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Are Amazon FBA Coaches/Mentors Worth It?

Athletes are not the only ones who benefit from direction and motivation. Slapshots or sales figures, touchdowns or TACoS, 3 pointers or 7 figures… if someone can think of a baseball one let me know. The point remains the same, effective coaching unlocks potential that already exists. If there’s one place that’s full of potential, it’s the Amazon marketplace.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Vince Lombardi, American Football Legend

We constantly see people asking about Amazon FBA coaching in our Facebook groups. Nine times out of ten, they get swarmed by a dozen people offering their Amazon FBA mentoring services. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be hard to separate the snake oil from the salesman.

How do you know who to trust? Which Amazon coaches are genuine and who is taking advantage of new sellers? How much money is an Amazon coach actually worth? What does being an “Amazon FBA coach” even mean?

Another big hurdle is cost. We’ve seen some of the better Amazon business coaches charge $200-500 a month. If this results in tens of thousands of dollars in the long run, then yes, this is totally worth it!

But for new sellers, this isn’t always feasible. 

Amazon Seller Coaching

Amazon FBA Coaching Isn’t Always What It Seems

We interviewed some people who have had interesting experiences with coaching and mentorship. One individual noted how they were using Youtube to learn about Amazon. They came across one channel that seemed to really know what they were talking about and had thousands of subscribers.

In the videos, the host would talk about their coaching/mentorship program, so this individual decided to sign up. One thousand dollars later, they realized that the host did not know as much as it seemed. That was $1,000 down the drain that could have been used for other things.  

This same future Amazon seller got connected with another group coaching system that was only about $100 a month. They figured, worst-case scenario, they would lose $100 instead of $1,000. They had a much more pleasant experience and were able to learn from the mentors, as well as the others in the group, and even made long-term friends.  

Their advice for others? “Be careful when you choose a mentor because some, even though they run an amazon business, may not have the knowledge that you need in order to start and succeed in this field.”   

Don’t just look at someone’s Amazon private label revenue to decide if they would be a good Amazon business coach or not. Just because someone only grosses $10,000 a month does not instantly make them useless as a coach. Conversely, just because someone grosses $100,000 a month does not instantly make them a great coach.  

Helium 10’s Bradley Sutton speaks and educates on Amazon all over the world and he is the host of the most listened-to podcast about Amazon in the world. How many private label products of his own has he launched? None. His experience comes from helping other sellers and companies launch more than 400 products. Don’t use a screenshot of someone’s own Amazon sales as the sole basis of if they are knowledgeable or not.  

To clarify, Not all amazon coaches are bad – we know plenty of great ones. But how do you know what (or who) you need?  We have gotten countless messages from our customers asking us who we recommend for coaching or if we offer coaching ourselves. 

In the past, the answer was always no. But no longer. 

We now have Freedom Ticket Xtra.

Who Is the Main Amazon FBA Mentor for Freedom Ticket Xtra?

Kevin King – one of the most sought-after Amazon educators in the world. 

Kevin has sold millions of dollars on Amazon, spoken at events all over the world, and continues to be a successful seller on Amazon to this day. With 20 years of Amazon selling experience, Kevin King was the obvious choice to lead the Freedom Ticket Amazon seller course, and now the Freedom Ticket Xtra coaching program.

“The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled.”

Ric Charlesworth, Hockey Legend
Freedom Ticket Dashboard

What Is Freedom Ticket Xtra?

Freedom Ticket Xtra capitalizes on an already fully-loaded seller course by adding three additional group calls per month with Kevin King himself. These calls effectively function as “ask me anythings.” Ask Kevin about setting up your account, product research, launch strategy, and logistics advice. You won’t get this kind of personal attention anywhere else – don’t be afraid to ask him to validate your products or critique your listing.

On top of this, every month, Kevin brings in a different guest speaker to teach the group about something specific. This may be anything from importing, to keyword research, to dealing with account suspensions.

Freedom Ticket Xtra user, Dana Krajnc explains, “Direct access to an Amazon e-commerce Expert is simply priceless.”

For Dana, having access to solutions for pressing issues was most important. This includes:

  • How to launch PPC for a travel product when COVID-19 started
  • How to optimize listings to keep their Amazon Choice badges
  • How to remedy declining conversion rates quickly

With Freedom Ticket Xtra and Kevin King’s help, Dana was able to successfully launch a product, survive inevitable setbacks, and continue their path to profit.

“To have the chance to ask Kevin questions directly and to get relevant answers on any Amazon-related topic is simply the most valuable asset.”

Ask Amazon Seller Questions

This program does not cost the hundreds of dollars that many coaches charge. Freedom Ticket Xtra costs $77 per month. We understand that a big part of starting your journey selling on Amazon is your budget. The last thing we want is to stretch it thinner than it needs to be. 

Our goal is to make personalized coaching accessible for all.

However, in the spirit of all things Helium 10, we asked ourselves, “How can we take something good and make it great?” That’s why we’ve decided to expand the program once again.

Freedom Ticket Xtra now includes:

  • One AMA (“ask me anything”) with Helium 10’s Director of Training, Bradley Sutton, every month. Take this opportunity to ask Bradley anything about selling on the Amazon platform. Don’t be afraid to bend Bradley’s ear about his eclectic background in Zumba or Sumo…
  • One AMA with Helium 10’s Brand Evangelist, Karyn Thomas, every month. Karyn’s specialty is listing optimization and product photography, however she has also created her own very successful Amazon business and can help tackle almost any question about yours.
  • One AMA with Helium 10’s Product Manager, Barcus Patty, every month. With extensive, hands-on Amazon experience and time working at another Amazon software company before coming to Helium 10, he is one of the top Amazon experts at our company. You may be familiar with a couple of the tools Barcus helped bring to life, Follow-Up and Portals.
  • One special, dedicated PPC AMA with Helium 10’s ADS Product Manager, Vince Montero, every month. Have a PPC question or concern? Vince is your man.

Not only do you still get Kevin King once a week, but now, you will also get one of Helium 10’s lead trainers once every week. 

With most companies, this is the part where I tell you the price has *only* gone up to $99 a month!

With Helium 10, this is the part where I tell you we are keeping the price exactly where it is – the same $77 a month. Give it a try for a month. If you do not feel like you get $77 worth of value out of it, you can ask for your money back before the end of the month.  

Learn more at

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.”

John Wooden, Basketball Legend

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