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Episode 63 – Boost Your Sales Follow-Up Process with Amazon Email Automation

Who doesn’t want happy customers? 

More importantly, how happy are they exactly, and why?

But, as with all things Amazon, there are bigger, sometimes unknowable questions.  

Principal among them is this; how do we as Amazon sellers establish a sales follow up process in order to find the answers to these questions without getting our account suspended? 

Because while I think that collectively as a group, we are inherently good people who genuinely care about our customers’ happiness, for most of us the thought of ending up on the wrong side of Amazon’s ire is a constant overriding concern.  

On today’s episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton has with him Barcus Patty, Helium 10’s new Product Manager for our recently released email Follow-Up tool and he’s just the guy to answer these questions.  

Barcus explains that not only are reviews the gold-standard of socio/business interactions, they quite simply turn the wheels of eCommerce sales.  

Emails are such an easy and effective way to connect with our customers. I’m guessing however that you probably have more than a few unanswered emails in your inbox, never mind the emails that you still hope to send out.

That’s where Amazon email automation programs such as Helium 10’s Follow-Up come into play. 

Barcus tells a story of receiving a $22 lapel microphone that he had recently ordered. The package it came in was itself layered with many forms of extremely informative and helpful information.

Then, after opening the box, he found it wrapped in a cleverly paced series of step by step instructions. The cherry on top was an evocatively heartfelt invitation to reach out to the company with comments or questions.  

Before even using the microphone a first time, he found himself loving the product. 

It seems like such an easy way to put your finger on the scale of customer happiness. Whether it’s adding a little humor or quickly responding to concerns and almost immediately turning negatives into positives, automated email responses will help you stay ahead of the curve.  

As we know, we are all doing business on a very big Amazon playground. They make the rules. Still, their very obvious number one objective is keeping their customers happy.  

An automated email Follow-Up program that helps you mine reviews in order to level-up your customer service is not only making Amazon’s customers happy; it’s going to bring you more business. 

The key according to Barcus, is understanding the rules and being careful with your language.  And, as he says, “it’s getting harder and harder every year to get reviews, you want to take any opportunity you can to touch people.”

Tune in to this episode and listen as Barcus talks about writing subject lines that could get you 40% open rates as well as offering insider tips on using under-utilized Helium 10 Follow-Up filters.  

And, if you don’t already have an Amazon email automation program in place, take a close look at Helium 10’s Follow-Up, we think you’ll be more than impressed.  

In episode 63 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Barcus discuss:

  • 02:35 – #1 Reason Why Amazon Sellers Need to Automate Their Email Outreach
  • 03:28 – Scaling an E-Commerce Business 101
  • 03:53 – A Tool Like Helium 10’s Follow-Up is “Absolutely Crucial”
  • 05:00 – A $22 Lapel Mic Creates a Connection (And a Review)
  • 06:55 – Are We Even Allowed to Ask Customers for Reviews?
  • 09:30 – Taking Care with Our Language  
  • 11:12 – Trending Amazon Disciplinary Trends
  • 14:17 – More Reasons to Follow-Up with Our Customers
  • 16:25 – Barcus Offers 2 Under-Utilized Follow-Up Filter Tips   
  • 18:55 – Taking Advantage of Any Opportunity to Touch People
  • 19:20 – What Kind of Open Rates are We Looking At?
  • 21:10 – Common Misconceptions About the Email Follow-Up Process
  • 25:40 – Reaching Out to Our Discounted Buyers
  • 28:00 – What About the System-Wide Opting Out of Amazon’s Messages?
  • 30:45 – New Helium 10 Features and Amazon Video Linking Capabilities
  • 33:30 – Barcus’ 15 Second Follow-Up Elevator Pitch
  • 34:17 – The #1 Tip for Someone Who Wants to Automate

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