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Helium 10 Inventory Protector

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Inventory Protector

Peace of mind for every new product listing.

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Benefits of Inventory Protector

New listings on Amazon are vulnerable, we got your back.

  • Stay protected against shoppers who use discount codes to wipe out your inventory during promos
  • Prevent competitors from adding 999 units of your product to their cart to see if you can meet demand
  • In just a couple clicks and a couple seconds, organize your ASINS and protect your inventory
Benefits of Inventory Protector

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Many times, when launching a new product, Amazon sellers will create a coupon discount to help drum up initial excitement and sales. While this is generally a great idea, many sellers fail to place limits on how many coupons shoppers can use at the same time.

Coupon fraud, or “coupon stacking,” is when a scammer claims multiple coupons for the same Amazon listing and applies them all to multiple purchases. This buys up virtually all of the Amazon inventory the seller has.

By using an inventory monitoring system, such as Inventory Protector, sellers can set limits for maximum coupon usage as well as maximum product orders. This prevents malicious competing sellers (black hat sellers) from taking advantage of your new listing and depleting your inventory.

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The Details

Why Inventory Protector Is Essential for Your Amazon Business

When getting ready to launch a new product on Amazon, there are endless factors to remember before going live in the marketplace. A tool like Helium 10’s Inventory Protector is essential for protecting your new product listing from coupon stackers and malicious sellers who are attempting to deplete your inventory. The first few weeks of your product listing going live are crucial for gaining sales momentum. Gaining positive reviews, achieving early keyword rankings, and running successful product discounts are all key to healthy sales on Amazon. Without protection from coupon scammers and black hat competitors, you run the risk of abruptly losing your inventory and possibly even needing to pause or suspend your listing. The only thing worse than a struggling new listing is one collecting 0 sales because they lost their inventory at launch!