Hijacker Alert – ASIN Fraud Monitoring

Too often “hijackers” try to steal sales away from you by trying to sell your private label products without permission or knock-offs of your products, ruining your reputation and wallet. Hijacker Alert prevents fraud by monitoring your chosen ASINs to ensure that no one else is selling your products but you and delivering alerts when it detects unauthorized listings.

ASIN Fraud Monitoring





Do You Have 24/7 Monitoring of Your Amazon Product Listings to Keep Hijackers from Stealing Your Sales?
Stop Missing Out on Revenue and Prevent Hijackers from Destroying Your Hard-Earned Reputation on Amazon!

Hijackers are challenging to detect and almost impossible to prevent without the help of a 24-hour surveillance software. Hijacker Alert will continually monitor all your ASINs and instantly alert you when another seller attempts to sell counterfeits of your products or usurp your brand authority.

This essential tool will catch brand breaches like Buy Box loss, Best Seller Ranking changes, Best Seller badge changes, product suppressions, and much more. This software is almost universally used by Amazon’s top FBA sellers because it provides an automated and proactive solution to the threat of hijackers. Don’t discover the problem when it’s too late ̶ protect your brand and keep the imposters at bay!

Constant Monitoring of All Your Amazon Product Listings for Hijackers to Protect Your Reputation

ASIN Fraud Monitoring

How Hijacker Alert Protects Your Amazon Seller Reputation from Counterfeiters:

01Constantly monitor your product listings and receive instant alerts of any potential hijacker activity.

02Prevent the sale of fraudulent products that may cut into your profits or devalue your Amazon brand.

03 Automatically import your ASINs into Hijacker Alert or enter them manually.

04Monitor all of your ASINs 24/7 in real time.

05Gain peace of mind that your inventory is protected against fraudulent takeovers and counterfeit products.

24/7 Hijacker and Counterfeit Monitoring for Fulfillment by Amazon Sellers

It’s Crucial to Have a Software to Monitor Your Brand to be Completely Safe from Hijackers

Hijackers are getting smarter all the time and finding it easier to go undetected by their victims. Often, they will only hijack an Amazon listing for a few seconds making it nearly impossible to notice. Hijacker Alert will constantly monitor your product listings and protect your reputation from potential threats.

Protect All of Your Amazon Listings from One Easy to Use Dashboard

Hijacker Alert provides 24/7 surveillance for an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings. You’ll have the ability to monitor your entire FBA inventory all from one place. You’ll rest easy with the assurance that all your products are safe day and night.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts Allow You to Immediately Respond to a Threat

Being proactive and immediately responding to an alert is the best way to have success against hijackers. Constant monitoring of your listings allows you to be armed and ready when a risk is detected. Hijacker Alert also helps you report the active hijacker to Amazon, so the company can quickly remove them from the marketplace.

Block Hijackers from Jumping on Your Amazon Listing and Rest Easy with 24/7 Monitoring of All Your FBA Inventory!