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Episode 75 – Rebate Hacks from an Expert in Amazon Keyword Ranking

Most of us who live in the United States understand how fortunate we are to reside in a country where opportunity is often well within reach.

It’s not that attaining eCommerce financial accomplishment doesn’t involve hard work, it does.  

Still, as many of us have found, particularly in selling on Amazon, success is sometimes just one hot product away.  

Amazon, Shopify and others have built out a world-wide eCommerce infrastructure that has helped create a virtual land-of-opportunity that stretches around the globe.  

On today’s episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton welcomes Izabela Hamilton, the founder and CEO of RankBell, a business specializing in Amazon keyword ranking, and someone who might be able to appreciate America’s business freedom in a way that most of us cannot.  

Izabela originally came to the United States from Romania as part of an Au Pair program. Later, she went to school in San Diego and studied psychology and computational science, two subjects tailor-made for understanding both Amazon’s sellers and the twists and turns of their A9 algorithm.  

She was married to a US Marine, and it was while stationed at far-flung military postings that she came to appreciate the nearly magical feeling of receiving a box from Amazon containing a favorite block of imported cheddar cheese while in the middle of a war-zone.

Though she imagined herself an entrepreneur at a young age, life in Romania didn’t exactly allow her to take advantage of her inclinations. 

As she says herself, “Here in the United States, it doesn’t matter who your parents are, people here care about what YOU can do.”

It was while thinking about how she herself could carve out a niche in eCommerce, that a friend asked her to help him create momentum for his own Amazon store.  

The research she had put into planning for her own Amazon career wasn’t wasted because her friend and his store almost immediately became a huge success.

Finally, she could start her own Amazon store and enjoy some of that success for herself.  

Not so fast.  

Another friend came calling, then, a friend of a friend.  

Soon, she had a sizeable group of Amazon sellers using her techniques and guidance in order to thrive on Amazon. 

“Am I going to get in trouble for this?”, is frequently one of the first things you’ll hear when a group of Amazon sellers gets together to discuss rebate techniques.  

But rebates need not be scary.  

Whether it’s sending off UPC coupons from cereal boxes in order to get that cool new Star Wars t-shirt or decoder ring, we’ve been enjoying the benefits of rebates for some time now.  

They’ve always been around.  What Izabela and RankBell have done is to modernize the process. 

Izabela says that her company is on a mission to “Help third-party sellers make an impact with their brands, build sustainable wealth, stop stressing about financial security, and start living the life they’ve always dreamed of.”

Sounds like something that we’d all enjoy.  

Listen in and find out more from Izabela and RankBell, including how to ‘stick your landing” with your new product launch. 

In episode 75 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Izabela discuss:

  • 02:05 – America Was Always Her Dream
  • 04:35 – Married to a US Marine, She Did a Tour of Hard to Reach Bases
  • 06:05 – Here in the US, Nobody Asks You Who Your Parents Are
  • 07:02 – What is Her Entrepreneurial Background?
  • 09:05 – Amazon Was the Only Way to Get the Cherished Personal Items
  • 11:15 – Instead of Selling on Amazon, Consulting Kept Occupying Her Time
  • 12:45 – Am I Going to Get in Trouble for This?  
  • 15:22 – Her Concierge Service Includes a Recommendation to Use Helium 10
  • 18:35 – Vetting Her Buyers
  • 21:34 – Understanding Online Buyer Behavior
  • 24:41 – Authentic Reviews Offer Both Ranking and Invaluable Product Feedback
  • 25:21 – Sticking Your Landing
  • 26:49 – Don’t Cheap-Out on the Important Elements
  • 29:30 – Working with Promotions 
  • 30:15 – How to Get in Touch with Izabela    

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Bradley Sutton: Do you know what an Au Pair is? We’ll find out today what that is from somebody who came to America to be one, but now as the CEO of a large company that is dedicated to helping Amazon sellers get the keyword rank that they desire.

