Inventory Protector – Guard Against Scammers

Do you dread releasing coupons or other discounts for your products in fear of having one person clean your inventory out for far less money? Have you ever been the victim of a clever coupon stacker who took all of your stock for virtually nothing? Inventory Protector allows you to set limits on how many items can be purchased at a time by individuals so that you don’t lose out on sales and have your inventory sniped away from you.

Guard Against Scammers





Is Your Amazon FBA Inventory Protected from Being Oversold During a Promotion or Launch?
Avoid This Problem with the Help of Inventory Protector and Prevent Someone from Purchasing All Your FBA Inventory.

Running promotions is vital to your success on Amazon, and the last thing you should be concerned with is someone purchasing all your inventory at a discounted price. Inventory Protector prevents Amazon shoppers from using this trick to cut into your profits. Through our simple and easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll have the option to control the maximum order quantity for your entire FBA inventory. Find the products you’d like to protect, set the max order quantity, click protect and your request will be submitted to Amazon for processing. Within a moment, you’ll be able to see which of your ASINs are successfully protected and which are still pending by looking at the status column. With the help of Inventory Protector, you can be sure that your entire inventory is safe from being oversold during your next promotion.

Guard Against Scammers

How FBA Inventory Protector Helps Keep You Protected During Launch:

01Protect your inventory from being oversold at a discounted rate during a promotion

02See all of your inventory at a glance from our user-friendly dashboard

03Locate a specific ASIN quickly with the expanded search capabilities

04Determine which products are currently being protected and which are still processing

05Save time and set the max order quantity for multiple ASINs at once

06Submit your request and confirm success as soon as the data has been verified

Limit Amazon Shoppers from Buying Large Amounts of Your Discounted Products

User-Friendly Dashboard Makes the Submission Process Simple and Easy

Search for the product you’d like to protect by entering the ASIN or a keyword phrase. Set the maximum order quantity to a reasonable limit and click “save” to submit the appropriate feeds to Amazon. Inventory Protector will provide a status update as soon as the data has been pushed and verified with Amazon.

Defend Against Competitors Spying on Your FBA Inventory Levels

A considerable advantage of this Amazon FBA seller tool is that you can block competitors from spying on your inventory levels. We’ve heard of instances in which competitors will add 999 units to their cart so they can investigate if you have enough inventory to meet the order demand. That may sound shady, but unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. With Inventory Protector competitors will not be able to use sneaky methods to spy on your brand.

Run Promotions with the Peace of Mind that Your FBA Inventory is Safe from Being Oversold

Inventory Protector allows you to set the max order amount at the listing level, and not at the promotion level. This tool keeps your FBA inventory protected against shoppers who would use your discount code to purchase large quantities of your product during a promotion. Now you can run your holiday promotions and rest easy that your inventory is safe.

Prevent Amazon Shoppers from Buying All of Your Amazon FBA Inventory at a Discounted Rate