Refund Genie – Inventory Reimbursement Finder

Refund Genie locates your lost or damaged inventory that must be reimbursed by Amazon. Detailed reports are quickly generated so you can promptly collect what you are owed and recoup your losses.

Reimbursement Finder for Amazon




Do You Have Lost or Damaged FBA Inventory? You May Qualify for An Amazon Seller Refund.

Fulfillment by Amazon is a huge operation and they mess up more often than you may know. According to FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy in certain circumstances, if you have lost or damage FBA inventory then you may qualify for an Amazon seller refund.

Manually tracking and creating Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement reports is a nightmare. In fact, Fulfilment by Amazon may owe you even more than you’re aware of because the process is so complicated and confusing. Refund Genie allows you to generate a report for all your lost inventory with the click of a mouse. This essential software quickly compiles FBA reimbursement reports for you to manually submit so you can get back to growing your Amazon seller business. Refund Genie is the indispensable tool used by six-figure per month Amazon sellers to expedite the FBA refund process and significantly reduce loss.

Inventory Reimbursement Finder

How Refund Genie Streamlines the FBA Reimbursement Process:

01The Amazon seller refund process is incredibly confusing and time-consuming, but Refund Genie makes the process simple and straightforward.

02Receive Fulfillment by Amazon refund totals in seconds that would normally take hours to pull manually.

03The software auto-checks five different reasons for FBA inventory reimbursements.

04View previous reimbursements, plus what current Amazon seller refunds are owed to you.

05Simply copy and paste pre-written messages to send along with your Amazon seller reimbursement requests.

Find Out How Much Fulfillment by Amazon May Owe You with Refund Genie!

Recover Lost Revenue and Get Back to Running Your Amazon FBA Business

Your Amazon FBA business is your passion and you shouldn’t have to worry if you’ll be compensated for Amazon’s mistakes. Helium 10’s Amazon FBA tool, Refund Genie, was developed so that you can run your business with peace of mind and focus on delivering the product that your customers deserve.

Simple and Easy to Use Amazon FBA Seller Software

Manual alternatives to using an Amazon seller software can be taxing and frustrating. It can take hours to sift through all your orders for potential Amazon FBA reimbursements, and there’s still a possibility that you’ll miss something. Refund Genie is user-friendly so you don’t have to have an in-depth understanding to operate it, saving you time and valuable resources.

Automated and Easy FBA Inventory Reimbursement Reporting Process

This Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursement Finder is automated, so it will do the work for you. This ensures that you don’t have to take additional time away from your other duties to stay on top of your reimbursements. With the simple click of a button you’ll get a complete FBA inventory reimbursement report that you can review and then manually file with Fulfillment by Amazon. Soon enough you’ll start to see the funds flow back into your bank account.

Many of our Customers Easily Pay for a Year or More of Helium 10 Just by Running These FBA Inventory Reports and Getting a Reimbursement!