Bradley Sutton: Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS, free, unscripted, unrehearsed, organic conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the eCommerce world. And we’ve got another in house guest today, Izabela Hamilton. Izabela, how’s it going?

Izabela H.: Oh my God. So good. It’s so good to be here, Bradley. Thank you for having me.

Bradley Sutton: All right, thank you for coming here. Now you are actually local to me down there in San Diego, so now you have a little taste of the drive I have to do every day.

Izabela H.: Right. Yeah, it’s not too bad, but doing it every day back and forth, it can now be a little bit too much.

Bradley Sutton: That’s why I’m looking for a Tesla because of that autopilot and then I can do work while I drive or will at while the car drives itself. So that’s what I’m trying to, that’s why I’m trying to get.

Izabela H.: Oh, my goodness. Do you really trust that?

Bradley Sutton: I trust technologies. Maybe too much, but Hey, that’s me. Now, I met you first, I believe it was in Vegas I think, but it was actually Prosper, not Seller, right?

Izabela H.: No, it was Prosper.

Bradley Sutton: Yes. I still remember it was one of those after parties or the networking events. I think that another serious seller guest, Nathan from Freedom had done. And I was like, how have I not heard about you being a big player in the field? And you’re from my hometown, so we’ll get a little bit more into what you do later. But what I always start with as I do with everybody is their origin story. Because the point I want to get across is there are people of all walks of life or now in the industry and very successful. And I’ve had, I don’t know, 50 60 guests so far and there has not been 2 people that have had even a remotely close origin story. So let’s talk about, let’s go way back. When were, where did you grow up originally?

Izabela H.: That’s a great question. I know I lost a little bit of my accent, but I think it comes out when I’m nervous, maybe just a tiny bit. But yes, so I’m from Romania and I’ve been in US for the past, I would say 16 years now. I think after 10 you kind of lose track, you’re like 16, 17 not sure. But about that time, so my dream has always been to come to US because I felt like Romania was just a little bit too small for me. And, I always felt like US is the land of opportunities, which he really is. And I wanted to take a chance and see how I will do. And I came here and absolutely fell in love with this country. It really is the greatest country.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So 16 years ago, so, so basically you were 10 years old when you came here, right? You were a nanny at 10.

Izabela H.: I appreciate that.

Bradley Sutton: So you went to high school then and your schooling all in Romania.

Izabela H.: Right.

Bradley Sutton: All right. So then you came here and did you find a family?

Izabela H.: Yes, so the company sets you up with a family and you can stay for up to one year. And I finished that. I went back to Romania for a little bit and decided that this is where I want to be. So I came back while I was still on the program and signed off for college and went through school here to be able to remain in this country.

Bradley Sutton: Was that also here in San Diego or in California or somewhere else.

Izabela H.: Yes, that was in San Diego.

Bradley Sutton: So then now did you finish your university?

Izabela H.: I did actually. I started my schooling with a Psychology degree and then I, decided to switch to Computational Science. And then, I moved over seas. I actually lived in Africa and Asia for about 3 years, Rwanda and Burma. And while I was there, I couldn’t do Computational Science because it was a very new program at the time and there was nothing like it online, like you actually had to be present, to do that. So I, just get accounting, so now I have a degree in accounting. I know from psychology all the ways to accounting.

Bradley Sutton: Well, what brought you to Rwanda and Burma? I mean, usually it’s like, Hey, I’m going to go to, Malaysia for your Singapore or Ali,

Izabela H.: Which I’ve been to all those places and they’re beautiful. One of my passions is definitely traveling. My husband is a US Marine and we were station in the, those two countries and we actually both worked for the US Government while we were there at the US Embassy.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So then were you one of those, you know, like I, I don’t know if you’ve heard the podcast with Carlos Alvarez that we had recently. He was one that who was kind of like, he knew from a very early age, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Like he would, you know, he was a 4th grade dropout and he would go and, and buy things and sell them to his, his friends in school, like from elementary school now where you one of those where that entrepreneurial bug kind of hit you early or were you kind of like a late bloomer as far as that?

