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How to Easily Measure Competitor Review Velocity on Amazon

Competitor review velocity measure when a product gets new reviews, and Xray has added a column that shows the change in review count in the last 30 days.

In trying to find new product niches to target for selling on Amazon, many sellers will look at competitor review numbers to measure the opportunities.

Review velocity is the rate at which a product accumulates new reviews, and Xray has added a new column to its results page that shows the change in review count in the last 30 days.

Check out our quick video on the new competitor review velocity feature in Xray:

Xray delivers hidden data on any product in our 450 million+ database of Amazon products, now including when they receive new reviews. Additionally, users will also be able to see when reviews are removed in the form of negative numbers, typically due to action taken against that seller by Amazon.

helium 10 xray

If you click on the review counters for any Amazon product in the Xray list, you can see how the review count for that product has changed over time in a clean graph for your reference.

xray-amazon product research

Additionally, if you are curious about your own new review ratio, you can research your own ASIN in Xray via the Helium 10 Extension.

The key part of this competitor review strategy is to find products that are selling a high volume of units but are getting low review counts. These products are good opportunities to break into the niche because while the seller may be dominating in sales, it’s not apparent to customers. Jumping into these markets are ideal for an entrepreneurial seller looking to get into a lucrative niche.

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2 responses to “How to Easily Measure Competitor Review Velocity on Amazon”

  1. Hello,
    Great feature. However if possible it would be great to get Velocity review in % of sales (how many product review they get per 100 sales). It can help to understand what the best in the category are doing to get high percentage of review (and you have this data as sales are estimated through xray).

  2. Thanks for taking out the background music and adding back the speed control back in. It’s always worth the time to watch your vids.*****/***** 🙂

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