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#491 – Kevin King’s Amazon Hacks & Never-Before-Heard Selling Story

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Today, we’re privileged to have an enlightening and engaging conversation with the one and only Kevin King. Before Amazon FBA and E-commerce, Kevin takes us back to his early days as a collector of sports cards, which eventually transformed into a lucrative venture during his college years. In a unique twist to the collectibles market, Kevin began featuring pretty girls on baseball cards. A fascinating story that takes us back to that era and Kevin’s unique business strategy ties into the Amazon-selling industry today.

Get ready to take notes as Kevin King, opens his treasure trove of Amazon seller hacks and wisdom from his vast experience in the business world. From unveiling the concept of intuitive eating that helped him lose a remarkable 70 pounds without dieting, to sharing insightful hacks, strategies, and resources for Amazon sellers, Kevin covers it all. He even takes us behind the scenes of his recently launched an Amazon newsletter and its intriguing and engaging content. Gear up as we switch gears to advanced Amazon seller strategies and explore the unfair advantages and perks you can get by being a Helium 10 Elite member!

As we dive further into the conversation, you’ll hear tales of success from Elite members and how their monthly training and networking calls help them gain insights from some of the top Amazon and Walmart in the space. Rounding off the episode, we anticipate the forthcoming Billion Dollar Seller Summit and the Level Up event. So, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an established business owner, or simply someone with a penchant for compelling stories, this episode is guaranteed to leave you inspired and filled with actionable advice. Don’t miss out!

In episode 491 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Kevin discuss:

  • 00:00 – Kevin King’s Amazon Seller Hacks and Journey
  • 03:59 – Collectible Baseball Cards and Strip Clubs 
  • 10:16 – Kevin’s Weight Loss Journey and Health Tips
  • 24:05 – A Different Amazon Newsletter
  • 27:40 – Increasing Engagement Through Opt-in System 
  • 40:00 – Benefits of Joining the Helium 10 Elite Program 
  • 42:52 – Catch The Next Billion Dollar Seller Summit
  • 48:30 – 60-Second Tip: Automated Tool for Boosting Amazon Sales 


Bradley Sutton

Kevin King is back on the podcast and, in addition to some cool seller hacks that he always has for us, he’s gonna talk about a whole variety of topics like how he used to be a collectible card Manufacture and how he’s lost 70 pounds in the last couple of years without even dieting. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think. Are you a six, seven or eight figure seller and want to network in a private mastermind group with other experienced sellers? Or Maybe you want to take advantage of monthly advanced training sessions with Kevin King, an expert guest? Do you want to come to our quarterly in-person all-day trainings at Helium 10 headquarters? Or do you want the widest access to the Helium 10 set of tools? For all of these things, the elite program might be for you.

For more information on Helium 10 elite, go to Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I’m your host, Bradley Sutton, and this is the show. That’s a completely BS free, unscripted and unrehearsed organic Conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the e-commerce world, and we’ve got the most serious sellers of them all, Kevin King, back on the show. Kevin, how’s it going?

Kevin King

It’s going. I don’t know if I’m serious, though I’m more a I’m a seller, but I’m, yes.

Bradley Sutton

Some people might say you know as like they read my news I would say what is serious, like how serious is this guy? Yeah, yeah, the newsletter. We’re gonna talk about that you know. There’s definitely been some some things that people are saying that this isn’t, this can’t be serious, but we’ll get it. We’ll get into that.

Kevin King

A little bit depends on the total point of view, what you see, what’s coming, yeah, oh my goodness, I can’t wait, I want to talk right off the bat though, before I forget.

Bradley Sutton

You know, I don’t think we’ve talked about this on the podcast before, or maybe you’ve alluded to it. I’ve heard you talk about it, but I’ve never actually dug deep like right now. Hold on, let me just pull something from my back wall here. I just hit it behind. I was sorting some some baseball cards and I’m actually flying to Japan on my own time personal time off and I’m setting up at a card show over there because my dad’s had a business there. But I’ve heard you mentioned before that that you’ve dabbled in in the old days, in the, in the like sports cards or comics or what was it exactly in that industry.

Kevin King

Yes, I as a child back in the 80s, 70s and 80s, I collected the basketball cards, back when the I think it was tops they were big, they’re like four, four by six size or something like that very Huge, and I collect I don’t know. So I don’t know when I started second, third grade. So I’m like that and I collected those, collected baseball cards, collected football cards and I was big into them and then I just kind of I grew out of it. I guess maybe I don’t know, sophomore year, high school or something, just that was a little kid stuff threw everything in a box or actually put everything in a. I think I was going to throw it away. My mom’s like no, no, no, no, don’t throw all that stuff away. So she’s threw it into about my mom’s a hoarder anyway, but she threw it into a box.

And then my senior year of high school, like seven years late, sorry, of college, like seven years later, yeah, I was like I damn, I need some money, man, I need a, I need a little extra cash. I was like what, how can I make some cash? I was like, wait a second. My mom, I think baseball cards now people are actually starting to pay real money for these things. I might actually have, you know, some crazy rookie card for Roger Clemens or something, I don’t know. I called her up. You still got that box of stuff I was going to throw away. She’s like, yeah, I was like I’m coming up to see you, um, you know, from mother’s day or something, I’m gonna grab it from you. So I grabbed it and I went on and I sold to Sold a bunch of those. I had some rare stuff in there, made thousands of dollars just taking them into a hobby shop, you know, a comic book store or whatever, and trading them in. And you got some extra beer, money and cash that I needed when I was, you know, not doing so well, when I was 21, 22 and so that evolved, though into time and, uh, the earth was.

When was this? Like 92, 93, so about three years after college, um, I was doing stuff, mark and I, you know, mark, from billion dollar stars on, we were doing, um, I’d started a magazine, uh, that dealt with strip clubs, actually, and it wasn’t. There’s no nudity or anything. This is the business side of it. It was, you know the business side of it. And and doing that, these, for some reason baseball cards have become hot to put strippers on. So it was everything from you know the cabaret, royal and Dallas to the dollhouse in Orlando, to playboy magazine was doing it, penthouse, all the anybody you know bikini, hawaiian, tropic bikini girls were doing it. It became a thing to put Put pretty girls on on baseball cards and these were being sold through traditional comic stars. This wasn’t like in the adult shops and like the on the other side of the internet. These were like.