Izabela H.: I was an early, early entrepreneur and I think that’s what really made me come to this country because it was very closed to offer me for. Like Romania, we had communism and, it was very hard to pursue your dreams when it comes to being an entrepreneur. So I finished high school. I really wanted to work, to be able to get a really good job there. You have to know somebody, and I know it sounds bad, so they don’t really look, and I don’t want to say now because I’m sure times have changed, but in the past you had to be somebody to be able to get a position, which is so, interesting. I don’t want to give it other names. So I wasn’t able to do anything that I really wanted and that’s when I decided, this is way too small for me. I need to get out of this little box and I need to pursue my dreams. So the difference between Romania and US is here, nobody asked you, who your parents are. They don’t care about where you come from. They care about what you can do and how you can improve somebody’s life in a way. And, I love that because I can only stand on what I am, what I am and what I’m building rather than what my parents did or who they are in my city. So, um, I think that’s one of the best things about this country. You can be yourself.

Bradley Sutton: Very true. Very true. You actually came here today, I don’t know how you guys met, but now you’re BFFs with another former serious sellers podcast. Kristina, who also had a similar story, you know, to coming from a not exactly Russia, it was Belarus. Yes. Belarus is where she came from. So now let’s fast forward a little bit about eCommerce in particular. So you, you kind of had this entrepreneurial bug. Now, did you have any endeavors in e-commerce? You know, before you’re doing what you’re doing now, like did you start your own .com or did you sell on eBay or anything like that?

Izabela H.: No, I actually haven’t done any of that, but I did, I did a real estate, it was actually quite successful here in San Diego, but I’ve always had this sales personality and I’ve always loved working with people. So I think that’s what got me to the point of being an entrepreneur. I open my Amazon account in 2010 do you remember when you opened your own, Bradley?

Bradley Sutton: I’ve never really had my own Amazon account. I mean, I worked for a company maybe in, I think it was around 2012, 2013, but nothing was in my name, so I couldn’t really call that my account.

Izabela H.: Interesting. Yeah. So I was looking because, I was checking that the times that I was at Wanda and I was there from 2011, 2013 and then moved to Burma and I was looking, actually, you can see all your purchases on Amazon. And I was looking to see from the time I told them, yes, yes, it is buyer’s.

Bradley Sutton: When do I have a buyer’s account? That’s a good question. Yeah. But I think, I still think it was around 2012 so, so you were in Burma and you had, you still have opened up your…

Izabela H.: I had my account right before going to overseas and I’m gonna tell you why I’m bringing this up, but I thought it was so cool that you can go to your account. You just log into Amazon, going to your account, go on a download order reports and it actually tells you the year you opened it and how much you’ve spent. So my actually it was interesting, it was about 38,000, I thought it would’ve been a little a thousand dollars.

Bradley Sutton: Wow $38,000. You’re privately financing Jeff Bezos divorce.

Izabela H.: Right, right, exactly. But it was interesting to see how like my order came in while I was overseas because is when I actually started falling in love with Amazon and, how I got to be so involved with it. So we were overseas station there and it was the only company that was able to send packages to us. So here you are in a third world country, you can get your stuff is quick and easy bud or at all actually. Like if you ordered something from Nordstrom, they will never ship it overseas. But Amazon was the only one to ship it there. And I was like, Oh my God, how amazing is this company? So I started just..

