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‘How To Sell On Amazon’- Pick-Axe Sellers Making Gold

Seems like everyone is an Amazon expert these days. So who can you trust? Learn the ways to be more discerning, and meet our personal trusted expert.
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Whether you’re a brand new seller or a seasoned veteran, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to a course on how to sell on Amazon in some form or fashion. And why not? It’s big business. The budding FBA-driven eCommerce industry has created fertile ground for new-school gurus to sprout up.

And they. Are. Everywhere.

Ask in any Amazon seller Facebook group what the best course is and you’ll likely see dozens of suggestions.

amazon fba course

Not to belabor the point, but if you search for “how to sell on amazon course” in Google you’ll see over 200 million results!

how to sell on amazon

Bing has a respectable number too…

how to sell on amazon

And even Amazon itself offers thousands of results, likely in the form of ebook lead magnets…

how to sell on amazon

Okay, perhaps that did belabor the point. But I did this to emphasize how much activity there is within this tiny niche.

If Everyone Is An “Expert,” Who Can You Trust?

amazon fba course expert

And herein lies the problem. Everyone is an expert, so really, who are the true experts? Because likely not all of these courses are offering reliable information. In fact, there are good arguments against a majority of them.

Here’s why; there are three common expert types that release courses.

First, there are the so called “experts” that are really just marketers who saw a golden opportunity and found the fastest way to jump on it. So, they did their research, “borrowed” other people’s tactics, fudged a few of their own numbers, and created some content.

That means some of these courses are nothing more than a money grab by someone who hasn’t ever even sold on Amazon (or consulted, or had really anything to do with selling on the platform).

While this isn’t terribly common, it does happen.

Then, we have the vast majority of “experts” who are sellers with no previous experience in eCommerce that got very lucky with product selection. In doing so, they managed to hit some impressive numbers early on. They are part of the small club of sellers who found their hero product early on.

That product helped them generate 6 figures a month quickly and the next logical step was to share the success with students. Now, these experts typically don’t have any nefarious motives, and some of their tactics are likely helpful.

The problem is that they ignore the role that luck played and, through their own hubris, teach others their process with the belief that it will work for anyone.

The last type of common “expert” we see courses from are the true marketing professionals with a background in the industry. Often times they employ their vast experience and expertise to make their Amazon venture work right out of the gate. Most importantly, however, is they create a repeatable process.

Even still, the problem here is that, while these are the most qualified experts to learn from, many still fall victim to their ego and assign a skill to activities that cannot be “skillful.”

Meaning, they cannot be controlled. So they cannot be taught.

Wait, so no course is “worth it?”

This is not the idea I am trying to convey at all. Rather, sellers looking to enhance their knowledge, whether they are new or experienced, should be more discerning and selective when deciding who to take advice from.

Helium 10 Keeps Putting Seller Success First

What does a software tool company have to do with Amazon courses anyway?

Well, I’m glad you asked that question.

See, Helium 10 may have grown into the ultimate software suite for Amazon sellers, but at its core, and its beginnings, it is a solution designed for sellers BY sellers. A specific seller, in fact; company founder Manny Coats (who is no longer actively selling, but absolutely crushed it in his time).

And in the early days, while Manny was figuring out how to navigate the marketplace, he became friends with Kevin King, who would later become one of the most influential people in our industry.

It was their friendship, their masterminding, and their partnership that lead to what would become Helium 10’s Elite mastermind.

That relationship is also what planted the initial seed in Kevin’s head for what would become the foremost premier training for Amazon sellers; Freedom Ticket. So Helium 10 is rooted in a history of education and premium content.

Which brings us to where we are today. As you’ve undoubtedly seen by now, Helium 10 is offering Freedom Ticket 2.0 with Platinum, Diamond, and Elite memberships.

Why You Should Care

Freedom Ticket

Here’s the thing, Helium 10 only backs top tier content, and would only partner with someone who is walking the walk. And Kevin King is the REAL DEAL.

He has over 20 years of experience as he’s basically been an entrepreneur all his life. He’s never even drawn a paycheck from a “real job.” What’s more, the guy has been selling on Amazon since 2000. Most of us didn’t even realize Amazon existed back then.

While Kevin may not have been playing the private label game until a few years ago, he was one of the original Amazon “vendors” which means few people have a better understanding of how Amazon works (and almost all of those work for Amazon directly).

So that means Helium 10 offers the best of each world; the best education for people interested in excelling on Amazon and the best software to help them succeed. Helping sellers rise to the top has always been our mission, and now it seems more achievable than ever.

If you’re interested in learning the A to Z of selling on Amazon, or you just want to level up, then you need to check out Freedom Ticket 2.0, now available as an included benefit to Platinum, Diamond, and Elite level Helium 10 subscriptions.

Click HERE to learn how.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about what Freedom Ticket has to offer, check it out HERE.

Anthony Lee Anthony Lee was the training and content manager for Helium 10. An author, consultant and worldwide presenter, Anthony has earned a reputation for rigorous study and data analysis, and how to use that to scale your business in the Amazon seller space.


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