Diamond comics was a big distributor back then in capital city comics Too, huge distributors that distributed all the comic book stores. You know they will have big boost at comic con in san diego. Um, they would put these things out and you will put them in packs. It became a huge, freaking business.

Bradley Sutton

We’re selling cases of these and that’s one of my first so you were the, you were the one who made them, or you were we made. I was one of the.

Kevin King

I was both. I was one of the companies, I was making them. Um, originally we had deals because I knew some of these club owners. So they’re like yeah, do go ahead and do ours. You know that’s good promotion for us and we’ll do it. So I was doing them, I go to them. We would either shoot it or they give us stuff that we would. Actually I would design it. What’s the back of the cards have?

you know, in baseball cars I would have the stats and he had had susie, susie smith, stage name, candy, candy dropper, whatever, uh, five, six, 34, 24, 34, um, originally from san diego, likes men with uh, a short hair or whatever, um, you know, it would be something like that and I was like I need a better way to actually sell these. So a lot of people it goes back to what we do today. They’re putting insert, insert cards, you know, register your warranty or get on our, join our vip club or something as one of the like the 11th card in a pack of 10, and they were sending it into the company stew physical mail. There’s no internet back then and these companies were not doing anything. They’re like the, the business cards in a fishbowl at the gym. You know, they just accumulate.

And so I called up all these companies so what are you doing with your, with your, uh, your inserts? And I got there sitting there, said send it to me, I’ll get them all typed in. I hired some company in Jamaica that would type these in for Four cents a piece or something, some crazy load number ended up building a mailing list of like 13 000 people off of this that had filled up for like a hundred different companies that were doing this and then as part of the deal I said well, I want to be able to you, I’ll send you the list. I knew these guys wouldn’t do anything with it most of them and I want to be able to have the right to mail it and I’m going to buy your cards from you wholesale and I’m going to create a catalog, a glossy color catalog that was sent in the mail, and Send these out and sell mine and yours.

That became a huge freaking business that blew up and, um that we were able to ride that wave, uh, for quite some time and we were doing all kinds of really cool. Sometimes I have to show you. If I would know and you’re gonna talk about this, I could have showed you some here but we did 24 karat gold signatures, like an ink with 20 raised 24 karat gold. We did and put them in like those, those crystal cases with screws on all sides. I mean this was like Serious, serious stuff.

Bradley Sutton

I mean people ahead of the time, because that, that’s like what the industry has moved to is like these, you know, like one of ones, and like, hey, this is a uh, you know there’s only 10 that have this signature. And now there’s these companies that have them, where they actually come out Like every single one, like national treasures and stuff, where every single you know card in the set it comes in like this case, and it’s all encapsulated in these plastic or these, these hard holders, and You’re like doing this stuff. Yeah, it’s 25 years before we were doing stuff for puzzles.

Kevin King

So at the back of the card we might do a set of, a subset of nine, so maybe this sets a hundred, but nine of them on the back is a puzzle piece. So you had to collect all nine, flip the cards over and put them in the right order to get another picture as a, you know, as a puzzle piece, like like a tic-tac-toe board. But you put them on the right order it makes another picture. Uh, we, yeah, we’re doing all kind and but because of the nature of the products we were, basically I was limited in my marketing, and so it’s where I cut my teeth, because I had to get super creative and super innovative on marketing. Because you know, you weren’t allowed to. You know, if there was a facebook back there wasn’t facebook back then, but there was they would not allow you to advertise it. So it caused us to be very creative in the way we did marketing.

Um, we did a huge events. You talking about going to japan at the block blotch Blotch not beloggio, that’s vegas, but the Belaj hotel in west hollywood on the sunset strip over there by the viper room and maybe some different name now, but there’s a fancy hotel. In 1997 we brought in a bunch of the models Put out a thing and said you know, it’s 500 bucks to come, and we had all these guys come like 300 guys, 400 guys, come to get, stand in line, get autographs from the girls on their cards, on 8 by 10s, and we did a party afterwards. It was it was different world.

Bradley Sutton

Interesting. Well, hey guys, you heard it first.

Kevin King

I never talked about it. It’s not okay.

Bradley Sutton

I guess, heard, like you know Briefly, you’re into collectible cards, you know, and I was like you know what? That’s kind of up my alley. Let me ask him about that. So you heard it first here. Now, guys.

Kevin King

We had binders, you know, with the sleeves, and you put special, special binders. You would collect and, yeah, it was like it was full on full on Wow, interesting, interesting stuff.

Bradley Sutton

So, guys, we’re doing this podcast a little bit differently. I’m doing everything backwards. You know, Kevin is known for his strategies and and Amazon. You know seller hacks and stuff like that. Well, we’ll definitely get to that, but instead of doing at the beginning, we’re gonna do that towards the end. If you guys have been listening to this podcast for a while, I’ve actually, you know, usually at the end of podcast, start asking people about their health regimen and diets and exercise and things like that, because 2023 is my year of health, where I’m asking, talking to guests. But we’re gonna, we’re gonna flip the script a little bit. Say to the end for the Amazon strategy. Now, Kevin, you yourself, wait, wait, can you look to your left really quick? Look to the side, Kevin. Where’d you go? Kevin? Where, oh? You disappear. You’re so skinny now. You just disappeared when you, when you turn to the side there. How much weight have you lost this year?

Kevin King

I Don’t know what the number is this year but in the last couple years about 70, 70, some odd pounds. I still got a ways. Still got a ways to go. But I’m probably another 50 or 60 and I’ll be happy, but that’ll probably take.

Bradley Sutton

That’s impressive. Take me a few more years. Once you, I’ve noticed, you know, once you hit 40. It’s like hard to lose weight, so you hit a number like that. That’s pretty impressive. So let’s talk about that a little bit. You know I Mean are. What are you doing? You’re not, you know, starving yourself. You told me that before. It’s not about, it’s not about like starving yourself or necessarily counting calories or or working out seven hours a day or anything like that. But but how have you been able to, to steadily get to that when you’re at now?