Bradley Sutton: You mean you said how cool is that? Just like Manny,

Izabela H.: Amazing. How cool is that right? To me was mind blowing that you are in this country where you can’t actually even find cheddar cheese in the store. You really can, but you could order off of Amazon, like those blocks of cheese, best thing ever. Right? So I started digging into it and see how can I be part of that? How can I be part of this rolling company? How can my, my little touch make, have some, any, any effect on anybody around me? So that’s when I decided to a start looking into selling products actually on Amazon. And just by researching and looking at all this, of course back then it was so much more opportunity. But then something amazing happened, which I had the time. I didn’t know, I didn’t recognize it, but I had a friend who, wanted to open an Amazon store and I was like, Oh my God, perfect. I’m actually researching this. Let me help you. So he allowed me to help him, like he’s listing. And of course I wasn’t a professional, and then, and it was just, you know, basically what people do now. Look at your competition, what they’re doing, how they create their listing, their photos. So I helped them set that up and he started becoming very, very successful. And I said, Oh my God, this, this is great. And I of course I still have products in my mind, I should do this. But then that friend referred me to somebody else, somebody else referring to somebody else. So it kind of became like a small service that I was providing and of course, you know, wants to get paid for a year. Like, Oh my God, this is so exciting. So I continued on that path and I just, I became really, really good at it. So now instead of having products, I moved on to just offering this type of service to, to my clients and I absolutely love it.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So, basically Rank Bell, you know, is your service. I love that it kind of incorporates your name and talking about like ranking on Amazon and right off the bat, I mean this is kind of like all the rage, you know, now I’ve had Ian from Rebate Key on here. And so the very first question that anybody has whenever they hear about, these kinds of services, it’s just, they’re always, they’re like, wait a minute, isn’t that against terms of service, you know, giving, giving rebates. And I remember the way Ian explained it to me right here on the podcast, you know, a few weeks ago was like us growing up. You didn’t grow up here in this country. I don’t know if you know about this cause I’m not even sure if they still do this. I know you have kids now if you might, maybe you buy them cereal. But when I was young, there’d be these cereal boxes and then there’d be like a little offer where like I remember, I still remember it cause it was my favorite one where it was like if you, if you send in the UPC, you know, cut it off of the cereal box and send it in, we’re gonna give you like a star Trek shirt or, if you cut off the UPC, send it in and we’re gonna give you, a $10 gift certificate or we’re gonna do this or that. And, and the way that, you was explaining it was like that. That’s basically all rebates are for, you know, companies have been using this technique on N off of Amazon for years where you, they want people to purchase it and they’re, they’re telling them, Hey, if you purchase it, you know, we’ll give you, you know, something, something back. You know, it’s not asking for a review or anything like that. But is that your basic take or what do you tell people, cause I’m sure when you first hire or when people first hire you that one of their first questions is like, wait, am I gonna get in trouble for this?

Izabela H.: Right. So yeah, rebates are nothing new. They, they’re just a little bit newer to the Amazon selling community. But rebates in general have been, all the marketplaces for many, many years. I’m often just like you mentioned the million rebates, manufacturer rebates and this is, this is no different really. And we’ve never heard or heard of anybody getting suspended, for this. And none of my sellers even got a warning from Amazon on this. Even if you were to go to Costco right now and you walk down the aisle, you can go into like the appliance section and if you see one of those, expensive lenders, if you, if you look in their price side, you may even see now, what they have, like instant rebates. And, you can get, as I said, any of this product and you can mail in your receipt with proof of purchase. And some of these, if you’re really, really avid shopper and deal binder, you may even find places that actually offer you 100% well rebate.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So now one, unique thing about you, I don’t have people who do similar things, you know, on the podcast, I try and keep it apart, for, for a year. I don’t want people to get bored, but I do believe that what you do is very unique, very different than, than rebate key. So for the first thing is there are no use of URLs in your service. Correct. Alright, so, so how, how does that even work then?

