Trendster – Product Trend Finder

Trendster allows you to quickly and easily analyze products you’re considering sourcing to determine their seasonality. You’ll be able to determine in a matter of seconds if the product will have steady sales year-around or if there are major demand fluctuations that could tie up your cash in slow-moving inventory.

Product Trend Analysis




Want to Know What Kind of Demand There Is For the Amazon FBA Inventory You’re Sourcing?
With Trendster You Can Easily Determine If Your Amazon Products Will Have Year-Round Demand or If There’s a Trend You Can Ride to Generate More Profits!

Intelligent Amazon FBA sellers take advantage of market trends to sell more products and capitalize on future demand. Utilize our trend analyzing tool, Trendster, to observe demand fluctuations for Amazon products that you’re considering sourcing. Simply enter an ASIN and you’ll be able to find out where a market has been and where it is going for any and all products. Sophisticated Amazon FBA sellers leverage information such as this to take advantage of profitable Amazon niche opportunities and dramatically improve their bottom line.

Understanding market trends are the key to knowing if an Amazon product will have a steady stream of year-round sales or if there will be demand fluctuations that could tie up your cash in slow-moving FBA inventory. Sourcing a product in low demand can cost you time and money, but sourcing the right product at the right time is like finding a gold mine.

Product Trend Analysis

How Trendster Can Help You Capitalize on Amazon Product Trends and Produce Year-Round Sales:

01Quickly and easily determine seasonality for FBA inventory you’re considering sourcing.

02Simply enter the ASIN and Amazon keywords for a product and you’ll get results in seconds.

03Discover how the price and sales for a particular Amazon product have fluctuated over time.

04Trend data displays which time of year the product is searched for most.

05Identify clearly defined market trends and take advantage of them to increase sales.

Confidently Source Amazon FBA Products You Know Have High Demand and Enjoy Increased Profits!

Quickly and Easily Analyze Amazon Products Based Off Demand Fluctuations

Performing background research is critical when you consider sourcing a new Amazon product. This formerly time-consuming and tedious task has been condensed to a matter of seconds with the help of Trendster. Simply input your product ASIN and keywords and the Amazon software tool will instantly produce trend data that can be leveraged for your selling success.

Determine Year-Round Demand for Your FBA Inventory

The last thing you want is to have your hard-earned cash tied up in slow-moving FBA inventory due to market fluctuations. Knowing the trends can help you to save money by not paying to stay stocked on a particular FBA product when no one is buying. Furthermore, if you’re sourcing a product that has a steady demand all throughout the year, then you’ll want to be sure that your inventory is restocked often.

Maximize Your Amazon Seller Revenue by Riding the Product Sales Trends

You may learn that sales spike during one season and significantly decline during another. Perhaps you uncover that a certain month sees barely any Amazon product sales while another month has thousands. Being aware of these trends is an incredible resource at your disposal and can significantly increase your Amazon seller revenue. With this power, you’ll have the insight to source FBA inventory before the trend starts and ride its wave of popularity.

Be Smart, Take Advantage of Amazon Product Sales Trends, and Generate More FBA Seller Revenue!