Kevin King

I’ve been. I’ve had an issue with my weight all my life. I’ve been up and down all my life and sometimes it’s gotten a lot worse than what it what it is now. You know, right now about 260. I’ve been as high as like 360 in the past.

In high school I was right around 200 when I most of my weight gain started when I left the house to go to college, to start drinking beer, eating pizza and just kind of kind of put it on and Didn’t really care Too much. But then it, you know, as you age and I’ve been lucky, knock on wood, that I haven’t had a lot of issues, not other than a type 2 diabetes, but no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, none of that kind of stuff that you would expect. I’ve been pretty good shape, even though been a bigger, bigger guy comparatively, and but I got to a point where it’s actually my, my ex-wife, her. She always used to say if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of me? Which was a good little slogan and it’s true, and so that kind of motivated me a little bit to To kind of in. So I tried every diet in the book. You know, everything from carnivore diet to Atkins diet, to Weight Watchers, to.

Bradley Sutton

Manny, get you on that carnivore at one point. Yeah, they’re all stupid, he’s, I know he’s big on that.

Kevin King

Every one of those diets is stupid. I’m sorry if someone’s out there’s listening and thinks they’re great. They’re stupid. Every single one they do. They work, yes, they work short term. But how many times have you done the carnivore and you’re right back to where you started it. But the key and I kind of learned this from my dad in a way, because he lost a lot of weight and kept it off for like 50 years he’s skinny, I mean, he’s like 130 pounds or something, but it’s mindset, it’s psychology.

Eating is psychology. It’s the people that you look at, all the people that go when they work out. They go when they work out and work their ass off and what they do after that. They go get a Starbucks and they just undo the entire workout. They just did by getting Starbucks with all the cream and all the whatever in it. I’m not coffee drinkers, I don’t know all the terminology, but and they just completely undo it. But they feel good about themselves. I worked out and I had a supposedly a good coffee. It you’ve got to be conscious of what’s in your mouth.

So my, my ex-wife had found this woman. She’s from Venezuela originally. She was listening to these, this podcast in Spanish, and she was a guest and she’s talking about something called intuitive eating. You can look at, you can Google it. Google it intuitive eating. And she was talking about how this works. And so my wife At the time was like, let me, I want to do this. And so she called her up, started doing like launch. This woman lives in Miami doing long-distance consultations. And Then she said, Kevin, I think you’ll really like her, she’s really really good, you should try it. So, and to during COVID 20, was it? I’m into 2020 on Christmas time, 2020. I had my first call with her and started really in January 2021 and what she does is she doesn’t believe in diets and she’s like the head of the gastric that people of Miami I don’t know what the damn thing is called, but something Uh, but she’s like the top person of it, gmm. She’s skinny, she’s a Attractive you know, vince, a willing girl, but she’s headed.

This whole thing and her whole thing is, is intuitive eating. It’s the psychology of eating. It’s not about, you know, weight losses is about 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% everything else, and being conscious of what you eat, and so it. She’s like Kevin promised me, you’ll never go on another diet in your life. It’s like done check mark. She’s like if and if you get bad. If you get bad, if you go off rails on something Like you know, you go out and you you eat a gallon of ice cream one night because you’re depressed or something. Don’t think, well, shoot, I just ruined everything. I’m working at Might as well, eat another one the next day and I’ll start a diet on Monday. Everybody always starts a diet on Monday or the first of the month. Okay on, on September, on August 1st, I’m gonna start. She said that’s absolutely the wrong way to do it. She’s like eat what you want. If you want a freaking Pizza, eat the pizza, but it needs to be. You want the pizza needs not be a five or six out of habit, but like a nine or a ten and go get the pizza, but be conscious of what you’re eating. Maybe get a small instead of a large or whatever.

And I had a habit. I had a bad habit like every night to relax, I would watch TV Just to, you know, unwind my brain and everything and spin an hour just watching mindless TV. You know, america’s Got Talent or some stupid reality show or just whatever, just to kind of just wind down. And I would eat a box of milk guts. You know one of those, can those? I love milk guys because you could put three or four of them in your mouth, suck on them. You know, you put three or four in your mouth, they kind of meld together because they’re caramel and so you’re just sucking on it like you would a you know a butterscotch or something, and then, as it gets lower, you put a couple more in your mouth and they meld together so you can make a box last like an hour and a half. But that’s 600 calories on a lot of sugar. I just I was in this habit of doing it every single night. She broke me of that. Now I have that maybe once a month.

But she got me the thinking about things and she finds substitutes. Why do you like those milk duds? Is it the texture? Is it the carmel? Is it the way it taste on your tongue? There’s something about it. Why do you drink so much soda? Is because you like the carbonation, that is, a specific carbonation. How about switching to this drink, not a period, not this, but this specific one, and it works. So you’re, you’re tricking your mind psychologically to still, because you have those cravings in those desires or those habits, and as you break in those you swap it.

So she’s told me, like Most dieticians would say, if you’re drinking a coke, zero, you need to cut that out. You need to go to water. You know, hundred twenty eight gallons a day, or ounces a day I mean I got too much, that’s a whale size. But a hundred twenty eight ounces a day, and and and, quit, cut, cut those out immediately. She’s like no, if you’re drinking six a day, just swap one of them out for a water In this, you know, and then have five and let’s see where that goes.

And but over time you start consciously eating things differently. You start looking at stuff. Am I eating because I’m hungry or am I eating because it’s a habit? And now I’m at the point now where I have a private chef that comes once a week and cooks for me, and he used to make my lunches and my dinners. Now I’m just telling me one meal a day because that’s all I want.

