from Your Amazon Search Engine Optimization?
Frankenstein Takes Thousands of Keywords and Turns Them into Cash-Generating Keyword Lists in a Matter of Seconds to Help You Pull In Massive Amounts of Traffic.

Take advantage of this must-have Amazon SEO software used by successful Amazon FBA sellers to dramatically reduce the time required for your keyword research process. No matter which profitable Amazon niches you’re dealing with, Frankenstein will process your messy and jumbled keyword list and turn it into the secret ingredient in your FBA seller success.

To drive more traffic and increase sales, you need to understand what keywords customers are using when searching for your products. That’s why we’ve created Frankenstein to process literally thousands of keywords related to your particular product and niche. This Amazon seller software pairs well with Magnet, our Amazon keyword research tool that generates a massive list of potential keywords based off of a seed query that you provide and with Cerebro, our reverse ASIN keyword lookup tool.

Frankenstein then processes the list of keyword suggestions and creates a list of high-potential keywords that are easier to use within seconds. Complete the process and paste your new list into Scribbles, our Amazon listing optimization tool that makes sure your listings are 100% fully optimized. Don’t take any more chances guessing what keywords you should be using in your Amazon listing optimization efforts. Having the best keyword data available will help you succeed as an Amazon FBA seller and give you an advantage over your competition.

Amazon keyword processor

Why Frankenstein Keyword Processor should be used for all of your Amazon keyword research

01Take a huge list of keywords (even thousands) and transform it into a more manageable group to use in your Amazon listing optimization efforts.

02When your Amazon keyword research list is combined, cleaned up, and turned into a more cohesive group, it becomes much more powerful.

03Filter and sort your keyword results by using a wide variety of output settings including de-duplication filters, removing unwanted characters and words, and sorting the keywords by popularity.

04Remove unwanted words and characters from your results quickly and efficiently, such as ASINS and irrelevant terms.

05Sort your keyword list by frequency to identify which terms show up most often. These popular keywords are effective when incorporated into your Amazon product page.

06Significantly improve your Amazon product ranking in the A9 search engine and get more traffic to your listing.

Frankenstein Processes Huge Lists of Keywords and Make It Easier to Dramatically Improve Your Amazon SEO and Overtake Your Competition.

Save Time and Effort. Thousands of Amazon Keywords Processed in Seconds.

Using our Amazon keyword research and processing software is a breeze. Frankenstein allows you to organize, sort, and process your keyword results within seconds. You have the ability to filter your results based on a variety of criteria that includes the following:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Remove ASINs
  • Remove custom words/characters
  • Order numerically
  • Order alphabetically
  • Order by popularity
  • Filter by a particular keyword

These filters will allow you to quickly retrieve the data you need to help improve your targeting and Amazon search engine optimization.

Rank Higher in the A9 Search Engine by Targeting the Best Keywords

It’s important to keep in mind that people can search for a product by using a wide range of different keywords. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to imagine all of the possible queries yourself. This difficulty is why a keyword processing tool is the best way to optimize your product listing. With the help of Frankenstein, FBA sellers can be confident that the most relevant keywords are being used in their search engine optimization. As a result, Amazon sellers see their ranking in the A9 search engine dramatically improve and are certain their message is getting in front of their ideal customers.

Increase Traffic and Convert More Sales with Higher Amazon Product Rankings

The A9 algorithm exists to connect customers to the products most relevant to their search query. Using the most relevant Amazon keywords to your niche in your product’s title, description, bullet points, and backend will help you drive more traffic to your product listings. This Amazon SEO tool can also help you increase your listing conversion rate by revealing which keywords you’ll want to use in your product’s selling points and features to create more compelling copy. With a significantly improved Amazon product ranking, you’ll start to see your listing soar in search results, generate more traffic, and convert more visitors into customers.

Process Thousands of Keywords Instantly and Help Your Listing Skyrocket in Amazon Product Rankings!