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Case Study: Year 5

Year 5 bridges the gap between brands and Amazon success. As a specialized Amazon agency, their innovative strategies and dedicated service foster a thriving client community of DTC e-commerce sellers.

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Finding a software solution that harmonized with Year 5’s needs became a pivotal goal.

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Year 5’s quest led them to Helium 10, a game-changing software suite for Amazon businesses.

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With Helium 10 they quickly onboarded 50 clients in 6 months.

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Continue to drive value for their customers with tools like Adtomic.

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The Challenge

Finding a seamless software solution that harmonized with the agency’s needs became a pivotal goal.


For Year 5 to achieve success, it was crucial to assemble a comprehensive view of their agency and help automate processing.


That view would comprise of the right team, optimal software, effective processes, and a solid foundation.


The chosen software had to possess adaptability and robustness to match the agency’s growth trajectory.


This challenge led them to seek out a solution that would save time but also focus on what’s important – driving sales for the customer.

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Empowering Growth with Helium 10


Year 5’s quest for a comprehensive solution led them to Helium 10, a game-changing software suite for Amazon businesses.


What set Helium 10 apart was not just its powerful automation features and tools, but the collaborative approach of its team


Year 5 and Helium 10 worked together to optimize operations, saving time and resources.


Through the partnership, Year 5 was able to focus on driving sales for the customer.

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The Results

A Flourishing Partnership & Unprecedented Growth


Embracing Helium 10 proved to be a turning point for Year 5 with their focus on client results, combined with Helium 10’s suite of products.


Year 5 was able to quickly onboard 50 clients in less than six months with Helium 10 (compared to just 3 clients before).


By utilizing tools like Adtomic and focusing on ROAS and ACoS, Year 5 continued to drive value for their customers.


The strong partnership fortified Year 5’s capabilities and reinforced their commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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    Sitanshu M.

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