So, and I’m not, I’m not eating half of it anyway. I eat, you know, a little bit of breakfast, protein shake, maybe a little cereal or piece of bread or something. But if I want a candy I buy. If I want an ice cream I get it, but I used to eat a lot of ice cream. Bluebell is my favorite to Texas company and you get across the south it’s not everywhere but it’s my favorite so I would have those little pints. I buy those little half gallon things or whatever they are last a couple days. I’ve had one right now in my fridge for two months and I haven’t even opened it. It’s a change in psychology or what I’ve done is like, okay, if I want that taste, I want that ice cream taste. I love that taste. It gets the hormones In me, it gets the things that satisfaction, those triggers that are in your body. I’ll buy those small size cups. They’re like for birthday parties for kids. You know there are 160 calories and I’ll eat one of those and she’s like, do you go back for a second, go back for a third? Like, no, I just, I just eat one. So it’s it’s some of its discipline, some of its mind over matter, just being conscious of everything that you eat. And that’s the biggest thing in.

The second is sleep is so important in in health and a lot of people especially. I mean you’re a perfect example. You’re working your ass off and sleeping wherever you could grab a nap here or there’s a couple hours at night at one point. I know you’re better about it now, but but most people dismiss how important sleep is for your overall health. And what woke me up to it is is a few years ago I was going to get life insurance and I didn’t have life insurance before. But I got Marius, I better get some life insurance. And talking to the agent, they’re like OK, there’s, there’s a what’s your sleep apnea score? And I’m like. I just did a test and it was like 19, I had 19. Mild things or whatever it was, in a, in a period of whatever the measuring period is, that’s OK, that’s mild and what? What this insurance company told me is that you’re at 19 times, maybe it’s 19 times per hour. You sub, get subconscious, you don’t realize it, but if it messes with your body and they said, if you’re you get to 20, you’re uninsurable on life insurance. I’m like what? And so I went immediately.

I had my wife used to say I would snore. I would snore like a sound, like a Mack truck Coming down the street. So I went. I had a. There’s a guy here in Austin that does a balloon, sonia plastic, so they go into your. I had a 70% blockage. I didn’t know what, I just get used to it as you’re living, you only realize it. But I had trouble in my nose. So you know, man, he just did it. I did a Marcus done a bunch of people done it. He has this technology is like these. One is doogie how’s your guys that became an MD when he was 14 or something. So you know this technique. So it doesn’t require the major surgery that and still get knocked out for like 15 minutes because and uses balloon and blows it up and opens all that up. That made a huge difference on my story.

In my sleep Plus, I started using a sleep mask and I changed. You know, sometimes in your bed If it’s hot or cold, temperatures are right, you’re tossing and turning, you’re not getting as much sleep, you wake up in this little bit of sweats or whatever. But there’s something called the eight sleep mattress. Is the number eight sleep. That’s freaking amazing. It’s a mattress topper and you it’s about two grand.

It’s not cheap, but you put it on top of your bed and then it you can set settings are you cold sleep or warm sleep? And you can do splits, so if your wife and you on one side, your partner new Can be off different. And then it measures you throughout the night and it ring and fit, that fits and stuff. Do this, but give you like your pulse rate and use some measurements during the night. But this like measures your whole body and like how often do you wake up, how, what kind of quality of sleep did you get? What was your heart rate, your hrv through the night, all this stuff and it Adjust after a week of testing. It figures out where what temperature is optimal for you. It’s a way to just you can manually write it but adjust up and down either cold or hot, the temperature of the mattress.

And this thing is so thin, it’s super thin. It goes on top of the bed, has a little pump that you hide behind your bed with a little bit of water in it and it’s brilliant. I mean I have a. I have a sleep number bed that has Like seven thousand dollars sleep number bed that has something similar built in that sucks compared to this Eight sleep. It’s awesome. So things like that plus you got. You got to watch as a man. You got to watch your testosterone. So, as men, the number one thing is sleep, sleep apnea or sleep To stop, strong level in your diabetes level. Those three things play more in your health Then anything else. If you get on top of those, your chances of Of Having a long fruitful life and being there for your kids and your wife and when To enjoy your retirement or much, much higher intriguing stuff.

Bradley Sutton

Alright, so let’s let’s give somebody a quick tease. We’re gonna talk about your newsletter you just started, why you started it and some of the stuff, but what’s one of the either one that’s come out already or something that’s coming one of the strategies that you can share with our listeners who maybe haven’t gotten a chance to read the newsletter? What’s something you brought out in one of your newsletters that can write off the bad help sellers listening.

Kevin King

Yeah, I mean I just started April, august 14th. It’s twice a week, it’s Mondays and Thursdays. When I say newsletter, a lot of people roll their eyes but and cause I’m like, oh yeah, I get a newsletter from Helium Town, I get a newsletter from this software, and every time I get my email I get the company newsletter. Those are not newsletters, those are promotional emails for the most part. Go read our blog, go read this. A newsletter to me is more like a. What I’m doing is more like a magazine in a newsletter format. So it’s action packed. Yes, there’s a couple of ads and stuff in there from people that are paying for those, but it’s action packed, actionable stuff. It’s totally free. So, like, we just did a big one that’s really resilient. The one that came out on August 28th talked about the A9 algorithm and so you know, Danny McMillan over at Seller Sessions did a big, big like document on it and we analyzed that and like, while that’s good, that’s not really there’s more to it than that. So we took a look at Amazon Science, a big paper that came out and a couple of other things analyzed that and we talked about that and I’ve gotten so many people saying this is like the most amazing. It was written in a way that we can understand it. Sometimes this stuff gets too technical, plus some of the tips and tools that we put in there. We had a really cool resource for like getting.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to create your A plus content, your brand story, your brand pages, you’re like what should I do? How should I tell my designer, a graphics person, to do and maybe you saw a couple here their ideas, or you give them some basic idea. But there’s guys who listen. There’s a guy in George. That’s a similar library of 25,000 A plus pages and you can filter by it. I’m in the pet space, I’m in the space, I’m in the. It’s got it all keyworded so you can search and get like, wow, that’s a cool one, that’s a cool one. I want my designer to do something like that or combine these two together. So I wish there were resources like that.