Izabela H.: So, we have what is called a search fund by which a lot of the experienced sellers, know what it is. It’s really the most powerful, ranking method out there. And, no links compare to, the organic sales. Right. And, another beautiful thing about Rank Bell is your product is completely safe from others view. So you go to all these other rebates sites and everybody’s product is there. When a new seller wants to do a to start selling on Amazon, they may even look at deal sites and get ideas from there. With rank bell, you don’t have that. We don’t show case your product anywhere. So your product, if it’s unique, it would just be between me and you and the shoppers obviously. But, it will not be shown anywhere. So safety, it’s, it’s our absolute, virtue concierge service I would say. So basically full service, you don’t have to worry about anything. A seller comes to us, they give us the plan. Of course, we encourage them to go to Helium 10 to the Cerebro. They track their, their giveaway amount, how many they need per day, which is another thing that’s different than other rebates sites. We are able to guaranteed the amount of sales needed per day. So ranking is crucial when it comes to the amount of sales needed per day, if you don’t need that quota, you may fall short and on other rebate sites, you may not be able to, let’s say yet 80 orders in a day if you want it to. Whereas with us, you can,

Bradley Sutton: Well basically you’re, if somebody tells you, in other words, Hey, we want 20 orders to go out, you guarantee that there’s gonna be 20. It’s not like it could be 10, it could be 30 or something. Okay. Okay. Now a quick question. You know, talking about buyers now, have you seen any correlation of this as far as like the quality of a buyer for having to do with how a product ranks at all?

Izabela H.: I think when you look at a quality of a buyer, I automatically think of me, you, everybody else who shops on Amazon, which means if you were to go and look right now for notebooks, you would look on the first page. You would actually go and search every listing, possibly if it’s something that interests you. So I think impressions, it’s what really matters. So just show a natural shopper behavior, which again is like I said, you know, if you want to look for a Nobel cue, we’ll look forward the one that you like. So you will go through those listings, you would see the one that’s more appealing and that’s what you would buy. You would see, you would look at the main photo, which by the way is very important. Make sure you are, you have the best photo on your listing. Buyers only spend a few seconds and in those few seconds they will be able to tell if they will, if they are buying your products or your competition, right? So I think when it comes to, the quality, just make sure, just like any other buyer would do, look at the listing, keep through the listings and pick the one that suits you. So I think that’s, that’s really the key when it comes to the natural shopping behavior because Amazon compares that to maybe like bots or, I don’t know what other black hat techniques are out there, but when you, when Amazon checks their algorithm, they’re able to tell how long a shopper spent on your listing. So impressions I think are the number one when it comes to the quality of the shopper.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. And then you, you actually do take it very seriously though as far as who you invite on the buyer’s side. It’s not like, Hey, anybody can just go sign up to be, a member to take advantage of any rebates and things. But, but you have like, what, like what is part of your vetting process for how you accept people to not, again, I’m not talking about the Amazon sellers, but the buyers who are buying these products.

Izabela H.: Yeah. So, I have a large, quite a large team. I have, 8 of my main assistant and then I have about almost close to 40, people that do the vetting. We want to make sure that every single one of our buyers is not somebody who would just, go in and order a bunch of products. We are trying to stay away from people who look for deals. What we want to get in our member club is people who are actually interested in your product. We want to make sure that if you come to us with, let’s say stockings, since we’re talking about Kristina, if we want to make sure that the buyers or ordering this product are actually interested in the product, we want them to give us feedback. We want them to say, this product was amazing, this or, or it was effective and we want to make sure that they tell us this. So we don’t want just people who are looking for deals. There’s other deal sites where they can do that. So our buyers are all verified. We make sure they only use one email address. We’re.. We don’t allow them to create a hundred accounts. Which brings me to, a good point, which is hijackers. We never have any issues with that because of our vetting process. So we will, we want to make sure they only use one email address. We have their actual physical address, their name, we want to make sure that there are, they are a good Amazon Prime member that they’re not, what we call pro reviewers. We stay away from anybody that will do anything that’s against TOS terms.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So that’s good. And then, yeah, I think that hijacking is a big deal because when you do have these open websites, basically it’s not just a matter of somebody might have 15 Amazon accounts and they’re gonna get 15 of the same thing and try and resell it. But what they do is they make their own little private Facebook groups and as soon as the deal goes live, they tell their 30 people, Hey, everybody hop on this deal and I’ll give you a dollar each and you just put my address as the address. And then what people don’t realize is when people are thinking, Oh, it’s because people are doing discount promotions or rebates that is getting people suspended. This kind of behavior looks from Amazon’s viewpoint as what’s called brushing, which means that there is just a, some people trying to do fake orders and it’s all going to the same address, which, it’s all going to the same address in this case, not because of what was called brushing, which is what a lot of the foreign sellers use to get reviews, but they were doing it in order to try and take advantage that they can resell. But basically that’s not even an issue with yours. Since you know exactly who’s on your buyers list and, and if anybody for whatever reason did have that behavior, you would, kick it off right away.

