Index Checker – Amazon Keyword Index Checker

Index Checker allows sellers to figure out which of their backend and frontend keyword search terms are being indexed by Amazon and which ones are not. Some bad keywords might also cause good keywords to NOT rank at all. To be more effective, enter in competitor ASINs and check what keywords they do and do not rank for.

Amazon Keyword Index Checker





Spending Hours Painstakingly Checking Which Amazon Keywords You’re Indexed For?
Index Keyword Checker Shows You Which Keywords You’re Indexed For on Amazon in Seconds!

This FBA seller must-have allows you to quickly and easily identify which of your keyword search terms are actually being indexed by Amazon. Do not assume that you’re being indexed for all of the keywords you’re targeting because that is often not the case… Not showing up in results for popular search terms means you’re missing out on potential revenue and requires your immediate attention. Knowledge is power, and you must be certain which of your back-end and front-end keywords are being indexed by Amazon in order to identify where an issue might be. Index Checker is an incredible time saver that allows you to instantly gain clarity on which keywords you do and do not have a chance to rank for.

Keyword Index Checker

Why Index Keyword Checker is essential for any serious FBA seller:

01What normally takes hours now only takes 30 seconds.

02You’ll quickly discover which keywords are being picked up by Amazon’s algorithm so you can optimize your listings to rank on page one.

03Determine which bad Amazon keywords may be causing the good ones to not index.

04Enter your competitors ASINs and check what keywords they are indexed for.

05Used regularly by six-figure per month Amazon sellers to cut down on time and maximize profits.

What Normally Takes Hours Can Be Done in 30 seconds with Index Keyword Checker!

Complete Hours of Work in Seconds

Stop wasting your time manually checking to see which keywords you’re showing up for. Enter up to 1,000 characters worth of keywords and Index Checker will quickly display whether or not they’re being indexed. Add this process to your monthly routine and be certain that your products are always being properly indexed by Amazon.

Be Clear on Which Keywords are Actually Being Indexed by Amazon

Not being indexed for popular keywords is the last thing you want. These potential profit leaks could be costing you serious revenue. With the help of Index Checker, you don’t have to be clueless. Check your keywords often to discover any issues and take action to make sure you’re indexed for future searches.

Spy on Your Amazon FBA Competitors and Gain an Advantage

Enter the ASINs of your competition and quickly discover which terms they do and don’t rank for. You may find profitable keywords that your competitors are using and you’re not that can be incorporated into your SEO to increase traffic to your product listings.

Index Checker is a Huge Time Saver Used by Thousands of Successful Amazon Sellers!