I have something called the Dream 100. As you know, there’s a lot of BS not Bradley Sutton’s, but BS in this industry that with fake gurus and stuff. So I have every Thursday I come up, I put someone in the Dream 100, and I announced this is a legit person, you should follow them, trust what they say. So that’ll get up to 100 people. It’s only three right now, but that’ll get up to 100 people over time. We do.

I add a little bit of humor to it, so there’s like I’ll either call somebody out you know that’s basically a fake guru or we’ll put some crazy listing like hey, can you believe that this product is selling 100 grand a month on X-ray on Amazon? You look at it like holy cow. That’s the craziest thing I ever saw. We do some of that, so it’s a mix. And then I tell a personal story and each one’s called a six second story. So when someone opens the news there, you gotta hook them right away and you gotta get them reading and engaged. And so I do. I personalize it and then I tie it to whatever we’re talking about that day.

Bradley Sutton

So I’ll personalize and reason. One kind of causes stir about some naked people, some balconies.

Kevin King

Yeah, but I do that. I want to. You know, I always say if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re not doing a good job. If you try to please everybody, you please nobody, and so I’m feeding my audience and so if that bothers you and it’s gonna bother some people that might be religious or you know, depending that’s okay. You can go find your information somewhere else. I’m fine with that.

But the overwhelming response to that has been like holy cow, this is the best thing ever. This is don’t stop. Can you do this every day? I can’t believe it. One guy who sent me a message today is like this is so good I can’t even take it all in.

I just got three of my team members start reading this and we’re dividing up sections of what to do, and so that’s.

There’s so much out there. You know we do the helium-10 elite every month and we’ve been doing that since 2017 at helium-10, which is advanced level stuff, and in that I do seven ninja hacks every month and share those with the audience, and then, once those have become a little bit older, sometimes I share those other places, but the helium-10 elite people always get them first. Right now, I write everything on the current newsletter, but it’s going to get to. I’ll hire a staff, but I need to get to set the tone, figure out what works, what people like, what they don’t like, and then I can feed everything I’ve written. For if I do this for three months, let’s say, I can feed that all into an AI and then say have the AI write in the style of Kevin of the newsletters they don’t know the exact style, the exact everything. So these are not AI newsletters, these are. We use AI as a tool, but AI is not writing these.

Bradley Sutton

So if somebody wants to go ahead and sign up, it’s free right now. How can they do that?

Kevin King

Well, it’s always going to be free. It’s with an S, with an S. It’s growing pretty quickly. So I think hopefully by this time next year there’ll be maybe 50 to 100,000 people getting that twice a week and actually reading it that one. So my email list from all the stuff I do is big not as big as helium-10s or something, but so I could just blast this out to everybody.

But I don’t want to do that. I want people to actually want it and I have people now already saying I didn’t get it, I didn’t see it in my spam or what happened to it, and they’re getting upset that they didn’t get it. That’s what I want. Is it to become habit-forming and become something people look forward to? When they see that Kevin King, BDSS, they’re like, oh, this is something I got to read. If I can’t read it right now, I’ll save it until tonight or the plane ride tomorrow or whatever. That’s where I want it to be.

So it doesn’t have to be. It’s not a blast on my whole email list. You’ve got to double opt in. You can’t just sign up and get it. You actually sign up and you got to click something else to say you really want to sign up and then you’re in and that’s on purpose and it keeps the open rates high, the engagement high, it’s good for the advertisers that come into it, that support it with a little bit of advertising, and it’s just good for everybody. It’s people that want it.

Bradley Sutton

All right. So guys, make sure to sign up. It’s one of the. I personally don’t even read newsletters. This is like the first one. I actually just sit there and read and, just like Kevin said, sometimes he starts with a funny story, but it works. It like hooks you up and like laughing, sitting there, laughing like all right, I want to read more. I’m hooked in and from start to finish. It’s long, it’s like you’re doing a lot of scrolling. Sometimes people say, oh, when you write an email, you don’t want them to scroll, and they’re like I got no problem scrolling, but it’s written short.

Kevin King

It’s written in a format so that you can skim it, but you’ll see that it’s using every trick in the book. There’s no paragraphs more than two or three sentences. There’s no. It’s not long, and usually when I write it I have to go back and cut half of what I’ve written wrote out and it’s straight into the point and we use a sense of humor. It’s not just that opening story, but it’s like we did something about in a recent one. So there’s no such thing as the A10 algorithm. It’s always the A9. There is no such thing, and the A9 of all is just like you did during puberty, but it’s still named the A9. So we’ll do stuff like that. It’s not necessarily business-like or corporate-like, but screw that, put a personality to it and people love that and then as a reading they have a little smile or like I get it, or that’s relatable. It doesn’t sound like corporate speak or boring stuff. That’s all on purpose.

Bradley Sutton

All right. Now you referenced Elite and how you saved the best hacks for there. Do you have any? Just for a sample, you can give some of the cool one or two of the cool hacks that you’ve given out on your seven ninja hacks that you do monthly in the Elite group.

 Kevin King

Yeah, sure, what’s a good reason? We do this every single month. We talk about some of its tools, like CASPA AI, which is a really cool tool where you can shoot your product on your iPhone, just basic picture, upload it and then put it into any scene you want. So you’re like, hey, I want my water bottle to be held by an Asian guy standing in the gym with some barbells behind him and he’s holding it facing the logo out. It’ll make a cool picture instantly using AI with that which you could use in your Amazon post or you could use in your maybe in your listing. You could use a lot of places. So we’ll do cool tools like that. Or Melio payments, where you can use credit cards to actually finance your purchase, orders and stuff. We do things like.

A recent one was about how to Get that there’s a newer version of this item available. You know we covered that there’s a new version of this item available. Like people like see that, how do I get my? You know if I you got a calendar or you got you just updated your product, how can you Link that to the old inventory so that people see there’s a newer version available? We showed people how to do that. We showed people how to do the back-end stuff before anybody knew how to do the back-end and get a complete dump of your competitors Listings like all their attributes and everything before. That was really public information. Well, I was like a couple years before yeah, main stream.