Izabela H.: And by doing this for close to 5 years now, you get to learn buyer’s behaviors. So even if I were to have a conversation with somebody right now, I could tell within a few minutes what kind of buyer they are. Like, are they looking to scam the system or you can just sell right away. But yeah, so you mentioned the brushing and that, and I’ve even seen YouTube videos teaching people how to take advantage of deal sites like that where it’s like, you create this many email address and you send it to this address in seller may be completely unaware of it and may, the shorts stick for this, they may get in trouble or for something they’re not even aware. And of course Amazon, doesn’t really care of that. If, if you took you, if you did it yourself, you put yourself on that deal site, Amazon is now gonna say, well for you, all these people took advantage of you. They don’t care about that. It’s a your responsibility, it’s your product. And, another thing about, cause I know you asked me how, rank bell is different and you mentioned the super URLs. So the issues with super URL as you know it, leaves a type of print into Amazon algorithm. Amazon can always go back and check and see where those orders come from. So, even if your product is not index, let’s say yes, you can use a super URL and actually Helium 10 has a really good, what is that gems and that’s, that’s amazing. So I, for somebody that’s brand new and starting, I would say use gem for a day or two or three until your product is index and then use the search, find, buy. Cause, let’s say if you put your super, you’re all on a deal site and somebody orders and you’re not asking them for a review, you are not asking them. But if they do decide to leave a review and Amazon decides to check on that review and it sees that it came from a super URL, it may get deleted. Which, if that happens a lot, you may flag your store even you don’t even do this on purpose, right? It’s just how the algorithm works. They don’t look at you as a bad person. They’re just putting in the numbers and they see that this happened and then, why did we have you guys removed? And second, they’re like, this guy is definitely asking for reviews, which this may not even be the case. So, try to as much as you can. If you do use a super URL, the first few days, I wouldn’t even do the follow up email on those specific buys just to keep yourself safe in case somebody, those reviews. So, what’s, what search, find, buy. We find that some of our buyers that absolutely love your product, we’ll leave some organic reviews themselves. And of course having the follow up system a really works just never exaggerated with that, never abuse that because buyers, they tend to get a little irritated, but as long as you ask them for there are absolute honest feedback to you, not on Amazon, say, you know, really, what did you think of my product? I think that’s such a good thing. Not only it helps you be more successful, but you want that feedback. You want to make sure that you can fix your product and get better at it if you need to.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Let’s talk a little bit since you are so experienced in this, you’ve seen what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, but a question that regardless of what kind of promotion somebody is doing, I mean their main goal is to get on page one and to stay on page one and people have that sticking the landing or how sticky is there a promotion? So what are some good strategic things that you have seen people do that have a history of sticking that landing? Like what advice can you give, whether they’re using your service or whether they’re trying to get to page one however they’re trying to on their own. What can you say about that?

