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#244 – Amazon Australia, Split Testing, and Navigating E-Com Patent Issues

Here’s an opportunity to find out the latest on a new Amazon marketplace from an e-commerce veteran who first reached 7 figures back in 2015.

For many, the early years selling on Amazon are referred to as the “wild west days.” Amazon’s relaxed rules governing reviews and giveaways allowed new products to rocket to the top of the page (in many cases) without a single penny having been spent on PPC.

While selling on Amazon has changed dramatically in the last five years, many of the processes that helped entrepreneurs find success back then, are still relevant today. That’s why in this episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Evangelist, Bradley Sutton welcomes Leonard Palad, an e-commerce veteran who’s here to help put selling on Amazon in 2021 into historical perspective.

After charging an Amazon selling course to his wife’s credit card, Leonard quickly found that e-commerce was in his blood. So much so, that he’s still (very successfully) selling his first Amazon product. Beginner’s luck? Sometimes. Most often it’s a result of doing a lot of the little things, and all of the big things right. Listen in and you’ll have the opportunity to hear about what has made Leonard such an Amazon-selling success.

Then, take those strategies and start your own e-commerce dynasty. It’s true; the wild west days are over but there are still plenty of riches out there to be had by those who are working hard and following time-tested paths to success.

In episode 244 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Leonard discuss:

  • 02:23 – An Early Start with Computers
  • 03:27 – Purchasing a Course with His Wife’s Credit Card
  • 05:22 – 20X-ing His Income Selling on Amazon
  • 07:10 – Making the Move to Selling Full-time on Amazon
  • 08:51 – A Five Figure Amazon Seller by 2015
  • 09:08 – Patent Issues Put a Stop to a Second Big Amazon Product
  • 13:38 – Leonard’s Best E-Com Memories  
  • 17:21 – A Hand Sanitizer Product Takes Off   
  • 19:04 – Don’t Be Afraid of Seasonal or Quick Hitting Products   
  • 24:05 – Leonard is a Fan of Split Testing
  • 27:40 – Using Amazon’s A/B Testing for A Plus Content
  • 29:01 – What’s the Latest on Amazon Australia?   
  • 34:16 – Back to School for a Master’s in Marketing
  • 38:19 – How to Contact Leonard   

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