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Anatomy of a Winning Amazon Product Detail Page

Selling on Amazon is an adventure! There is nothing more thrilling than clicking that refresh button in your Seller Central account and then seeing new sales coming in each day. But learning to sell on Amazon can feel like learning a new language. 

One of the most important parts of creating a successful Amazon business is learning how to optimize your Amazon Product Detail Pages.

What is an Amazon Product Detail Page?

When you make a search on Amazon, you see a list of product options appear in the page search results. When you click on one of the product options, you will open the Amazon Product Detail Page for that particular product. This is also referred to as the product listing

The Amazon Product Detail Page (product listing) contains important product-specific information like the product title, images, description, and price.

Optimize Product Detail Pages for Higher Conversions!

Having a fully-optimized product detail page can help improve every part of your business like:

  • Increasing your organic keyword page rankings
  • Increasing your conversion rate
  • Improving your PPC efficiency
  • Creating loyal customers
  • Improving Your Profitability

Listing Optimization is an essential part of the success of your business.

For beginners, however, it’s important to first understand the anatomy of a product detail page, so let’s dive in and explore each component.


This is the sponsored brand name of the product. It shows up right under the product title on a product detail page.  It will also link to a page with products under this same brand. If you have a brand store set up, it will link directly to your storefront. 

product detail page


The product title is arguably the most important part of your Amazon Product Detail Page. 

It is the key field that Amazon uses to measure relevance between a product’s detail page to a customer search. This is why it is so important to do thorough keyword research to know which relevant keywords to include in the title.

It is also important to note that the title cannot exceed 200 characters, and it cannot include words like “Free” or “Guarantee.” It also cannot include special characters like: ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦

listing of products

Product Rating

This field shows how many global customer ratings (reviews) have been given for a product and the average rating given. The product rating information also links directly to the customer review section. This important information shows up right under the product title and brand name. 

product detail page amazon

Best Seller Badge

The Amazon Best Seller Badge is awarded to the product listing that receives the highest amount of sales compared to any other product for that subcategory.

In these examples, you can see the top rankings in that product’s subcategory:

amazon product page
product listing page

Price and Shipping Information

The price and shipping information shows right above the Add to Cart button on the product detail page. Having a good price point and providing FREE and fast shipping is a key decision-making factor for many customers when purchasing a product.    

amazon product detail page

Prime Eligibility

If product inventory is fulfilled through Amazon FBM and eligible for Prime shipping, it will show “Ships from Amazon” under the Buy Now button, and include a Prime sticker underneath the price information. 

amazon pdp
more amazon pdp


This field shows if inventory is in stock, if inventory is running low, or the future date that the inventory will be in stock. 

amazon detail page
more amazon detail page

Image Selection

product listing on amazon

Amazon allows you to upload 9 images to your Amazon Product Detail Page. However, only the first 7 images will be immediately seen—unless a customer clicks on an image to see more options. Images play a huge role in sales and conversion as they are a main factor in a customer’s buying behavior.

Think about it: what do you look at first in the product search results page?

Do you read each title word-for-word, or do you skim and mainly look at photos first?

Primary Image

The primary image is the main product photo that shows in a customer search. It is the first image in the Amazon product image selection. The primary image must have a pure white background, and fill at least 85% of the image space. Amazon prefers images to be sized 2000 x 2000 pixels

create amazon listing like this

Product-Specific Options

This section shows any product variations (sometimes known as “child” listings or products). Customers can select the color, size, quantity, and style they desire from the options listed. 

how to create an amazon listing

Product Features

This section is also referred to as the bullet points. This is a great opportunity to share important features, benefits, usage suggestions, directions, and more to help customers make an informed buying decision.

amazon product detail age rules

Buy Box

This is the seller featured in the “Sold By” section. Amazon automatically selects the seller that they feel the customer would prefer. Usually, that means the Amazon seller with the fastest shipping, the cheapest price, and/or a higher seller rating.  

When a seller ‘wins the Buy Box,’ it means they are the featured seller on the Amazon Product Detail Page. 

where is the product detail page on amazon

Other Sellers Box

The sellers that are NOT the featured seller in the Buy Box can be found here. When the featured seller is out-of-stock, the Buy Box will feature the seller who’s next in line (according to the algorithm). 

how to find product detail page on amazon
find amazon product detail page
where amazon product listing for other sellers

“Frequently Bought Together”

These are the two add-on products that Amazon sees most customers buy together with your product. Amazon reports that the recommended product sections account for around 35% of all Amazon sales!

Clearly, it’s in your best interest to get as many of your own products shown in this section as possible.

frequently bought together on amazon listing page

“Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”

These are the most frequently purchased products in relation to a specific product ASIN lookup. Amazon is anticipating what a customer would like to see in order to make more sales. 

frequently bought together items on Amazon listing page

Sponsored Products Related to this Item

This is where competitors can run product-targeting campaigns to show up on another product’s detail page. This section appears above the customer question-and-answer section.

product detail page sponsored products related to item

Product Details

The “Product Information” section gives important product details about the product weight, dimensions, reviews, best sellers rank, manufacturer, and the date the product first became available.

product details on Amazon

This section is created inside the ‘More Details’ tab when you are editing your Product Detail Page inside your Amazon Seller Central account. Filling out this section with as many details as possible can help you show up in more customer searches and filters. 

product details

A+ Page Content

This is a powerful feature available to sellers with Brand Registry. It allows customers to learn more about your brand and product using rich multimedia content—text, images, graphs, comparison charts, and more. Choose from different module styles to set up your A+ Content to fit your preference and brand style. 

A+ page content for Amazon product detail page
amazon a+ content page

Provide Relevant Information that Your Customers Want AND Need!

It is super important to tailor the content in your Amazon product listing to what your ideal customer is looking for. 

Why does your customer want to buy your product? What is the final result they want to achieve/receive from using your product?

For example, people are not really purchasing a drill—they are buying the holes the drill will make. 

How can you get inside your customers’ minds to figure out what they want?

With our Review Insights Tool (part of our Amazon Chrome Extension), you can instantly get a list of the most commonly used phrases that come up in reviews from your products, and those of your competitor’s listings. 

It gives you valuable insights into what typical buyers for your products are looking for. You can learn exactly what they like and what they DON’T like. Find out how they use your product and where. You can understand more of the story of “why” to purchase your product. 

You gain knowledge that you would never find out by just doing keyword research alone. 

Then, apply that important information and direct language inside your sales copy and how you talk to your customer. You can show the story of your product with your images. 

amazon product reviews for product detail page

For example, in the screenshot above, a common phrase in customer reviews for this dog toy is “with peanut butter.” So you could create an image of a happy pet owner spreading peanut butter on the dog toy. 

You could also create a bullet point that gives a pro-tip to dog owners to put peanut butter on the dog toy for extra fun!

Leverage Your Product Detail Page and Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads

Remember: the more potential customers can imagine themselves using your product, the more likely they will be to make an instant purchase. If they feel understood by your company, they may become loyal customers that share it with their friends and family.

Understanding how an Amazon product listing works is the first step to building one that converts. Now that you’re familiar with the components of an Amazon product detail page, you’re ready to start creating and optimizing your listings!

Learn more about Amazon listing optimization here, then check out some of our tools that make the process that much easier.

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