Izabela H.: Well, first of all, before you even, do a launching and a promotion, you want to make sure that your listing is fully optimized. You want to make sure that your titles, you’re, your copy is perfect. So before you even start, just make sure you go to all your competition, see what they’re doing. A lot of your questions will be answered in your competition’s listing. Like, did they change anything? Are you seeing any differences? Look at their reviews. Look what’s missing. So optimize your listing to the fullest. It’s your most valuable real estate, especially the listing title. You want to make sure, again, I can’t stress this enough, a well written copy. Utilize backend search terms. Make sure you add in some Spanish terms, some misspelling, some, words that are used in your niche and, just tried to also try some external traffic from obviously Facebook, Edwards blogs. That’s as far as your listing of photography, make sure is perfect. And I know a lot of sellers want to save money and everybody wants to save money, but there’s some things that you shouldn’t cheap out on. And as I, as I previously said, if you go on, you’re on a listing, it takes a buyer just a few seconds to realize if they want your product or not. So if your photo is amazing, your listing describes everything. If you have a good rating, that’s, that’s where it all starts.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. We’re gonna get into some rapid fire here because we’re getting towards the end here and I do have some, some questions that just came to my mind. So these are we like 15, 20 seconds or less. All right. Duplicate the your target keywords in multiple fields. Like for example, Hey, I want to rank for leather notebook. Should I put it in my bullet points plus the search terms? Yes or no?

Izabela H.: Yes.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Phrase form. Does that help with your ranking? In other words, if I have leather notebook bound or something and then I have leather in the title notebook in the bullet points and bound in the search terms, does that give the same juice as if I have leather notebook bound as a phrase?

Izabela H.: I think it gives the same juice.

Bradley Sutton: Same juice. All right, interesting. Now can you give us this maybe a little bit, you know, maybe 30 seconds or 40 seconds. A cool story, bro. Like a really cool story about somebody who users ever like started from nothing. Like Hey, brand new product. They did a cool launch and boom, all my God, like, you know, two months later, they’re still selling like 30 units a day or so, or just something, something like that.

Izabela H.: Yeah. I actually work with the, with plenty sellers from, from starting from scratch to really, really high, profit. But one of the ones that I’m really, really proud of, I had an amazing seller. He, he was doing about not bad, about 40, 50,000, in sales per month. And, after a few months, I would say in the span of about 6 to 8 months, he was able to reach about a hundred thousand. Yes. He became best seller. And I know that sounds like a large number and I was also shocked and please at the results. But of course he had everything perfect, listing optimized. He was very, aggressive with his, giveaways and also utilizing PPC, utilizing really everything that you can possibly do. So he’s one of those examples that he, he studies something, he applies it and you can see the benefit of it.

Bradley Sutton: Alright. Last question about kind of like keywords and things like that, is length of promotion, what is you think is the best practices? 2 days, 8 days like CPR, 15 days, 1 month. I mean what’s best.

Izabela H.: I’ve actually tested all CPR is very good. I think the ones that are probably the best, and in my opinion, please don’t quote me on this, but I think the ones that are a little bit lengthier, so even 30 days I’ve seen they’re very, very good. What CPR is, is amazing as well.

Bradley Sutton: Guys, she is very easy to pick out. In any event, if you check her on Instagram, she has a very unique look. And so like, people like myself, I’m like a about 8 feet tall and always wearing a hat so you can pick me out. But Isabella has her own look that you can tell us. So like how could people see you on Instagram so they can look out for you. And then also how can they find out more information about your service.

Izabela H.: So, if you’re looking for a service, just go through and I show it and tell you this Bradley. But, if any of your listeners come to me first time users to rank bell, I would, love to offer them a 20% of their first order. Yes. And on Instagram it’s @bela.iza.bela

Bradley Sutton: Love it. All right guys. Make sure to check her out. And then did I used to mention anything to get that 20% or just mention Helium 10.

Izabela H.: Or just mention Bradley at Helium 10.

Bradley Sutton: Just mentioned Bradley. All right, cool. I’ve never been a coupon code before. That’s kind of exciting. Thank you for coming and stopping by.

Bradley Sutton: Quick note guys. Don’t forget that regardless where you are listening to this podcast, whether it’s on your iPhone or on Stitcher, on Spotify, that you hit the subscribe button so you can be notified every time we drop a new episode.


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