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#228 – An Everyday Amazon Seller, a 7-Figure Payout, and a Trading Card Adventure

This Amazon seller achieved the dream of many. He sold his e-com business, and now he’s jumped into the red-hot trading card arena!

One of the hottest segments of e-commerce in the last year has been the number of Amazon business aggregators that are snapping up Amazon brands and helping e-commerce sellers realize huge payouts. Companies such as Thrasio, which just a few months ago became the fastest business to reach one billion in valuation, have been aggressively pursuing profitable Amazon businesses as they create “stables” of e-commerce brands.

Today on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Evangelist, Bradley Sutton welcomes an everyday seller who received one of those “golden Amazon parachutes.” But it’s what he did with his big payday that caught Bradley’s attention.

Mitul Patel’s first foray into selling on Amazon was the equivalent of jumping into the deep end of the pool. He tried his luck with the super-competitive supplements niche. After taking one on the chin, he rebounded with several profitable Amazon products. He set about building a strong Amazon brand and was rewarded with an offer from an Amazon business aggregator.

Now, he’s found a hobby, and a lucrative business sourcing, and selling trading cards. If you think that it sounds like kid’s stuff, all you need to do is take a look at the prices (and explosive growth in value) that many of these little cards are now commanding.

After listening to this episode, you might be tempted to go through the boxes that you’ve left behind at your parent’s home, looking for your big payday! 

In episode 228 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Mitul discuss:

  • 02:38 – An Application to College Returned to Sender
  • 04:58 – Launching and Failing in the Amazon Supplements Niche
  • 08:16 – A Second Amazon Product Launch was “Amazing”
  • 10:00 – Over a Million in Profits Starting in 2017
  • 12:36 – Building a Single Strong Amazon Brand
  • 14:27 – How to Determine a Good Amazon Product
  • 16:43 – It Doesn’t Take Kevin King’s Skills to Succeed on Amazon
  • 19:33 – Amazon Aggregators Came Knocking   
  • 20:59 – How Did Mitul Value His Amazon Business?    
  • 23:14 – An Aggregator with Amazon Experience Seals the Deal
  • 26:35 – What Did Mitul Do with His Big Payday?
  • 26:36 – Investing in Sports Cards  
  • 34:29 – Card Values are Skyrocketing
  • 39:48 – A Stock Market for Sports Fans
  • 41:39 – Mitul is Making His Way Back to Amazon
  • 45:37 – How to Contact Mitul   

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