Yeah, we stuff like how to use a Hexa. Hexa, it’s a beta program most people don’t know about to create 360 degree pictures for Amazon listing. They’ll do it for you for free and I think that’s really really, really, really cool. We’ve done stuff like how to make money fall from the sky on your landing pages. You know you, someone hits on one your landing pages or one of your blog sites and they don’t let’s say they don’t sign up. But you want to know who they are. There’s tools out there that will actually Use IP and geo location to actually figure out, in about 50 to 60% of cases, who these people are, based on public data In the United States, Europe, you might have a few more issues with privacy, but yes, we don’t care about privacy.

So, unless it’s medical, and so we, we can figure out that. I just went to Bradley’s blog talking about the honeymoon and he’s a no, I went there. You know, as he got a hit or his metrics, that there’s a visitor session, but he doesn’t know who they are. If he puts this little bit of code, then we can we put, we can figure out that. Oh, this was Kevin King because he was using this IP address of this computer and there’s reverse matching. That knows that, oh, Kevin King went to this gaming side or went to somewhere else in the past 10 years From that same place. It must be Kevin King. Let’s match it up again to this other database. So his, his email address is blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Puts that into a database. Then you can either email those people which I don’t always recommend if you’re gonna do that, you should use something like zero bounce to make sure the emails are valid or you can put them into custom audiences if you’re running Facebook ads or any kinds things like that and you can retarget these people.

You ever wonder how sometimes you went to a site and You’re all of a sudden now I’m seeing this stuff all over my feed. Some of that’s retargeting pixels, which is more private. But if you’re wondering, how do they get me onto an email list? Or how did they get me from this this not a meta property into an X or Twitter property? Those two aren’t the same company not sharing the same pixel. How do they do that? And this is some of the ways they’re doing it. We also talked about you know, Howard. You’ve had Howard on the how tie on the on the podcast and he’s got a little group called elites I’ll forget the name of elites seller society or something like that and he’s had every Thursday he has someone come on and talk about stuff and one of the things that just recently he had David, who’s spoken at the billion dollar sauce on. You remember David from a, the ghost story.

Bradley Sutton

Back in 2019 he came on and he did some translating for him. One year at the billion dollars.

Kevin King

He came on and talked about you know what, what? How are things changing with the Chinese sellers? You know, Howard, he’s like you know, ai is level the playing field as far as creating listings and stuff now for everybody. And If you someone’s like a word that, how are they ranking? How are they getting reviews? What are they doing? He’s like the number one way that Chinese sellers are getting Ranking. Right now they’re using postcards, postcards through the mail and he’s like, thanks to Kevin King, I’m like what he’s like? Oh yeah, I did talk about that in 2019 when I did me and Brandon young went over there and spoke to a huge group in Shenzhen. Well, they took that and now he said that’s the number one way that they’re getting Review, ranking products and getting reviews. And and so I was like you know what? I think I actually did that In the US too. It wasn’t. I just didn’t give that to the Chinese sellers.

And so I look back and I share that to the helium-ten elite. First way back, and I don’t remember exact time, in 2018, some point, I did a presentation on postcards and it was cutting edge. Virtually nobody did it, everybody, you know. They looked at like, yeah, Kevin, that’s like I I never heard of. I don’t even check my mailbox. I don’t know. I’m a millennial Nah who reads the mail like dude, you’re missing it. And so nobody in the hardly anybody in the US did it, but the Chinese like, oh, this, this looks good. They did it and look what it’s doing for him four years later. So that’s the kind of stuff we do in helium-ten elite.

If you freakin pay attention and implement Not only what I’m teaching but what we bring on Really good guests. You know I look for diversity, from PPC people to shipping people to you name it. You know sometimes you get a speaker. That’s yeah, okay, but we get some really good people as three speakers, plus myself, on Every single one of the helium-ten elite, that’s. You know, there’s a lot of groups out there that that have trainings, but I think this might be the longest last, the oldest one period. It’s continuous. There’s others that have started and come and gone, but that and but I think since we started February at 2017, when it’s called Illuminati, changed the name in 2019 to helium-ten elite, but it’s been continuous, never missed a month since February 2017. So that’s six and a half years. I don’t know if there’s any other Group. That has lasted that long at this point and guys.

Bradley Sutton

You know I told people this before. This is One of the secrets not the main secret to my success is Before I ever sold on Amazon, you know, before I even became a consultant. You know people thought I was crazy because it’s mulling. I mean, like seven, eight, nine figure sellers going and paying 400 bucks to get in this Illuminati mastermind. I, I could see the value in it. I saw a webinar for something first of you and Manny, you know, way before I worked at helium-ten Year, more than a year probably before and and I actually joined Illuminati Just as a regular person who wasn’t even selling yet and within like three, four months I had enough knowledge just from the Illuminati stuff and you know a couple other. You know courses I was taking, but mainly from the Illuminati, where I became like a pretty top-level consultant and and was, you know, launched my Amazon consulting career. You know which was my career before helium-ten, without even selling on Amazon, just because I was able to ramp up my knowledge super fast by being part of that Illuminati mastermind.

Kevin King

So and it’s not just the guys exactly training- that’s what we had, but more recently Helium 10’s added a weekly call with all the people that want to participate. So I do one a month. I jump on once a month and then the other three weeks Bradley and Carrie and Shivali host them and we’ll have anywhere from 20 to 40 50 people in there that are members of helium-10 elite. There’s a lot more members in that, but you know some people are busy and for a couple hours Typically an hour or two hours everybody’s on there on a zoom call, all on the screen. There’s no agenda, no presentations Like what do you got a problem with?

Oh, you know Amazon’s blocking me from shipping this and anybody else ever dealt with this. And usually there’s someone else like, oh, yeah, I’ve a. You know, maybe we me or Bradley or somebody knows the answer begin help them. But usually there’s somebody else like, oh, have you ever tried this? Or this happened to me two years ago and I did this and you have this interactive conversation that you’re not gonna get in a Facebook group. You’re not gonna get anywhere else other than maybe an in-person event, which there’s four of those a year to for helium-10 elite. Did you get to come to for free? That are that value right there. Sometimes I learned stuff in there, you know, I didn’t know from somebody else that right there, connecting with other high-level sellers and being able to share is as valuable as the presentations, if not even more valuable in some cases, and I’m so. There’s things like that, that that you’re not gonna get anywhere else.

