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Adtomic Powered by Pacvue Now Supports Walmart Connect!

Helium 10, a leading provider of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for brands, agencies, and sellers, is proud to announce Adtomic powered by Pacvue is now available for Walmart Connect advertising management!  

Engineered by our global team of data scientists, Adtomic powered by Pacvue leverages an enhanced advertising, decisioning, and machine learning AI that provides Adtomic users with streaming data updates, robust reporting capabilities, more precise automation, an improved user experience, and more. Armed with advanced algorithms, audience signals, and machine learning capabilities, Walmart advertisers can now streamline campaign management, better track benchmarks and KPIs, and ultimately drive superior advertising performance to gain an edge in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape. 

Walmart Connect advertisers can also use these new Adtomic powered by Pacvue features: 

  • Customized rules for bid & budget adjustments that enable more precise optimization 
  • Dayparting for bid changes to maximize impressions at peak traffic  
  • Bid AI for Walmart auto campaigns that streamlines the optimization process & utilizes resources more efficiently  

The Best Is Yet to Come for Adtomic Users 

These updates position Adtomic for faster, more robust feature releases in the coming months, as well as deeper integration with the rest of the Helium 10 suite, so get ready for even more powerful solutions for driving your business forward to launch soon. 

The implementation of Adtomic powered by Pacvue is just the beginning of the game-changing capabilities that continue to cement Helium 10’s position as a leader in the e-commerce industry. Automation and AI will save you time so that you can focus on what’s important—scaling your business! 

Learn More About Adtomic Powered by Pacvue 

To learn more about Adtomic powered by Pacvue and how it can elevate your Walmart (and Amazon) advertising efforts, visit our site for more information. One of the best ways to stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce is to upgrade your advertising game, after all! 


A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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