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5 Steps to Expand Off Amazon: Boost Revenue and Increase Revenue by Launching a Shopify Store

If you have a successful business on Amazon, you might ask yourself, “Why should I sell on another channel?” 

Now, according to Ezra Firestone of Zipify, there are two important reasons why  you should consider launching a Shopify Store: 
1). It protects your business against changes to the Amazon platform that are beyond your control. 
2). It can increase revenue 5–10% in the short term and multiply the value of your brand when you sell it.

This special webinar will be a deep dive on how to launch your own Shopify Store from two e-commerce masters, Ezra Firestone with Bradley Sutton.


What’s Waiting Inside The Webinar: 

  • 3 common mistakes brands make when expanding off Amazon.
  • Ezra’s recommended profit margin for scalable products.
  • Ezra’s best ad formula for cold traffic campaigns on Facebook.
  • The AOV Principle: How to get customers to spend more.
  • My strategies for increasing lifetime customer value.