Bradley Sutton

Just last week I don’t know if it was on your call or on one of the regular weekly one that you’re not on there, it was before you. Either way was before you came on the call there was Elizabeth, who’s an elite, elite member, and she was talking about how she’s done like something like a two million dollars on TikTok shop Some crazy, some crazy number like that and so she was just like people were dazzled with what she was saying Just ran, you know, just like just randomly got on there. She was just one of their participants and was talking about that. Now we’re actually gonna do a train. She’s gonna do a training in October in the elite in-person workshop in New York where she’s gonna show people I’ll kind of like reverse engineer how she was able to get to this level of success that she’s had on on TikTok shop, which is definitely a hot topic.

Kevin King

So that’s hot, that’s. That’s big right now. That’s big. If you’re not paying attention to that, that’s big. You know I had Perry Belcher.

This will be coming out on the AM PM podcast in October. So be sure, but Perry Belcher if you don’t know who he is, he’s one of the top marketers in the space right now. He started digital marketer. Yeah, the big expo with 7,000 people I mean sorry, traffic and conversion is. He was one of the founders of that. He started digital marketer. He’s really big in the marketing space and old-school marketing guy.

One of the things he actually said on that podcast, among a bunch of other cool stuff, is that he’s like if you’re going from Amazon to Shopify, it’s a mistake. You should not be doing anything on Shopify. He said we’re finding far better success by setting up funnels with click funnels or high level or one of the other, and doing single product drives it. The conversions are way higher, the Sales are way higher than driving someone to a Shopify site where it’s there’s too many confusing things that can distract them and he’s like that’s where these Amazon sellers because I asked him for one of the mistakes people are making said that’s one of the mistakes a lot of sellers. Amazon sellers are making right now, as they should be focused more on driving stuff to single products with upsells Rather than driving to a Shopify store.

Bradley Sutton

Here’s all my 20 things my, my company sells, but yeah, yeah, I mean the tick-tock shop that there’s, just whatever is cutting edge. You know we talk about an elite, so so it’s actually the longest in history and that you know. Kevin just said it started in in 2017. So it’s we’re talking over six years, almost seven years. It’s been closed for the longest time in history. I think the last time it was open was in March of this year I’m not sure by the time you guys are listening to this episode of its open, but sometime in in September, October, we’re gonna open it up for a couple weeks or so. So this is the time to sign up. Guys write this down forward slash elite. forward slash elite. And even if it’s not open right now, there’s a button on there where you can join the waiting list so you can make sure that when it does open for the short window that it does, that, you guys can get in.

But but you know the benefits are this is like the only way to really talk to Kevin. You know people Want to ask kept. You know want to hire Kevin as a consultant all the time. Kevin doesn’t have the the bandwidth do that, but once a month he’ll go on there and just live, you know, just in a regular zoom call. You can ask him anything you want. You can ask other people anything you want in the Facebook group.

Or we have two weekly zoom calls now one at In the afternoon on Friday us time and then one that I actually hop on at midnight because it’s 8 am UK time Every Friday and and we hit the, we hit the Europe. You know, all the European sellers and people in Asia, you know, can hop on a call and network with each other. We have four quarterly workshops. The next one’s coming up in October, the fourth one of the year. We had one in, you know, during Amazon accelerate, September 11th, and now October, right during unboxed, we’re gonna have one where we’re gonna be talking about, like I said, tick tock shop, and also we’re gonna have a PPC Expert and there’s a whole bunch of other Advances of being on the elite program. So if you guys are interested to add this to your helium tenant count again, go to forward slash elite and Either sign up right there if it’s open, take advantage or if it’s closed, just just join the waiting list so you can hook up with Kevin that way.

Kevin King

There’s some software tools to that. They get extra tools or extra capacity or something right.

Bradley Sutton

Yeah, elite members usually get access to tools like way before, like we just launched Some historical Cerebro. Elite members have had that for like a year and a half, you know, but now barely diamond members are getting it. Like a year and a half Later there’s some tools like our elite analytics so that Kevin actually developed himself he gave the the kind of blueprint for it. That’s still only elite members can can access that diamond members don’t have access. Then that’s been around for like two years. So lots of advantages, including networking and training that elite has.

You know, back in the day, like I said, when I was an elite Illuminati member, it was only the. You know there’s a I think there was a Facebook group Maybe at that time or something, but it was mainly just one of those training calls a month and that was enough value For me and now it’s just like all you know tons, tons of other value. So guys, make sure to check it out. Another thing you know I’m wearing my my OG Billion Dollar Seller Summit shirt today from the very first one, from the very first one and the next one time and place In 2024 for the next billion dollars.

Kevin King

There’s actually two. Come with the next Billion Dollar Seller Summit, May 18th to the 23rd in Kauai, Hawaii, which is gonna be amazing, and then right after that one from the 23rd to the 26th, I have a second event called level up, where we’re? So the first, the billion dollar seller summits, mostly for Amazon sellers and all the traditional things that you’re You’re used to like you are Bradley from a billionaire, saw something, the level up, or switching resorts, take it, everybody that’s staying, that chooses to stay, and they’re going to the Waimea Canyon, which is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. It’s like a little Grand Canyon that you in Hawaii that then we’re taking them on the Nepali Coast on a dinner cruise. The pop for the poly coast is where these mountains, these beautiful mountains, come right up to the edge of the water. It’s just stunning Dolphins jumping everywhere, and so that’s gonna be cool. And then we’re switching to Hanalei Bay, to the one the chain, the ones 300 million dollar resort that just had a overhaul and it’s like 14, $1500 a night to stay there, but we got a rate that’s like way less than half of that For people coming to the event. And then we’re doing it’s called level up, so it’s six speakers, only ones Amazon, the other five, or you know, like Perry Belcher just said, he’s probably gonna speak at it, jason Flatlin is someone that’s maybe speak at us, a couple other Molly Mahoney, it’s probably gonna speak at it, and some some other, and then we’re mixing that in with Some mind and body stuff, like we talked about earlier, because that’s important for our engineers. So there’s gonna be cryo therapy, there’s gonna be a sound therapy lab where you listen to the bowls and it helps reset your mind. We’re doing hot yoga, a bonfire on the beach, and so it’s. It’s gonna be pretty cool.

We’re doing a race. You know we did that race here in Austin. You were in that’s that scavenger hunt we did a couple years ago here in Austin. People love that. So Probably problem one of the problems when you go to an event you don’t get to see the place. You’re like you see the hotel and maybe you see a bar or something with a restaurant. So we’re doing we’ve got 25 Avis rental cars thing or 30 Avis rental cars all lined up and you’re gonna broken the teams of four and you’re gonna do an amazing race across the islands one day. So you’re gonna see, then you’re gonna be able to see the entire islands and experience the island. Quiet is a place where you’re not gonna want to be sleeping aping in the back. You know you’re gonna be like looking out the window after every turn going Holy Callis is beautiful. I’ve never seen something so beautiful my life. It’s a drastic Park Island and so you’re gonna, but you’re gonna be able to see some cool stuff all in some back places that you wouldn’t know they’re not on the tours map. We’re gonna take you to this one cool beach as part of the race. You’re like, holy cow, I’m coming back here because nobody’s here, nobody knows about this place. It’s like a secret little beach. So that’s. That’s gonna be cool too.

If it’s your third or more trip, you’re gonna get like a drastic park experience in a helicopter ride Over the island and stuff. So, like Bradley, if you’re out there, you get. You get that for free, as, since you’re a regular, since you’ve been to three, this is your third or more we’re gonna take a helicopter around the island as a tour is amazing fly up to the inside. This 10,000 foot waterfall and a helicopter in land and this, this drastic park kind of vehicles gonna pick you up and take you through this Amazing like plantation kind of thing and to a VIP dinner that night. It’s gonna be really, really cool. So, yeah, that’s a billion dollar seller summit calm.

If you want information on that, then in October I’m doing the billion dollar exit summit so the billion dollar exit summer, doing this with Scott Deets so somebody may know he’s got the, the exit ticket or whatever it’s called him and he them to Probably the top guy and helping people exit. He helped manning Guillermo exit Helium 10 help who’s involved in that Done over a half a billion dollars worth of exits for Amazon sellers. So and you may be like, yeah, but right now I’m not thinking about exiting, but you, you might be in a year or two years and now’s the time to actually start working on it now To maximize and add a couple extra million dollars to your exit. By working now, rather than waking up one day and say I want to exit, I want to be out of here in three months, you’re gonna be shooting yourself in the foot. So we’re doing a.

It’s very small 25 to 30 people in Austin, October 10th to the 13th called the Billion Dollar Exit Summit and it’s hands-on. So he’s bringing his whole team, so it’s want some a lot of one-on-one stuff. It’s not a bunch of presentations from all these random people. You’re gonna walk out there with a plan like, okay, this is what I need to do specific to your business. So that’s, that’s happening in October.

Bradley Sutton

Awesome, awesome, alright. So, guys, to get more information on it. Alright, like always, let’s go ahead and close this out with your 30 or 60 second tip that you can leave for the sellers out there, do you haven’t checked out Levonta.

Kevin King

That would be a really good tip. I leave a NTA, I think calm, I think is the is the URL. But especially for the fourth quarter coming up. You know, offside Amazon traffic is huge for ranking. You know you get the 10% referral bonus if you’re brand registered and it just helps you in your rank Even if they don’t buy. If you’re sending traffic from outside social media or outside media, blogs, whatever, even if they don’t buy, it helps you on your rank.

But these guys you know that’s, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go set all that stuff up. You got to find people on TikTok or you got to find blogs or you got to find these affiliates and like coordinate everything one-on-one, one by one, by one. These guys have got over a thousand of the top affiliates, from TikTok people to people who are in the affiliate business. That’s what they do to blogs like USA Today. USA Today will do a holiday gift guide for pet products this year. If you have a pet product, you want to be in that gift guide in USA Today with two million people reading it online. You, these guys, can facilitate that in the way. It’s seamless, the way it works is you just connect your Amazon account to their system and it automatically imports all your products.

Once your products are in there, you can go in and cherry pick them like I only want to promote these three. I’m willing to give a 20% commission for you know this dog bowl and then that goes into their database, these thousand affiliates. When they’re writing their stories and looking for things they can search that database. Oh, I want, I want to promote this dog. Well, he’s given 20% Off. They just automatically pick up the code, the, everything. It’s all done for them. They put it into their blog or their, their post or whatever, and it’s all automated or you can go in there.

I think they let you do 50 a day. You can reach out to people and they’re growing really, really fast and they just had people on prime day the last, the July prime day. Do over a million dollars just off of outside traffic, off of this program on prime day, and just imagine what that does to your listing on Amazon and the internal Amazon stuff, how that’s gonna get that file flywheel going. So that’s that would probably be a tip of there under the radar. And you know a mission is here. They don’t give me a kickback or anything for this, but that’s a tool that I think any Amazon serious Amazon seller is a fool to not use. I’m an absolute fool to not actually take a look at that, especially for this fourth quarter, and get a strong competitive edge Over your competition get more like that.

Bradley Sutton

Guys in Helium 10 Elite. Kevin, thank you so much for joining us. I know you’re traveling a lot more than you were in the previous years. I’ll probably hopefully see you at one of these upcoming events and then, for sure, at the Billion Dollar Seller Summit next year. So Keep on. By the time I see you next time, you know I might not even recognize you’re losing so much. Wait, hopefully you won’t recognize me, because I need to. I need to get on the path.

Kevin King

Yeah, it’s slow but by. Yeah. If we go along in a period of time, you know I’ve lost a bunch.

Bradley Sutton

I’m not trying to do it quick. All right, we’ll see it. We’ll see you next time you.

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